July 8, 2013

Where to start where to start. I don’t even know where to start. The mission is just going way to fast!! AAHH!  We had the car this week so that was sweet. O ya did i mention I got a new mission president? President Berry. So sweet. Haven’t met him yet though. But at this rate I’m gonna have 4 mission Presidents! Pretty awesome huh?? haha.


This week was the 4th of july week. I’ve decided that holliday weeks are probably always going to be slow. But its also great at the same time. So many miricles. Awe ya! Hmm But along with the holiday came a sad time for Juan…. He’s been out drinking for as far as we know for the last bit. We haven’t been able to get ahold of him. Rough rough. But its all good. But once we get ahold of him and teach him again he’ll want to continue on the path. Everybody has their time of down. But the atonement is there to bring them back up! Awe ya ha


Rute…. She hasn’t been reading much but I think it’ll all be good. She’ll get it done. She keeps going back to the same thing about her doubts and we told her that if she reads the scriptures then her questions will be answered. which is true. THey need to keep the commitments in order for them to recieve answers. so true. Always read your scriptures!! Such a blessing for your life. Even if its only a little bit. 

So miracle of the week happened yesterday. We have been trying to follow up with for a long time now. Well we finally followed up on it got her home. Family of 4 and all of them want to be baptized. And one of them Minerba totally set her own date. She had been taking lessons from other missionaries before she moved here and right before her baptism she had a stroke. So she went off the missionaries radar. and now she’s here and she is like I have to go to church twice before I can be baptized right? so 3 weeks and she’s getting baptized! Awe ya!! 😀

This week we’ve been seeing a lot of less actives. so rough. But we had dinner with this one lady. So sad her situation. She would totally go to chuch but she doesn’t have a car. and her husband left her a while ago. Just sad. We are so blessing to live in a place like we do. 

Anyways ready for dad to be jealous???????? You think the hill by the temple is good. Try on the temple!! awe ya we watched the fireworks on the temple. and here its so flat so we got to see disneys fireworks and universals and the cities fireworks. So sweet. I loved it!! It was more cool to jsut be on the roof of the temple though!! Took A ton of pictures!! You’ll love them. 

One more thing. Argentina is going to be the death of me…… I ate so much meet this week. I can eat meat like nothing else….. I put on 10 pounds this last week. But I’m  sure I’ll loose a lot on the bikes this week. But ya it was crazy bad… I just kept eating. SO much food and so good. My pants are even getting a little tight. its bad haha. O well I’ll be sure to work out more! 

Well that was my week. Pretty great week. Full of miracles. Love you all!!! 

Love elder Dial





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