Letter #4

What a very eventful week. I’m loving being district leader. It was super hard though. Remember Hermana Savage… The one that was sent to jail for having the flu… well after that she had an allergic reaction to something, the diegnosis is still unknown. But anyways her throat swelled up…. kinda. It had blisters all down her throat. Well she went to the ER a couple times. It didn’t help. So finally on monday She had an appointment with a MTC presidency member… Sad sad sad day. Her dad came up from Cider city to pick her up that night so she can go home for a few weeks to get better. It was hard. Seems how allergies are pretty close to home. So ya that was very hard. But after she told us she was leaving we put together a box of all the treats and stuff we hadn’t eaten. You know the orange sticks you gave me….. well I was saving them for a rainy day… That was a rainy day for her so I put the whole box of them in there for her… I wouldn’t have them go anywhere else though. She was one amazing missionary. We got along pretty well because we were both really quiet. But it was good for our district. Its amazing how trials make you stronger as a district.
I felt pretty bad though… The first thing that came to my mind is “Why…. That means that she had to get sick for all of us missionaries that she touched to be stronger missionaries. To have that trial of faith…. She had to do it for us.” I hate when other people are tried because of me. It seems like everybody I come in contact with goes through tials for me to be stronger. For instance Cambrey… Of coarse after I become her friend she has a stroke. I’m just straight up bad luck… But its sure taught me patence. That is needed out here for sure. But its interesting because I need more patience with myself than anybody else. So ya. Its hard. But
“in order to do things you’ve never done before, you must do things you’ve never done before.”
Crazy how that works isn’t it? lol

Okay most incredable experience….. Just saw President and Sister Homer… I was just sitting here writing my email and He walks in and taps me on the shoulder… haha what was awesome. I got a picture… They were sure to tell me to let you know that they love ya. That we have an amazing family. And we do!

okay next item of buisness,
BYU mens Choir came in on Sunday for the sunday night devotional. I love music. Nothing new there haha. But one thing that one of the memebers of the choir memebers said in there testimony that they learned on there mission is
“in order to love others as yourself you must love yourself.”
You must love the person you are. Live your life to a way that is pleasing to you. Know that you are “a Child of God”, How crucial that is in conversion. and in life. That goes back to having patience with yourself also! So ya haha.

David F Evans of the seventy came on tuesday for the dovotional. I don’t know if you can look up any talks from MTC devotionals but the last two tuesday ones would be two very good talks to hear. It was all about Repentance. It really caused me to look back on my own life. Make sure there isn’t anything I haven’t repented of. Weather I didn’t know it was a sin or weather I just forgot. I hope there isn’t anything. But through God I know know. I would encourage you all to start now to fully accept the atonement in your life. The sooner the better. Sometimes it might be hard but it will be worth it. Know repentance. its hard but its true. Hermana Savage taught us a lesson. well her companionship did on suday about repentance. One thing She said is,
“the atonement is like a seatbelt. Its always there but in order to use it you have to put it on.”

God has so many blessings he wants to grant unto you but he needs you to knock. ask him and he will grant those blessings unto you!

ONe thing that I need an answer to is What does Pentant mean?? I don’t have a dictionary here and I can’t find a definition anywhere. So anybody with any good thoughts on that please let me know.

So we had TRC last friday for the first time. Which is basically teaching members in your language. We taught a Lady called Sister Rice… we mentioned we were from South Jordan and she lit up. She’s like “Highland Stake?” I was lucky to say Hey my dads the stake president there. She was like Homer realeased? And so ya she said she used to live in the 3rd ward. That was an awesome experience :D.

So my teacher. well one of them named Hermano Frost had his last day yesterday teaching us. That was hard. He was my favorite teacher. I’ll send pictures so you can see how funny he truely is. But anyways one thing he always stressed is “Gods hand is truely in everything” It truely is. All of our investigators in the mission field are going throught trials right now to be ready for us to teach. So everybody you meet. Say hi to them. That goes for everybody. One thing that goes along with that is something I learned about repentance. God won’t allow any temptation to come upon you that you can’t handle. God will even stop temptations from coming our way. That is how involved he is in each of our lives. Crazy!!

