June 17, 2013

No word on my visa but My MTC companion got his visa. And some other visa waiters that came out to florida got theres too. So ya. haha. I have something to do here in Florida. Here it goes! 😀


So we officially Dropped Norma. She wasn’t progessing and getting married so we told her we can’t come by and teach her anymore. So hard to do. But it needed to be done in order for her to progress more!! 


Wow this was a really slow week. It was a bike week and it RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED!!! So much rain which makes it rough with bikes. haha. and with that came a ton of appointments that fell through. But I do have one experience with the rain that was a tender mercy.


Tender mercy right here. So Tuesday we found this family that we wanted to teach. Well anyways saturday we went to stop by and see if we could maybe teach them. No it didn’t work so we just knocked some doors in that neighborhood. Knocked and knocked and knocked. Then it started to poor.well this family saw us hudled under a tree and came and invited us into their garage. Tender mercy. We didn’t get to really teach anything but we did talk with the guy. Super awesome amazing guy. Just also super catholic. haha


OOh another thing is this week we had Zone conference!! My second zone conference ever. They are so awesome. The mission president really does have the keys for the mission. You just always learn so much from them. O ya only my first zone conference on the mission though. THe other one was with dad when we went to the salt lake mission zone conference. Its so awesome to just learn. I think thats why I loved the MTC because it was all learning. But now I get to apply. I love applying too. I get better and better at it every day to which is the best! 


Ya like I said it was really a slow week this week. SO I got the package and the letters. Loved them thank you so much for the letters. I’m gonna try to answer them all right now. 😀



The hardest part of being a missionary is not what i thought it would be. I thought it would be the language but its defintly not. The language is the easiest. The hardest part for me is kinda a mixture of things. But the Biggest thing is talking to people. Relating with people. I would encourage you all to get out of you confort zone. Go talk to people. It will bless your life so much!!

I still have yet to see a crocodile. I’m pretty surprised about that but I have yet to see one.

The key to success in high school. Defintly to have fun. Work hard. But have fun while doing it. Go beyond what you learn in the class. Do your homework. That is your best learning time. But always have fun. Don’t not do something because your afraid to fail. If you want to do something do it.  Work your hardest at it and do it! Just like Riley. He really liked LAX and he’s worked hard and he’s doing it. You wont know until you try so go do it and have fun!



I haven’t been to disney world. But I have seen the entrance to it a few times.  We even went to a gift shop with so much disney stuff. It was awesome!! 



I love it where I’m at right now. But I would love it wherever the Lord would want me to go. I Just love serving the Lord! Its the best!!!


Well that was about it!! 


I love you all! I’m loving the mission! Go and do don’t sit and stew!


Go and do his work! Smile!! Remember the atonement is a happy thing!! Be glad you get to repent! Its such a blessing! Repentance is change. So if your not Changing then your not repenting! Repenting is a crucial part of life! Always remember that! If we aren’t changing we aren’t becoming closer to Christ! We need to be closer to Christ every day! So Find something to work on every day that will bring you closer!! 😀


Love always!,

Elder Dial



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