Letter #7 (May 20, 2013)

Colombia Burgers

This was at that columbian burger place. It was so cool to see all the different artwork people Had done on their dollar bills. I didn’t quite do one but It was cool to see haha. Love you all. I’ll have more pictures next week!!

Goodness where to start… Well there are really three people that I want to talk about alot.  One is Yara. One is Norma and one is Juan…

O best experience ever. Okay Tuesday we ran into a man named Elliot By tracting doors. It was all in english but he was so ready for the Gospel. Well Kinda haha. We knocked on the door and he was like “O We had some of you guys come over a couple weeks ago. But I really want to know more about what you believe. I have studied up on a whole bunch of religions but yours is one I havent really studied up on. So we talked with him..” So we mainly just taught him a lot. We had to hand him off as a refearal but it was so cool to teach him. at first he was like I probably wont join your church or anything but I would still like to learn more. So we answered his questions. almost taught him the whole gospel. But anyways by the end Elder Slade extended a baptismal invite and he was like ya I mean if the spirit tells me I would join the church for sure. So sweet!!!!

Dang what next. O we went to this place called columbia Burgers on wednesday. Best hanburger I’ve ever had. I Dont’ know what it had in it but it was so good.  I loved it!

Hmm next on thursday we went to this guy’s house. well this families house. The Sedan Family. He spoke english so that was good. He said something that really hit home and will help me.

“don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s why we’re here on this earth”.

Goodness so true. So that really helped me to just want to throw myself out there and work.

Goodness I almost forgot. Friday was one of the most special experiences of my life. We went to an elementary school for a service project to help out with a carnival. I helped make the snow cones. Mainly just put the juice on the snow cones. But anyways we had a teacher there that told us all about the kids and how they really struggle. How you never know whats going on at home and all that. and how at school they just gotta show them love. He was an true example of how a teacher should be. I think a teacher would be fun. But I don’t know that I would do very good haha. But it was so much fun to just say hi to all the kids. Give them a little compliment. I loved it! That was one of the highlights of my week for sure.

Saturday we went on exchanges. I stayed in our area and my two companions left to a different one. So I ran the whole area. Hardest thing ever. Made me really grateful for my companions. They truely are amazing. But anyways I was put with an elder Cook. He played hockey so we got along really well. He loves argentina also so that was sweet. haha. His dad served in argentina so I got to hear some stories. That was sweet.

Okay now I’ll go with Norma. No she’s not Married yet. We’re meeting with her and her husband hopefully tonight to try to get them to feel the spirit. We’re gonna watch together forever. So hopefully the spirit will work in the boyfriends heart. I think it will. at least I pray it will. So ya but we had an awesome lesson on friday with a member present. He totally said exactly what she needed to hear. She has a hard time understanding the scriptures so we kinda gave her some hints on that. That was sweet!!

Next I’ll talk about Juan. He has a baptismal date on June second. We just need him to stay clean of the drinking…. So ya no bueno. He was totally planning to go to church yesterday but We called him about an hour before. and he didn’t know where he was… So we were guessing he was drunk.. haha. So that was bad. But it all worked out. We’re hoping to visit him tonight. We really just need to spend more time with him is really what it boils down to!

Before I forget i got the letter from natalie on wednesday.

Okay Yara. So amazing on her progress this week. She has recieved an answer about the book of mormon. She is so ready. Her baptism is this Sunday! We are meeting with her every night this week. So that will be sweet. But we taught her the plan of salvation last night. Two hour lesson but it was SO good. She was asking a question and before she asked it she said something to the effect of “I know I shouldn’t question it but I’m kinda curious what…..” So awesome. She knows its all true and is accepting everything. Ya so I’ll have pictures next week of the baptism. That will be sweet. I just hope I don’t get my visa until after haha.

anways answering questions.. I don’t remember them all but yes I have knocked a ton of doors this week. and last. I knocked some my first day. That was scary but it was in english. He seemed super interested but gave us a phony phone number so must not have been too interested. Its so hard to just strike up a conversation but that’s why God blessed me with two companions haha. I love it! I’m Learning so much. The thing that helped me the most with contacting is something elder Cook said. “don’t try to be elder Slade or Elder Sprouce. Be You when contacting. Contact people how you would contact them not how anybody else does.”So that helped me to know how to do it better.

Anyways the language has improved a lot. I can understand so much more. Its so perfect. I love spanish…. At least the parts I understand. I’ve came a long way in understanding. But as far as speaking I feel like I’m getting worse and worse every day. So Hopefully I get to argentina soon and have to speak it all the time. i think that will help a ton to just have to speak it all the time.

Well I love you all and have an amazing week this week! Know that i’m happy and loveing every second of it. I think we rode about 70 miles on our bikes this week but I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. I love being a missionary!


Elder Dial


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