June 3, 2013

IMG_1598 IMG_1599Goodness I don’t even know where to start. O ya word on my visa… Ya nothing. I got nothing haha. You probably know more than I do! haha. So we set some pretty great goals this week. Its hard to find people here because we need to find people that speak spanish. and Not only speak spanish but also prefer spanish. So its hard to find people. Then to see if they progress after. that’s even harder. So this week we wanted to find 5 new people which is crazy high. the last couple weeks we put like 1 or maybe 2 one week. O yes and this isn’t just finding but also having them accept a return appointment. Technically new investigators. God is so awesome! We found this new Lady named Zulay. She was a referral. She is so ready for the Gospel! Its crazy to see the people that are ready and looking for it and to see the people who are ready for it but don’t know they’re ready for it. We have a few that didn’t know they were looking for it before but we found them. But they have tons of changes to make.

Change is hard. I had a teacher I think it was in the MTC that said, “Change is the hardest part. Once you change it becomes so much easier.” So true. Once you change your ways its so much easier. Thats why your childhood is so important. If you are brought up right then you wont have to change. I am so greatful to have been brought up right. To be raised by two wonderful parents that raised me to be the man I am today! Such a blessing. That’s one thing I realize out here every day! So blessed to be part of a wonderful family! Have wonderful parents.

Okay story of the week. So we decided to bike down to this appointment. 13 miles away. So fun. haha. No I enjoyed it. Just long and hard. but ya the appointment canclled once we got down there. typical huh? Well we decided God wanted us down there for some reason or another. So we start knocking doors and had some success. But them Elder Slade was like There’s a lady in this conplex that we taught that we should follow up on. So we went to just say hi. Invite her to a party we had on saturday. Well as we went to walk away it started to poor down rain. (You’ve never seen rain till you come here just in case you were wondering.) But ya it poored down rain. So we decided hey maybe its a sign lets go teach her. So we taught her. Bomb lesson. So awesome!

So on Wednesday my District leader asked me to give a lesson in district meeting. I love teaching. Especcially in english haha. But ya I have just been really lacking confidence in my teaching. That was perfect. I love teaching. Thats something I love to do out here. My favorite part of the mission for sure. But ya Just gave me my confidence back really. So awesome. Thats something My patriartical blessing says is that the best thing i will do is teach. I believe that. God has blessed me with good teaching skills. Thank goodness. But thank goodness he didn’t bless me to be perfect. Cuz now I get to work on contacting people. Thats probably my biggest struggle. Is contacting people and making them interested in the gospel. I’m too nice. I don’t push it on them enough. My companions are so good at that. So I thank God for allowing me to work on things!!

We had temple service last thursday. Got to work on the weeds outside. That was fun. On the way back we had some fun. So somehow I talked them all into acting like the car was a bird. and we all flapped our arms out the window on the way back. Me Elders Gregory, Deardon, Slade, and Sprouse. haha. Elder Gregory and Deardon had to pick us up cuz we didn’t have a ride. but ya thank you dad for that. It really just made it a fun ride. haha. the things I learned from my dad. haha. Some things good… some things crazy haha. Crazy good! 😀

Hmm Yesterday we confirmed Yara. Such a blessing. She’s so solid. Its to bad I won’t be around when they get sealed. They are totally going to! I love it. I better be careful though. I might still be here. haha. Just kidding. I love it here! I really do!

So we got caught here at the church after church yesterday while we started to wait for it to stop raining. We got talking about What is true success?? Elder Sprouse goes home in two weeks and I feel like he’s having lots of regrets. He’s a lot like riley its pretty funny. He’s like a Riley and Justin mix. But ya he wants to be better. He is pretty awesome. But ya any thoughts?? What is true success??

Anyways gotta go! I love you all! Have an amazing week this week and talk to you next week!

Love always,

Elder Dial!


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