July 1, 2013

This week has been a good one. An interesting one for sure. But all in all a good one. The work is progressing very nicely. haha. After the training last week we tried to put a very big part of our work getting members to go with us. Its so hard. The people here work so hard to do all the things they need to do. and since most of them are new to the area they are working the jobs that do odd hours so its hard. What they did to a different stake here is they dissolved it and so there wasn’t a spanish ward anymore. I bet thats what they do to this ward pretty soon too. But it will be for the better. It really would. 😀


anyways got a couple stories this week. It was a bike week but luckly we only got drenched once this week haha. But thats later on in the week. So theres this lady named Dennis. She’s a sweet memeber. She signed up for a lunch for us to come over. So we’re on our way there on bikes and right outside of her house we are contacting this Argentinian Lady. So sweet. I loved that for sure. haha. But anyways we’re contacting her and all the sudden Dennis comes out and invites her to come in and eat with her. So we’re all on our way in and we get in the house and she has two more non members in there haha. It was a picture perfect lesson. Just from the training and everything. We didn’t even know about it but she had it all planned out.  It was so sweet. A dream come true haha. So the two that she had there weren’t really interested but we did set it up to do that ever tuesday where we come over and teach and then have food after. Its so perfect. and the argininian lady set it all up. Said she’s gonna bring the food tomorrow. Its gonna be great hehe.


Okay next story. We go and try to find this family that we’ve never met. We knock on the door and this guy answers the door. In a tank top and everything. I seriously thought we had the wrong hous and all of the sudden he’s like “O the missionaries. I served a mission myself. I know I dont’ look like it right now but I did serve a mission.” He went on to tell us about his mission in hungry and how after he got back he met a girl and just went down hill from there haha. But how she just left him and how he’s been working witht the bishop to get his recomend back. He actually is moving to Ogden with his family for school. He’s such an awesome guy. We started to share a little lesson with him. and after the first prayer he started crying. He taught us. He’s like “you guys just have such a strong spirit. Its been so long since ive felt that. Its like the MTC spirit. Its just so strong. Its amazing how you guys know just were to go at just the right time. I was just laying here thinking about how crappy my life is and then you show up. Thats just what you get to do as a missionary. you just show up everywhere at the right time.” It really just made me think about the power we all have. We all have the Holy Ghost with us. Let us use it every day to bless the lives of others.


Now to the stories of the investigators. Dad favorite part haha.


Rute: So ready to get baptized. She will get baptized the 28th of this month weather she has a new job or not. She’s ready to quit if thats what she has to do. Its so amazing her example of faith. But better yet she has all of her friends looking for a job with her. She’s so awesome! We taught her the law of the fast and told her to fast about it. She’s so ready to be dunked haha. I love it! But ya She’s just awesome. 😀


Juan: Juan is clean of drinking for I think 2 weeks now. So ready to be baptized. He’s just so much more happier. I love seeing the change. We have all decided that he just wants to preach the gospel. That He wants to be a preacher haha. He tries so hard. He doesn’t have a ton of schooling. Isn’t the spartest one in the bunch but that doesn’t matter. He’s doing his best. Reading everything we give him. He’s so awesome. He makes us laugh but hes awesome. we went over last night and he pulled out this notebook of notes he had taken. He’s taking notes. It wasn’t the best but it just makes me happy to know how hard he is truely trying. He loves the gospel and Its amazing the watch the change come over people! Even his cousin when we went by yesterday was like “Thanks for really working with him.’ She’s not a memeber. She’s actually an eternigator also but its all good. She is seeing the change in his life and thats whats important! He is gonna be the example for the rest of the people in that house and its gonna be awesome!


Zulay: She came to church! Such a blessing. I feel like she loved it. But she did leave an hour early. But its all good. We dicided she needs to grow more converted to chrisianity before she can be converted to the gospel. ITs like she doesn’t have a firm enough blief in God yet. So she will take a bit of time but she is humble and it will come. She’s so awesome.  😀


Hmm the bikes were good. I love riding bikes. The only thing i don’t like is the seat. but its all good. haha. Its all part of the Lords Work. i got a letter from a girl in my district at the mtc and she said that she was put in an english area for the frist part of her mission. How grateful I am that I got to work with spanish here before leaving. That would have been rough.


O goodness how could I forget. So we had temple service this week. The assistants came this time. and we got talking to them and the reason they put two people that are going home really soon with me is because they are gonna put sisters in this area next transfer. bringing in spanish sisters to baptize the ward awe ya haha. So that was pretty funny. But ya They’re hopping i get my visa this transfer or it might be a little tough finding a new area for me. and And hey its all of God so I’m guessing the visa will come through this transfer. 😀 Its like the second comming almost. haha. I know its comming but I don’t know when haha. So i’m doing me best every day to be the best missionary i can be here. Preparing every day to be the best I can be. Thats the best way to describe it. YOu want the second coming to come but you don’t at the same time haha. Ya perfect description right there haha. But ya life it great! I love it.


Oooooh another thought. Read President Packers talk from last conference. So good. I love his poem. You can learn so much from him. Such a great guy. Its so good to just learn from people with that much wisdom. Wisdom in God. Its the best! I invite you all do read that! Tell me how that goes. What you learn from it pretty please! That always makes me happy to know what others learn! 😀

Anyways till next week my beloved Family!,

The one and only,

Elder Talon Dial 😀Image


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