Letter #3 (April 18, 2013)

To whomever it may concern,

The CCM (or MTC for all you english speakers) is officially a prison. haha. So one girl in my district Hermana Savage, the one from Cider City, Got the flu this week. They sent her to a place called Quarentine. (butchered the spelling). But its a place in one of the buildings that they send everybody with the flu so that they don’t pass it onto everybody else in the mtc. Nobody could go in or out of the room but the security guards. Not even her companion could go in and see her. Pretty sad. She said she took a picture where the bars are on the bed to make it look like she really was in a jail cell. So funny. I gave her my last three scotcheroos becuase I said that my loving mother sent me some and she mentioned she loved them. So Ya. o another thing the second they said she had the flu the whole district had to go the medical clynic and they gave us some pills to take so we wouldn’t get sick also. pretty scarry. haha. Basically just a strong vitaman C is how she described it. so ya interesting week here.

So guess whose the new Zone leaders………. Not me haha. Its elder stanford and elder Varner. I laughed because I told them it would be them and he said that if it works out right it would be me and Elder cavin because he was district leader first and so it would only make sense to have us be ZLs. it goes to show the lord is in charge. Muhaha. and first I was kinda sad because I wanted to be. But then I realized then I wouldn’t be able to have time to do much of anything. So Im very satisfied with DL. Which I was called to do. Not much of anything really to do but get the mail. and make sure my distirct is doing good. which I enjoy more because then I get to work more directly with my district. I love my district. They all have such strong testimonies and its amazing how strong testimonies bring love and the spirit and haromny in a district. I love it.

So last night me and elder Varner were talking about hockey and how we loved it. and Our teacher, Hermano Reading, who is really just a floater teacher which means he goes to all the classes and helps people individually. He speaks 6 languages fluently and knows enough to get by in like 4 others I think he said. Crazy awesome. But anyways back to hockey. He played on the BYU hockey team for a little bit. He said like two years ago he played for them but how awesome is that. He’s truely an awesome guy. He’s majoring in enternational buisness which explains all the languages. but anyways that was fun to talk about hockey for a little bit.

okay those are the interesting thoughts for the week. Interesting events. Now onto spiritual matters……

Tuesday devotional. We got an aposalic blessing… Guess who from… Im not gonna tell you actually. You will never know.. muhahaha. Just kidding. Elder Scott. So amazing. He mainly focused the blessing on people learning a new language. Those people fall under me. I’m learning a new language. So awesome. He Blessed that “the callenge of learning a new language will be made easy.” haha. Its amazing how much comfort that brought. “he will fit the task to your ability”. haha my ability seems pretty small. Its so hard to not compare yourself to other people. I look at my companion and he is so much further along in the language than I am. But I’m not comparting ;D haha. but I look at myself 3 weeks ago. ;D. I am comparing myself there. haha. I am so much further along. Then you come to the Sealer this morning in the temple. comforting words from the sealer today. “You’ll get out in the field and the language will be so different because of the tones and dilects. You won’t even know the language at all”. haha what a comforting thought. But then he went on to say “back when I went on my mission we didn’t have any language training. We just went out into the field”. SO lucky to have the training here. muhahaha. But anyways Elder scott talked about prayer…. One thing he said that I wan’t to say is

“In order to do things you’ve never done, You must do things you’ve never done before.”

haha so simple but so hard. Remember my farewell talk? Well to do things you’ve never done it takes courage. Not my strongest attribute. But I see why God gave me that topic to talk on. Courage is something I need to work on so much. I am working on it. Slowly but surly. and I’m seeing improvment in my spanish as I try harder and harder.

Another thing he said that I loved and want to share is he talked about how if God doesn’t answer your prayers then maybe he trust you enough to make the decision. I loved that. God does trust us to make choices on our own. We’re big boys haha. But he did say that if we start to drift off the path that he trusts us God will make himself known. its so crazy but so true.

Anybody struggling with prayer and wanting to be better with it I have a chapeter for you to read. Alma 34. Gives you things to pray about and what to do with them. I lvoed it. I stumbled onto it this morning in personal study and loved it.

Then on sunday we had Justin’s dream job (kinda) man come in to talk to us. The official Media missionary head guy… haha don’t know his official name. But he talked of all the church is doing in the media world with advertising and the I’m a mormon campaign. Its was so cool. one thing he mentioned is that everybody on this earth choose to come to this life. So we all had a testimony at one point or another. They just need to remember it. That’s what makes missionary work so easy. is the message makes people feel at home. Like they are being comforted. I loved that tought. Muy perfecto.

Hmm o by the way they got Card readers into the Book store so I bought one. So I don’t need one any more. just so you all know. haha. Hopefully I’m not to late on writing. I don’t know why the other one didn’t work but i’ll probably send a package before I leave of all the stuff I don’t need.

I love you all so much. You all amaze me. Thank you for all your letters and all the stuff to comfort me. I love you!!


Elder Talon Dial




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