So just a few more things haha.
You can either act or react… To everything. That is one thing that the spirit hit me hard with during personal study. You can either act or react to everything. A temptation, a trial, a prompting. Sombody else affecting your life in a good or bad way. I encourage everybody to act. Do good for all men. God will prompt you constantly and you need to act on the prompting even if its to smile. and nobody is around. If you get that prompting to smile then smile. Something good will come of it. anyways theres my two sense on that.

I saw matt right after he dropped his lugage off yesterday. He gave the FTSOY card to me. Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting one of those. He seems to be doing pretty good. He’s just a floor above me so i’ll have to check up on him sometime.

Then Sarah Newman… Well lets just say she’s in my Zone… haha. Haven’t seen her yet but I have connections being roommates with the ZL’s haha. THey have a paper with her name so that’s fun.

Uno mas… Can I get Bro G’s address to send a letter to the Priest quarm? Elder fitt did that for me and I lvoed it so i want to do it for them

Thanks for the cookies. I do get all of your packages. Homemade stuff is the best for sure because here nothing is homemade. So love the cookies. Loved the Scotcheroos 😀

Well Now onto pictures for the next little bit. If I think of anything more I’ll send another email.

OOh maybe my testimony in spanish? But justin you can’t laugh at how bad it is.,
Se que el libro de mormon is verdad. que mediante de la profeta Jose Smith the iglesia verdad fue restorado. Yo Se que mdediante de Jesucristo todas los cosas es posible. Se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y redentor. y que la explacion es muy importante en la iglesia. Me amo me salvador y redentor.
En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen

I love you all,
Elder Dial.







Letter #3 (April 18, 2013)

To whomever it may concern,

The CCM (or MTC for all you english speakers) is officially a prison. haha. So one girl in my district Hermana Savage, the one from Cider City, Got the flu this week. They sent her to a place called Quarentine. (butchered the spelling). But its a place in one of the buildings that they send everybody with the flu so that they don’t pass it onto everybody else in the mtc. Nobody could go in or out of the room but the security guards. Not even her companion could go in and see her. Pretty sad. She said she took a picture where the bars are on the bed to make it look like she really was in a jail cell. So funny. I gave her my last three scotcheroos becuase I said that my loving mother sent me some and she mentioned she loved them. So Ya. o another thing the second they said she had the flu the whole district had to go the medical clynic and they gave us some pills to take so we wouldn’t get sick also. pretty scarry. haha. Basically just a strong vitaman C is how she described it. so ya interesting week here.

So guess whose the new Zone leaders………. Not me haha. Its elder stanford and elder Varner. I laughed because I told them it would be them and he said that if it works out right it would be me and Elder cavin because he was district leader first and so it would only make sense to have us be ZLs. it goes to show the lord is in charge. Muhaha. and first I was kinda sad because I wanted to be. But then I realized then I wouldn’t be able to have time to do much of anything. So Im very satisfied with DL. Which I was called to do. Not much of anything really to do but get the mail. and make sure my distirct is doing good. which I enjoy more because then I get to work more directly with my district. I love my district. They all have such strong testimonies and its amazing how strong testimonies bring love and the spirit and haromny in a district. I love it.

So last night me and elder Varner were talking about hockey and how we loved it. and Our teacher, Hermano Reading, who is really just a floater teacher which means he goes to all the classes and helps people individually. He speaks 6 languages fluently and knows enough to get by in like 4 others I think he said. Crazy awesome. But anyways back to hockey. He played on the BYU hockey team for a little bit. He said like two years ago he played for them but how awesome is that. He’s truely an awesome guy. He’s majoring in enternational buisness which explains all the languages. but anyways that was fun to talk about hockey for a little bit.

okay those are the interesting thoughts for the week. Interesting events. Now onto spiritual matters……

