Letter #5

Its here. haha so crazy! ORLANDO FLORIDA HERE I COME! I’m so excited. First Item of Buisness I need to be sure I have money in my account for baggage fee’s on monday. Think you could make sure I have money in my acount? maybe like 200 maybe 300 bucks? That should be plenty.

Well as you know this week was my last week. After I got my reasignment on thursday its been crazy haha. Hard to focus but I’ve done my best. I laid in bed last night for about 20 min just trying to fall asleep. That’s always fun! But I finnally got a clear enough Mind to fall asleep. I love sleep just in case you were wondering. Anyways I’m really not nervous. and just like the MTC I probably wont be until I am on the plane. I’m so excited though. I love being a missionary. It was good to call and talk. I tried to say I love you at the end. But no bueno. haha. So Dad I love you! I love you all. So colten… haha. Did I scare you when I called? You seemed a little nervous. haha.

O thanks for the package. Lets just say The Orange sticks and the Milano cookies are no esta any more. haha. I finnished the orange sticks last night and the cookies before breakfast this morning haha. But they were amazing. Aunt Marjean sent me a cake with a lovely card. You’ll have to either send me here adress or let her know of my gratitude for it. It was very heartfelt and made my day. But anyways thanks for the letters. Everybody in my district really got a kick out of the commics. haha. Quincy made me nervous though. The first thing he put on his letter was “I hope you don’t come home… like that..” i didn’t get it for the longest time till I put the comic with the letter. He hopes I don’t come home with packed suitcases. I got it haha. But anyways thanks for the letters! They were perfect. Also I love the pictures. My favorite. But ya the picture with my Girlfriend kissing my cheek. Awe ya haha. Go Lacey! All the guys are Jealous of my Girlfriend for sure 😀

Well another think that you have somehow found out through Caytlin. I was able to host two new missionaries this week. That was fun. Its cool to see how excited the missionaries are. That even though they have their moms crying for them they pushed through and kept focused…. haha kinda. I guess as focused as you can be on that first day. So ya thats always fun. But ya it was a great experience to host new missionaries. I keep talking to elder Doxey. So glad I’m learning spanish. I had a missionary come in that was learning two different languages. French and…. umm…. I don’t remember but it didn’t sound easy. So ya the lord Blessed me with spanish.

Hmm so trial of the weak… I guess I can call it that. Hermana Funke in my district. well her grandma Died this week. That was hard for here. But she is pushing on like an ox! HAha is that what you call a sister? I guess haha. But it really made me think how hard it must have been for justin.. Gave me a new perspective on how amazing My Brother really is. To be able to push through that trial like that. I admire him like crazy!

ahhh Blessing of the week!!!! hermana Savage is coming back. And she gets to go straight out into the field. She’s coming back tonight so she’ll be with us tomorrow and then leave with the Hermanas on Tuesday to Tempe Arizona.. O ya the rest of my districts reassignments. Elder Stanford got reassigned to Tempe also! So he Goes with the Hermanas on tuesday. haha. Um elder Varner Is going to San fernado Cali.. And then My companion… Drum roll please………. Boise Idaho haha. So funny. But he’s gonna love it. He’s talked to some people that have really talked it up. so he’s excited. and glad hes not going to the Pocatello mission haha. He’s awesome. I love my companion!!

Hmm now onto the spiritual side of things this week. Two great devotionals. I lvoe the devotionals. First was a guy by the name Stephen B. Allen. So funny! He talked about how Satan knows how to push your buttons. But how we can protect our buttons. One thing that I really liked that he talked about is every day the sun comes up. and if today is worse than yesterdan be thankful for yesterday haha. Interesting concept that is. Now he was very Blunt with everything. For sure. one thing he said That I liked again is, Don’t murmer. It offends the spirit. how true that is. Gods hand is so evedent in our lives if we but look. and if we murmer, then the spirit is offended because He loves our God more than anything. So yes theres that devotional.

Next tuesday night devotional. he read the whole talk so that was hard but it was still very good! Allen F Packer. ONe thing his wife shared is We share the gospel with the ones we love. I must learn to love the people before I can ever share the Gospel. how true that is. One thing he shared that i really liked is that our second pedagree chart has only two generations. Us and Our heavenly parents. How true that is. We are truely all Children of our heavenly father and he loves us more than anything on this earth. We have so much potential and we can reach that potential. I love it.

DSC_0624 DSC_0671 IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0335

Quote of the week that I have decided to make the motto of my mission. (thanks to Natalie and her sending me the ensign I have it word for word from conference so thank you!

“Never once heard him say anything Negative about any person or circumstance, and it was impossible not to feel buoyed up in his presence.”

-Elder Bruce D Porter.

That was probably one of my favortie talks from conference. I want to live my mission in such a way that I can bring others up in my attitudes and my words. want to be a source for good. I want to be like his college roomate. Anyways Loved it!

Not much more happened this week. I get to pack all day today. I’m doing laundry as we speak. I love it… aahhh.. Well I’ll talk to you Monday. Can’t wait. Between 8 and 9 is my layover in Arizona. So I’ll give ya a call. Then we’ll see for sunday. It’s here.

Forgetting myself and getting back to work,

Elder Dial


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