June 10, 2013


The other one is Norma’s kids with a sweet little trailor hook up haha.


Okay the plate of food we had at the Revous families house yesterday


a picture of this sweet green area we took pictures by!


well we found some hats and had some fun haha. Gotta love it!

Miracles are everywhere!!! I love it! Gods hand is so eveident in our lives if you are truely in tune! This week we had the car! Gotta love the car! We are always able to get so much more done!! Hmm where do I even want to start with this week…. Two people. Well not just two people. One person and then a Family of 3 we found this week. So awesome.

Alicia: Alicia reminds me so much of Grandma Shutte. So much. She is so just loving and wants to change her life. Goodness its crazy. She has one problem. She need to get married. and she knows that she needs to too thats the funny part. we addressed it the first visit and she’s like “I know its a sin.” haha. So she knows she needs to change. But just everything we teach her she just soaks up. She’s loving it so much. She knows this will bless her life. On your mission you have the capability to love people like you never could before. Its so awesome! I can just see her in the font. Being cleaned of her sins. She truely is amazing! She will be baptized. That is if we get her to church. She said she’d come yesterday but then she didn’t show up. haha. But you jsut love it. Its so awesome.

Next is Jane, Lois, and Raynet. Raynet is the son. They are so prepared. They were being taught before by the missionaries before they moved. So now we have came in and let the spirit do its work. They have a pretty awesome story. Raynet is in high school. got Hit by a truck on his bycicle. Was in the icu for like 3 months I think they said. A miricle right there that he’s living. Such a blessing. So they know God is helping them. and now we are going to let God come in and help them so much more….. The only problem is They were going to come to church yesterday but called last min saying that one of their friends were sick. No good haha. Lame excuse but its all good. They will come to want it.

Just like Yessica. Yessica is one of our progressing investigators that has a date for this saturday but isn’t ready. She needs to quit her job. Bu we went over the other day and she just went off about how she felt bad for not going to church. The Godly Sorrow is comming in. Taking its tole on her. So she go work off this week and came. So perfect. Miricles are everywhere. But ya We do need to change her date unless she has had a major change of heart.

O my goodness Norma… She’s so awesome. But Still no marraige. But She came to church yesterday with a member because she doesn’t have a car. Its so sad to see all the people here to don’t have really much of anything. But they are just so happy to be here in the states. even if they might not be legally. haha. But what a blessing we have to live here. anyways on there way to church they got rear ended…. So scary. But ya another miracle she was perfectly fine. along with her two kids. Blessings everywhere!!

Aaaahh Zulay. She isn’t quite as ready as we thought. But she is accepting it all. We had a very spiritual lesson with her. So amazing. She’s just awesome. People are just awesome. But anyways so glad we had the car this week. Crazy winds haha. Would have been fun to ride bikes in but would have been soaked. But ya it was crazy. Kinda like our snow storms but its raining so bad you can’t have the wipers going fast enough to see out of them. haha. It was litterally raining sideways! So crazy! haha. Gotta love Florida!!

Okay now onto the language. Two blessings this week. It was a crazy busy week and not really much time to study the language but one of our lessons with Norma she just started laughing as I was talking. it was very weird. I thought I had said something wrong to start out but then she was like “He is just so much better then he used to be.’ Kinda took away the spirit a little but hey I didn’t mind. Boosted my confidence haha. Then another lesson was yesterday with The Rivous Family. I said something and at the end of the lesson the wife said “you have really gotten good. I couldn’t even detect an accent or anything. haha. I was so glad. I love spanish. Its coming slowly but its been great! I have loved it so much!! Glad I’ve had this chance to come here and learn a little more before I get thrown in the deep end haha. love it!!

Some spiritual thoughts for this week. Goals. Everybody need a goal in there lives. I have got a new goal to have a goal every day to improve on something! I love Goals. I have already inproved so much in just the few days I have done it.

Also at Zone Training meeting Elder Fink said somthing that really just hit me. “Can you Feel it?” Sometimes we just get in the rush of life. Get used to having the spirit. We need to take a step back in our lives and ask ourselves can I feel it? Am I thankful for it? Its something we need to work for and how gratful I am to have it in my life here as a missionary!

Next thought,

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear.

So true. I get so nervous sometimes but I have came to realize I’m out here to share something that is so special. Its nothing to be nervous about because it is such an amazing message that if i have the spirit then they will see how important it truely is! 😀

Sister Cather. is in my district. You should Ask Gary if he knows her. She’s from shelly! 😀

One more thing really quick then pictures.

Christianity tells people to repent and promise them forgiveness; but until people know and feel they need forgiveness, Christianity does not speak to them. Just as when you know you are sick then you’ll listen to the doctor. haha. So simple but so profound. That is what I have seen is a begger part of missionary work out here! haha.

Well I love you all!! Until next week,

Elder Dial!!


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