Tuesday devotional. We got an aposalic blessing… Guess who from… Im not gonna tell you actually. You will never know.. muhahaha. Just kidding. Elder Scott. So amazing. He mainly focused the blessing on people learning a new language. Those people fall under me. I’m learning a new language. So awesome. He Blessed that “the callenge of learning a new language will be made easy.” haha. Its amazing how much comfort that brought. “he will fit the task to your ability”. haha my ability seems pretty small. Its so hard to not compare yourself to other people. I look at my companion and he is so much further along in the language than I am. But I’m not comparting ;D haha. but I look at myself 3 weeks ago. ;D. I am comparing myself there. haha. I am so much further along. Then you come to the Sealer this morning in the temple. comforting words from the sealer today. “You’ll get out in the field and the language will be so different because of the tones and dilects. You won’t even know the language at all”. haha what a comforting thought. But then he went on to say “back when I went on my mission we didn’t have any language training. We just went out into the field”. SO lucky to have the training here. muhahaha. But anyways Elder scott talked about prayer…. One thing he said that I wan’t to say is

“In order to do things you’ve never done, You must do things you’ve never done before.”

haha so simple but so hard. Remember my farewell talk? Well to do things you’ve never done it takes courage. Not my strongest attribute. But I see why God gave me that topic to talk on. Courage is something I need to work on so much. I am working on it. Slowly but surly. and I’m seeing improvment in my spanish as I try harder and harder.

Another thing he said that I loved and want to share is he talked about how if God doesn’t answer your prayers then maybe he trust you enough to make the decision. I loved that. God does trust us to make choices on our own. We’re big boys haha. But he did say that if we start to drift off the path that he trusts us God will make himself known. its so crazy but so true.

Anybody struggling with prayer and wanting to be better with it I have a chapeter for you to read. Alma 34. Gives you things to pray about and what to do with them. I lvoed it. I stumbled onto it this morning in personal study and loved it.

Then on sunday we had Justin’s dream job (kinda) man come in to talk to us. The official Media missionary head guy… haha don’t know his official name. But he talked of all the church is doing in the media world with advertising and the I’m a mormon campaign. Its was so cool. one thing he mentioned is that everybody on this earth choose to come to this life. So we all had a testimony at one point or another. They just need to remember it. That’s what makes missionary work so easy. is the message makes people feel at home. Like they are being comforted. I loved that tought. Muy perfecto.

Hmm o by the way they got Card readers into the Book store so I bought one. So I don’t need one any more. just so you all know. haha. Hopefully I’m not to late on writing. I don’t know why the other one didn’t work but i’ll probably send a package before I leave of all the stuff I don’t need.

I love you all so much. You all amaze me. Thank you for all your letters and all the stuff to comfort me. I love you!!


Elder Talon Dial



Letter #2

Hmm so what to talk about for this week. I’ve had a few fun experiences. Lets think.

Elder Jordan Earl is officially gone from the MTC. In Tenassee I think… haha. No bueno on my spelling.
Elder Josh Davis finds out today on his visa or being reasigned!
I ran into Elder David Butler today. haha talk about funny. His service assignment is in my living dorms. and I’m sitting there getting my shoes on and he yells over to me and says “whats your name?” so I say Elder Dial he says “no way. and I took another look and I recognized him. Elder Butler. Bishop Butlers son from Idaho? ya that was pretty crazy.

Savannah thats awesome. Your just a brand new girl aren’t ya? Cut hair and a lost tooth. I can’t wait to see pictures.
Quincy, your a lucky boy. I loved playing catcher. I wish I would have started earlier. But I also enjoyed pitching. i wish I would have started pitching earlier also. but I didn’t so i’m Glad one of us can live the dream of being catcher. haha.

So yesterday we met with the Argentina consolate. So much fun. Speaking of Argentina can I get Jasons adress? I want to write him a letter. but anyways that was so much fun to learn about Argentina. Get this they have a time during the day called Sestas I think is what they are called. Its a time during the day where you stop everything and go home and take a nap because it’s too hot. He said the big citys don’t do it as much. But that most little towns do. So ya. I doubt we’ll take any naps but who knows. Hmm other intesting facts. They almost sing as they speak. So its like Commmo Esstasss. haha I’m excited for that. Sing all day every day haha. can’t wait. He also said it only takes about 10 full days for a letter. well from the captial. so maybe a few more days. Who knows. Also Jason might have Penguins in his mission. How cool is that??

