June 24, 2013

So two new companions. I hadn’t met them before when I wrote the letter. But I do now! Goodness and I love them! They are so awesome! God knows what he’s doing.

Elder Meza. He is From california but his parents are for Guatamala. He’s so awesome. He knew spanish before his mission so he is a killer spanish speaker. So good with it all. So good at just relating with the people so that is awesome. He is such a good missionary. He has two transfers left in the mission. So 11 more weeks for him.

Then Theres Elder Olsen. Elder Olsen is from Canada. He’s pretty awesome. Canadians are just awesome :D. He has 5 weeks left. haha. Pretty funny. We got talking about what their relationship is to me. Because usually your trainer is your Dad. But I’m not going through the training process. haha. So elder Sprouse and Elder Slade were my Premortal Parents. Then elder olsen and elder Meza are my God Fathers haha. Pretty funny.

anyways they are awesome. Well lets just say the Lord knows exactly what he is doing. We are all so good for each other. Our teaching styles really mix and work great with each other! Its so amazing! and the best part about having to run the area is it has helped my confidence level so much! I was really worried at first but the with a lot of praying and faith it has been probably the best week of my mission thus far!  I love it! I just have so much more confidence in the language, in what i’m doing. Really just in everything! I feel like with Elder Sprouse and Elder Slade I knew that they knew my weaknesses and I let it effect how I worked. So when I got my two new companions I was able to start with a new slate. Just go out and really be myself. That was the biggest blessing. I love it! It has helped me so much! The best part is that Elder Olsen and Elder Meza my new companions are all about working with the members. That is what they like to do. and Elder Sprouse and Elder Slade didn’t really work with them too much. So I’m so excited for that. Especcially after the meeting last night! AAAAHHHH So awesome!

“The members should be filling our planners enough so that we don’t have time to go knock doors.” That is so true. in the MTC we were taught to teach to conversion and we can’t do that without the help of the Ward. So ya pretty awesome.

So we have  official progessing investigators that I will get you on the end of your seat reading as dad would say haha.

Rute!!!! She is so awesome! We taught the sabath day Holy and she works sundays. So we just kinda said hey its a commandment and there is a way that God will provide a way. So She said okay I’ll look for a new job. So thats what she’s been doing. And last time we went by she was like “Ya I really just feel like my time is up with this phase of my life. That at work I just feel like its time to move on and get something new. The sad part is is she is from Columbia. In Columbia she is a dentist and a brain surgen. She came here for her kids to have a better opportunity at life. The sad part is she is cleaning hotel rooms for a living. Be greatful that we live here in America. Such a blessing!! But ya Rute Is awesome. We even have a date for her which is the 28 if July. Thats hard cuz I’m pretty sure I won’t be here. But Either way she will be making the right decision I know that! She will be coming to Jesus Christ and that is what is important! 😀

The Zulay. What an awsome Lady also. We went over and she had read 8 chapters. and we went back to kind of explain it a little and she said the story faster than we could. She loved it. and she felt it to be true. So that was totally awesome. Her date is for the 14 of July. So awesome. She just needs to make it to church the next two weeks. So we’ll see how that goes.  😀

Then Yessica and Juan. Juan is the one that drinks and had a date. But relapsed and then we never followed up. That was hard because I really wanted to follow up but my companions were against it. But My new companions are ready to do it! Ready to tackle the drinking! Awe ya! and Yessica. I think if we get Juan we can get Yessica. So we’re really working with Juan so that Yessica will want to be baptized from his example. It will be awesome! So many great thing happening here is the Lords work.

Two more stories. So saturday night we get the text from this guy in our ward that works at the temple as security. He said there was a guy that came by looking for more light in his life. That he kinda explained a little about what the church was. and this Guy “Thomas Diaz” Came yesterday! Such a blessing! We’re going to teach him tomorrow! IT will be great!! 😀

Then the next story. We’re sitting in preistood yesterday and one of the guys in our ward taps us on the back and says theres a couple out the foyer that wants to know more haha. Such a blessing! They spoke spanish which was even better. So we had a church tour and showed them the building. We’re hopping to teach them tomorrow too! It will be sweet! The Lord is preparing people every day! Such a blessing! He’s preparing the The missionaries every day too! Use the missionaries! Apply what you learned last night at the meeting! It will bless your life forevery.

“The Real measure of your conversion is your desire to share the gospel.” Share it! Its not just enough to live it and be an example any more! You gotta share it! 😀

O yes my old compaions. Elder Sprouse went home to wisconson. and Elder slade transfered areas. But he is my district leader now. :D.

Well know that i am good. That the work is good! That I’m alive and well.

Thank you for your prayers,

Elder Dial!


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