Letter #2

Hmm so what to talk about for this week. I’ve had a few fun experiences. Lets think.

Elder Jordan Earl is officially gone from the MTC. In Tenassee I think… haha. No bueno on my spelling.
Elder Josh Davis finds out today on his visa or being reasigned!
I ran into Elder David Butler today. haha talk about funny. His service assignment is in my living dorms. and I’m sitting there getting my shoes on and he yells over to me and says “whats your name?” so I say Elder Dial he says “no way. and I took another look and I recognized him. Elder Butler. Bishop Butlers son from Idaho? ya that was pretty crazy.

Savannah thats awesome. Your just a brand new girl aren’t ya? Cut hair and a lost tooth. I can’t wait to see pictures.
Quincy, your a lucky boy. I loved playing catcher. I wish I would have started earlier. But I also enjoyed pitching. i wish I would have started pitching earlier also. but I didn’t so i’m Glad one of us can live the dream of being catcher. haha.

So yesterday we met with the Argentina consolate. So much fun. Speaking of Argentina can I get Jasons adress? I want to write him a letter. but anyways that was so much fun to learn about Argentina. Get this they have a time during the day called Sestas I think is what they are called. Its a time during the day where you stop everything and go home and take a nap because it’s too hot. He said the big citys don’t do it as much. But that most little towns do. So ya. I doubt we’ll take any naps but who knows. Hmm other intesting facts. They almost sing as they speak. So its like Commmo Esstasss. haha I’m excited for that. Sing all day every day haha. can’t wait. He also said it only takes about 10 full days for a letter. well from the captial. so maybe a few more days. Who knows. Also Jason might have Penguins in his mission. How cool is that??

So who loved conference?? I did. But of coarse I forgot my notes in the dorm…. ugh. haha. but most questions about conference have been about how and where we watched it. It was in the big confernece room where they hold all the devotionals. Its really the big gym there but they have bleachers that pull out and set up tons of chairs. haha. Kinda like binghams qym just bigger. Hmm I watched it in English. But I loved it. I dunno that I had a favorite talk… All of priestood seccion. ugh just every seccion. I really liked Hollands talk. I dunno why but most of the seventy that spoke was really my favoriter. They were all great though.

O devotionals were amazing this week. Vocal Point came. Go online and listen to them. They are amazing. I loved that one for sure. They mainly just sung for us. So amazing! Then For tuesday night was Gernld N Lund. He talked about how to disern revelation and your own thought. So that was absolutely amazing. But again I forgot my notes. I’ll have to actually write a written letter here later today. O well.

Hmm spiritual experience of the week. So this happened last week too but this week on monday we gave a couple blessings to the sisters in our district. So amazing to be able to use my preiestood. To allow God to work through me so completely. To work through all of us in our district. We are so blessed to have our hermanas in our district but more importantly to have God work through us.

Well the MTC is pretty packed. But I wouldn’t say we’re sardines. I guess I don’t know any different but it doesn’t seem all that packed. But this is coming from a guy that went to a high school that was made for less people than were there haha. So ya I don’t know much better.

Goodness what else. O the Language. Its coming… Slowly but surely. I’m loving it thought. Its amazing to see the Gift of tounges work. I’ve gotten a little less patient with myself this last week. But Its only been for a little bit because I have learned that God wants to give you so many blessings. All you got to do is ask. So I ask and I get to look back at the end of the day and see Gods hand in my life. Its amazing how evedent God is and always has been in my life. You just don’t see it until you look for it. I love Looking. I see it in everybodies life that I have even known. I wrote the rest of those thank you letters today. Goodness its amazing how every single person I wrote changed my life in more ways than I could ever think of. They are all so close to the spirit and there spirits in turn have touched my spirit. That is somthing that was brought to my rememberence in Gerald N Lunds talk. He talked about the spirit and getting revelations like I said. And as I thought about about it I thought about Brother Norman and him talking about how the spirits can only talk to spirits. and God talks to us through the Holy Ghost which is a spirit. And in order to hear our spirits we must be in tune with our spiritual side. So I enjoyed being able to Dwell on that. and one comment I remember From conference is somebody said that In order to feel the spirit or to get revelation we must do our homework. How key that is to be in touch with our spiritual side. I encourage you all to do your homework daily. The spirit will bless you in so many more ways than just one.

Well I love you all. I can’t get the card reader to work so I’m gonna have to find one to borrow here soon. I love you all.

Elder Talon Dial




Okay description of the picture of elder stanford….. Who does he Look like?? Tarzan!!!! haha. we decided he looked just like tarzan before so we got sister savages hair and put it over his face. He looks just like tarzan its awesomely funny! anyways ya funny funny.
Love you all,
Love Elder Dial


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