So who loved conference?? I did. But of coarse I forgot my notes in the dorm…. ugh. haha. but most questions about conference have been about how and where we watched it. It was in the big confernece room where they hold all the devotionals. Its really the big gym there but they have bleachers that pull out and set up tons of chairs. haha. Kinda like binghams qym just bigger. Hmm I watched it in English. But I loved it. I dunno that I had a favorite talk… All of priestood seccion. ugh just every seccion. I really liked Hollands talk. I dunno why but most of the seventy that spoke was really my favoriter. They were all great though.

O devotionals were amazing this week. Vocal Point came. Go online and listen to them. They are amazing. I loved that one for sure. They mainly just sung for us. So amazing! Then For tuesday night was Gernld N Lund. He talked about how to disern revelation and your own thought. So that was absolutely amazing. But again I forgot my notes. I’ll have to actually write a written letter here later today. O well.

Hmm spiritual experience of the week. So this happened last week too but this week on monday we gave a couple blessings to the sisters in our district. So amazing to be able to use my preiestood. To allow God to work through me so completely. To work through all of us in our district. We are so blessed to have our hermanas in our district but more importantly to have God work through us.

Well the MTC is pretty packed. But I wouldn’t say we’re sardines. I guess I don’t know any different but it doesn’t seem all that packed. But this is coming from a guy that went to a high school that was made for less people than were there haha. So ya I don’t know much better.

Goodness what else. O the Language. Its coming… Slowly but surely. I’m loving it thought. Its amazing to see the Gift of tounges work. I’ve gotten a little less patient with myself this last week. But Its only been for a little bit because I have learned that God wants to give you so many blessings. All you got to do is ask. So I ask and I get to look back at the end of the day and see Gods hand in my life. Its amazing how evedent God is and always has been in my life. You just don’t see it until you look for it. I love Looking. I see it in everybodies life that I have even known. I wrote the rest of those thank you letters today. Goodness its amazing how every single person I wrote changed my life in more ways than I could ever think of. They are all so close to the spirit and there spirits in turn have touched my spirit. That is somthing that was brought to my rememberence in Gerald N Lunds talk. He talked about the spirit and getting revelations like I said. And as I thought about about it I thought about Brother Norman and him talking about how the spirits can only talk to spirits. and God talks to us through the Holy Ghost which is a spirit. And in order to hear our spirits we must be in tune with our spiritual side. So I enjoyed being able to Dwell on that. and one comment I remember From conference is somebody said that In order to feel the spirit or to get revelation we must do our homework. How key that is to be in touch with our spiritual side. I encourage you all to do your homework daily. The spirit will bless you in so many more ways than just one.

Well I love you all. I can’t get the card reader to work so I’m gonna have to find one to borrow here soon. I love you all.

Elder Talon Dial




Okay description of the picture of elder stanford….. Who does he Look like?? Tarzan!!!! haha. we decided he looked just like tarzan before so we got sister savages hair and put it over his face. He looks just like tarzan its awesomely funny! anyways ya funny funny.
Love you all,
Love Elder Dial

Letter #1

Hola mi familia,

What a crazy first couple days. So busy yet so insightful at the same time. I have loved it so very much!! Okay Elder Cavin lived in our neighborhood when I was about ten ish when i fractured my arm on the skate ramps haha. So that was about the time he lived there. I was only district leader for one night. Then my companion was called my the branch president to be the district leader. So ya haha. Its not that hard. all I basically had to do was approve splits and nobody asked me to go on splits for that day so that was fun. I told you about Sunday already. SO AMAZING!!

haha so Mom and Natalie Cryed together all the way to St. George huh?? haha Just kidding. Im glad I left you two together! I hope you guys can have fun and enjoy yourselfs. Thank you again for the packages. They were so amazing. And Knowing you are sharing my letters back and forth makes me happy also because I might put something in one letter and forget in the next letter so now I don’t have to worry about offending anybody 😀 So that is muy bien. I’m glad you had a great Easter. I missed going to the park with you guys. But it was good to hear the talks. Thanks for the notes on the Broadcast. I loved them and they will for sure help me.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. They always always always help so thank you. So my fingernail came off. Kinda….. Part of it came off and then I picked and picked and picked at it. then went to the book store and got a nail file and filed it off till it was smooth.. It turns out that there was a nail under my nail….So I dunno if the blood like split my nail or what but It looks a lot better. I will send a picture for sure. Hmm what else.. O tuesday was an amazing devotional. Some one from the seventy talked I don’t remember his name but Natalie has it in hear letter. One thing that he said that I really enjoyed is

“Imagine your parents/siblings/friends bedrooms. Imagine their bed. Now imagine them neeling at the side praying… and who are they praying for?”
What a blessing that is to think about and how much you all are supporting me in everything. Especially at this time. I Love everything that has been sent to me and told to me. You are so amazing.

