Letter #6 (May 13, 2013)


AAAAWWEEE ya haha. Well what a crazy first week.. Where to start where to start…. Well missionary work isn’t anything like I expected. I feel like it doesn’t really require much work physically. I thought that would be the most work that I would be doing is pysical work. But its not really that at all. Its more of a mental and spiritual work. Which is hard because I’m more of a pysical worker. But I’m doing my best to keep pushing on. make that transision. Well taht first day it was really interesting. The first day… um tuesday that I got here and got in the field We went to the store… I had no Idea what I wanted… SO that was hard but I got some stuff and my companions Elder Slade and elder Sprouce have spoiled me this week. helped me to know what to get. So Ya that was good. Greatful for my two companions. Well anyways after the store we dropped my stuff off at the apartment, (off of Millena Blvd. and Northridge Drive if that helps) Then went out to work. We knocked some doors. That was scary.. That has been the hardest part for me. I feel like I can get my point accross in spanish if I know what I want to say. But I don’t know what I even want to say. Even the English contacts… I was just lost on what to say… So thats one thing I wish I would have done is worked on my social skills more to be able to talk and relate to anybody. But You know its still been good. my companions are great at it so they help. Then we went off to a couple lessons. Norma.. She was my first investigator we ran into. She had a baptismal date but wasn’t married so that didn’t really work out to well haha. So we’re trying to get her to talk to her Husband to get married then she’s as a good as baptized I think… at least  thats what I understand. From there its just a lot of teaching. There is one other invistigator we got going for us right now too. Her name is Yara. Her husband is a member.. But has been inactive for such a long time. So he’s reactivated. They remind me so much Or Rick and Crystal. Not in size but more in their actions. its awesome.


So saturday me and elder sprouce went on an exchange. haha that was fun. I learned so much. It was so much fun to be able to ride a bike on the exchange. I felt like a real missionary. haha. It was hard though to street contact. But I pushed through. I got pretty down on myself though. I Need to have more faith. I keep praying for a miracle. but hey I got those all day long. So it will come. O yes quote of the week


“My regrets come from my lack of experience, not my lack of effort.”

Elders slade and sprouce are so good with quotes. They really help me. So ya. O next quote.

‘First you need to try, then finish with an umph. Triumph”

haha So good. I’m really trying. and Ya I can do better at my try’s and do more with more effort. So thats what I’m focusing on right now is trying. If I try then the Lord will make up the difference I know that.

Okay thats really all from the week. I want to share a couple things now.

IMG_0418Things Pres. Hall said:

The perfect missionary is one that:

1) observes



4)Then teaches.

So many people get it mixed up. Do it backwards. Then they wonder why they don’t have success. I’m tryinig to train missionaries to be like you. (before that he meantioned a little about how thats what He had seen in me in how I work. So that meant a lot). Then he went on to talk about how You can’t doubt yourself. “You don’t observe then drop out because you doubt yourself.” I need to have more faith in not only me but in my abilities. and Our Savior….. Our Father in Heaven. With him all things are possible.

IMG_0400He then talked about something that was really good to hear. You start with your strengths. Then have your strengths bring your weaknesses up. You can’t start with your weaknesses because then you will just get down on yourself. You need to Build yourself up. Build up your confidence then the rest will come. With Confidence… With Faith all things are possible. I truely know that and believe that. Faith is where it all starts so if you have a strong faith then all things are possible.

IMG_0337He also talked about how we need to be Humble…. I always thought I was pretty humble but I can always do better. Always always. So one thing I’ve been working on.. For quite a long time is taking crutisism the right way. alowing it to improve me and not destroy me. thats one of my biggest weaknesses. So ya. Especailly with the spanish. Its hard for me because I feel like I’m getting my point across but my companions will be like what are you even saying. So ya…. But it goes back to faith. I have faith!! I do I do.

Reading in my partriatical blessing yesterday I came across something… The word perservant… I am blessed with perservance. Considering I didn’t really know what that was i searched about it through my whole scripture study… I found a couple things that made me happy. It’s pushing through trials… Holding fast to your integrity. Its dedication. Diligence. Endurance. Steadfastness. Goodness I needed that. I love knowing that the Lord is behind me though everything.

I lvoe being a missionary in this time and in this place. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. If the Lord wanted me in argentina he would have put me there. I have something to do here and we’ll see what it is. Because the Lord  could have had me my Visa a long time ago if he wanted me to have it. SO i have work to do here. THings to Learn. and here I go to learn those things. Please help me thank the lord each night for everything that I have been given. I am so Blessed. We all are!

God Be with you till we meet again!,

Elder Dial :D.

Don’t forget to smile!! 😀



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