May 27, 2013 letter

Okay so yes there was a baptism this week. Yara was officially baptized this week by Her Husband. Goodness I loved it! It was perfect. We basically taught her the whole gospel in one week. So that was fun. You can truely tell who is ready for the Gospel and who is not. She totally acepted everything we taught her. and the best part of it all is….. Drum roll please………. We spoke english for all the lessons. Such a blessing. haha. Anyways Ya the baptism was yesterday right after church. So perfect. I loved just watching the change come over her. They had been teaching her before I got here but you can just see such a huge change in a person as they fully embrase the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But anyways at the baptism we had no piano player…. So guess who played… It wasn’t the best I’ve played. But it definetly wasn’t the worst so that was good. While they were changing after the actual baptism we sang a couple songs that i might have had to just play one hand but The Lord Blessed me. That is a fact. I couldn’t have done it alone. I was praying the whole time. Its different because I haven’t played since the MTC. And even then I didn’t play that much. So ya I was a little rusty but it was all Good. I’m so thankful for the talent that God has given me. And for my Wonderful Mother that pushed me to continue through and keep playing!


Hmm Norma. We met with her this week. I met her Noivio (boyfriend for the first time). We watched together forever with them and It really got to him. So hopefully it touched him enough to get married. We’ll see how it goes. I think it went very well. The best part about Norma is she is changing. You can see it in her dress and apearance. Its so wonderful. She really is letting christ in as much as she can without getting married. Its so cool to watch her change even if its little by little.

O my goodness gracious. Coolest story ever. You usually only hear these stories on the news. But I met this lady this week. So we went to visit this less active lady that her husband moved out on her. But she was pregnant with twins. Guys are such jerks. haha. anyways so I guess one day she passed out on the ground. Well she has this daughter thats 2. This daughter grabbed the moms cell phone, it was an i phone so she had to know how to find the actual part to dial the number. Well she got into it and Dialed 911. Totally saved her mothers life. So its good to let your kids play with your phone. and to teach them about the importance of calling 911. Seriously she lost the twins….. But What a faith promoting story to watch her push on. its sad what conditions people work under here. She asked us as we were leaving if we knew somebody with a bed because she was sleeping on the ground so her kids could have the bed. But then when she got out of the hospital she had to have a bed to sleep in so her kids were sleeping on the ground. We got her a bed thank goodness. People are so amazing. I love the Latin people becuase they are so giving and loving to everybody!!

first baptism

first baptism

This week we had a few memeber meals but one I want to talk about. Her name is Hermana Bowers. We went for lunch. and of coarse as missionaries we leave a spiritual thought. Well I bore my testimony in spanish of coarse because thats about all I can do in spanish haha. But I bore my testimony on miracles. and how God has blessed my with the Gift of tounges. (at least thats what I was hoping to bare my testimnoy on…. I don’t know if tahts what I said or not haha Jk) But I looked up and she was crying. Then from what I think I understood of what she said (I don’t know if tahts just what I wanted her to say or if its truely what she said haha) she said it was a miracle that I could speak that much spanish it 8 weeks. Goodness You gotta love the Gift of tounges.

Speaking of the Gift of tounges we had a transfer this week. AAAHHH It was me and elder Stanford. A different one from the MTC but we did leave the MTC the same day. haha. So we have both been out for 3 weeks in the field and were both beginers in spanish in the MTC. So that was a crazy exchange the Lord set up. But I loved it. He said something that really touched me and has changed the way I want to do missionary work. He said “Fake it till you make it” Just act like you know what your saying in spanish and one day you’ll do good at speaking in spanish. Its so true. SO I gotta try and try! Well basically we had some amazing blessings that day. We taught his first baptisms wife named Yuli (julie). We taught on faith and that went amazing! She totally knows its true she just wont be baptized quite yet. haha. But i love it! Then that night we taught another lesson to a couple mexicans on a  pourch. They were totally ready for the gospel. Two of them were totally soaking it up! I loved it. its so cool to watch people soak up the Gospel. But ya we were blessed with the Gift of tounges that day!

IMG_0435 IMG_0434

This week we also had an amazing experience. We had somebody call us. His name was robert. He is a recent convert of a couple months. HE’s 18 and he wanted his mom to hear the gospel while she was in town. We taught her two lessons this week and lets just say she soaked it up. I loved it. She said something that I want to share right quick. She said, It just makes sense. Every other chuch doesn’t make sense. This one just does. So ya that was sweet and so true. It does make sense.

I love pres hall. He’s so awesome. We had a trainers follow up meeting this week. He is so full of knowledge. So much insight for us. He showed us a talk called “preach my gospel missionary” By elder Bednar. I lvoe elder bednar. He said in this talk something that I am giong to do this week. Teasure up the words of eternal life. I am striving for that. The words we have of the gospel are so powerful and will speak right to the hearts of men. I know that and it is helping my faith so much every day!

haha this will make you laugh. I made so many phone calls this week. In spanish. Its so hard but I am definetly strengthened by the Lord! Such a blessing!

Well that was my week.


Charity preceedeth faith. You need to love something before you can have faith in it!

Love always,

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