So yes dad all the milk that you want.
Sundays and Wednesdays all you can eat BYU creamery Ice cream. So amazing haha. All you can eat everything really.
O yes. I have ran into Jordan Josh and Dillon.
Jordan (going to denmark) has been temporarily reasigned to Oklahoma till his visa comes through. so funny. We were at the same seccion this morning. Just like old times.
Josh (going to argentina) will probably be reasigned too. We had to get re-fingerprined on tuesday for our visas. I don’t really know what for. But they said it usually takes to weeks to get a visa but the ambassator that has to sign them is backed up so thats no good haha.
Now Dillon…. haha the only thing I have to say about Dillon is… I’m SO GLAD IM NOT SPEAKING RUSSION. haha He bore his testimony to my in russion and basically nothing sounds the same. So ya im glad its him and not me. But he does have lots of patience. He’s an awesome Man.

Lets think any other questions I need to answer..
O ya any answer about any Staily’s from Roy Utah that we’re related to?
O ya the food. Mom your so funny. I love your cooking. Basically the only story on the food is today we ate breakfast at the Temple cuz we were sick of the MTC Food. SO MUCH BETTER WHEN COOKED BY TEMPLE WORKERS haha.

Goodness so new rule. We can officially email anybody we want to now. and we have an hour to email instead of 30 Min. So that is awesome. We are the first missionaries to have that rule changed so that is muy bueno.

Well a little more on the language. Its coming……. Its frustrating sometimes but its coming. Diligence is key. I’m having a hard time focusing all the time though. I keep praying and praying so hopefully I will learn to focus one day. But ya we have an investigator (already a memeber just acting.) So we are teaching him in spanglish. thats its Good. Elder Cavin is so much better than me. But I didn’t say that cuz we’re not suppose to compare lol. But he really is amazing. I try but where I’m so stinkin quiet I don’t say much. I try I just don’t do the best with the spanish. So thats always fun. But I love my companiong. he’s awesome.

O one thing Is me and Elder Stanford (who is elder Varners/Troys Companinon who is the other companionship in our room) have so much in common. Kinda… haha. He loves music and is amazing at harmonies. He went on the Jamboree. He’s a true beach bum though. he talks about how they would walk up and down the beach looking for change just to buy a pizza to have energy to do more surfing haha. But he graduated early at age 16 and he’s been going to BYU Hawaii. He says he lived right across the beach so they would just walk out to go surfing after class.But anyways I was going somewhere with this. He and I went to an empty classroom with a piano last night after we ate dinner super fast and sand. like i said he’s amazing at harmonies. So that was so much fun!!! It was good to sing and play piano.. I miss it. Then some of the rest of our district came and we just sang for like 10 min. I loved loved loved loved it. We were going to sing a song and record it but we didn’t quite made it. haha. So maybe next week. but ya music has been my biggest blessing out here for me. I’m always whisling a song and it always brightens my day. I love it.

Hmm ya but life is great. I love my district. They are so awesome and so spiritual. I have learned so much from them. I love hearing stories from them and just feeling their spirit. Feeling the spirit. Es muy bien.

But ya. Best way to write a letter to my is through Dear Elder.

Anyways I love you all. Hopefully I Didn’t leave anything out. I love you I love you I love you.

Love always,
Your happy Missionary Elder Dial


Another thing that was spoken about in the tuesday Night devotional is:

“There is a reason Nephi Went back for the Plates before he went back for a Wife.”. He needed that foundation to build his faith on just as each of us do. How true for each of us. i loved that thought and just thought about it.

Also, my camera isn’t downloading so I’m gonna go to the book store and hopefully they have card readers in stalk. then i can send you some pictures while the laundry is goinig. If you don’t get more emails from me later today maybe send me a package with a card reader to use?? and a Thumb drive. Or two haha.

Love you all.
Elder Dial