Letter #4

What a very eventful week. I’m loving being district leader. It was super hard though. Remember Hermana Savage… The one that was sent to jail for having the flu… well after that she had an allergic reaction to something, the diegnosis is still unknown. But anyways her throat swelled up…. kinda. It had blisters all down her throat. Well she went to the ER a couple times. It didn’t help. So finally on monday She had an appointment with a MTC presidency member… Sad sad sad day. Her dad came up from Cider city to pick her up that night so she can go home for a few weeks to get better. It was hard. Seems how allergies are pretty close to home. So ya that was very hard. But after she told us she was leaving we put together a box of all the treats and stuff we hadn’t eaten. You know the orange sticks you gave me….. well I was saving them for a rainy day… That was a rainy day for her so I put the whole box of them in there for her… I wouldn’t have them go anywhere else though. She was one amazing missionary. We got along pretty well because we were both really quiet. But it was good for our district. Its amazing how trials make you stronger as a district.
I felt pretty bad though… The first thing that came to my mind is “Why…. That means that she had to get sick for all of us missionaries that she touched to be stronger missionaries. To have that trial of faith…. She had to do it for us.” I hate when other people are tried because of me. It seems like everybody I come in contact with goes through tials for me to be stronger. For instance Cambrey… Of coarse after I become her friend she has a stroke. I’m just straight up bad luck… But its sure taught me patence. That is needed out here for sure. But its interesting because I need more patience with myself than anybody else. So ya. Its hard. But
“in order to do things you’ve never done before, you must do things you’ve never done before.”
Crazy how that works isn’t it? lol

Okay most incredable experience….. Just saw President and Sister Homer… I was just sitting here writing my email and He walks in and taps me on the shoulder… haha what was awesome. I got a picture… They were sure to tell me to let you know that they love ya. That we have an amazing family. And we do!

okay next item of buisness,
BYU mens Choir came in on Sunday for the sunday night devotional. I love music. Nothing new there haha. But one thing that one of the memebers of the choir memebers said in there testimony that they learned on there mission is
“in order to love others as yourself you must love yourself.”
You must love the person you are. Live your life to a way that is pleasing to you. Know that you are “a Child of God”, How crucial that is in conversion. and in life. That goes back to having patience with yourself also! So ya haha.

David F Evans of the seventy came on tuesday for the dovotional. I don’t know if you can look up any talks from MTC devotionals but the last two tuesday ones would be two very good talks to hear. It was all about Repentance. It really caused me to look back on my own life. Make sure there isn’t anything I haven’t repented of. Weather I didn’t know it was a sin or weather I just forgot. I hope there isn’t anything. But through God I know know. I would encourage you all to start now to fully accept the atonement in your life. The sooner the better. Sometimes it might be hard but it will be worth it. Know repentance. its hard but its true. Hermana Savage taught us a lesson. well her companionship did on suday about repentance. One thing She said is,
“the atonement is like a seatbelt. Its always there but in order to use it you have to put it on.”

God has so many blessings he wants to grant unto you but he needs you to knock. ask him and he will grant those blessings unto you!

ONe thing that I need an answer to is What does Pentant mean?? I don’t have a dictionary here and I can’t find a definition anywhere. So anybody with any good thoughts on that please let me know.

So we had TRC last friday for the first time. Which is basically teaching members in your language. We taught a Lady called Sister Rice… we mentioned we were from South Jordan and she lit up. She’s like “Highland Stake?” I was lucky to say Hey my dads the stake president there. She was like Homer realeased? And so ya she said she used to live in the 3rd ward. That was an awesome experience :D.

So my teacher. well one of them named Hermano Frost had his last day yesterday teaching us. That was hard. He was my favorite teacher. I’ll send pictures so you can see how funny he truely is. But anyways one thing he always stressed is “Gods hand is truely in everything” It truely is. All of our investigators in the mission field are going throught trials right now to be ready for us to teach. So everybody you meet. Say hi to them. That goes for everybody. One thing that goes along with that is something I learned about repentance. God won’t allow any temptation to come upon you that you can’t handle. God will even stop temptations from coming our way. That is how involved he is in each of our lives. Crazy!!

So just a few more things haha.
You can either act or react… To everything. That is one thing that the spirit hit me hard with during personal study. You can either act or react to everything. A temptation, a trial, a prompting. Sombody else affecting your life in a good or bad way. I encourage everybody to act. Do good for all men. God will prompt you constantly and you need to act on the prompting even if its to smile. and nobody is around. If you get that prompting to smile then smile. Something good will come of it. anyways theres my two sense on that.

I saw matt right after he dropped his lugage off yesterday. He gave the FTSOY card to me. Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting one of those. He seems to be doing pretty good. He’s just a floor above me so i’ll have to check up on him sometime.

Then Sarah Newman… Well lets just say she’s in my Zone… haha. Haven’t seen her yet but I have connections being roommates with the ZL’s haha. THey have a paper with her name so that’s fun.

Uno mas… Can I get Bro G’s address to send a letter to the Priest quarm? Elder fitt did that for me and I lvoed it so i want to do it for them

Thanks for the cookies. I do get all of your packages. Homemade stuff is the best for sure because here nothing is homemade. So love the cookies. Loved the Scotcheroos 😀

Well Now onto pictures for the next little bit. If I think of anything more I’ll send another email.

OOh maybe my testimony in spanish? But justin you can’t laugh at how bad it is.,
Se que el libro de mormon is verdad. que mediante de la profeta Jose Smith the iglesia verdad fue restorado. Yo Se que mdediante de Jesucristo todas los cosas es posible. Se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y redentor. y que la explacion es muy importante en la iglesia. Me amo me salvador y redentor.
En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen

I love you all,
Elder Dial.







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