July 15, 2013

Hmm bike weeks are always a little bit more rough than car weeks. But they are all good. You just push through and love them all. We ended up riding 26 miles on Wednesday. Thats always fun. But halve way through we stopped at an ice cream place called Twisty Treat and got some ice cream haha. Always a pleasant stop haha. But ya bikes always tend to slow down the work a little bit. But I love riding bikes. It just takes longer to get places haha. 


So I’ve told you all about the Member Dennis… Well she did her work again this week. She set up a Family Home evening for us with Norma. Do you remember Norma? Well her Boyfriend was able to be there and we taught a lesson on faith. So good. They both understand very well. Both ready for the gospel right once they get enough time. Because he works so many hours. So ya thats rough but they are awesome. 

Then Dennis pulled through again on Tuesday for our lunch. But first we met pres. Berry. What a great guy. He is definetly different Than president Hall but Its what the mission needs. Not that pres. Hall isn’t. Its just like with everything in life. Everything has a phase and now its the phase for Pres. Berry. So ya that will be awesome! He will do some miracles. Then we went to Dennis after that. and we didn’t have our bikes but the Elders we rode with just dropped us off at her house because we were running late. But ya Dennis pulled through with two new people that wanted to listen. So great. One was really really interested. Then not even that but on sunday she brought two friends too. So great haha. What a great missionary. After Lunch at Dennis though we walked home. Walking is so different. I would much rather ride bikes than walk. But lucky for me in argentina I get to walk haha. That will be good though. I’m excited haha. We got a new couple in our mission. I DOn’t know if I told you this or not. But they are part of our ward. They are the Neilsons. They are awesome. We went over and had dinner with them. That was great. They were waiting for 8 months for their visa and never got it so they were permanently reasigned to this mission. So that was good to be able to relate with them! 😀

Thursday we had temple service. I got to mow some lawns… Kinda. Just everywhere the ride mowers couldn’t get. It was a push mower. I loved it. Its so much fun to just work. I love working. haha. I’m weird. But ya it was good to just make a difference. and do somthing besides pulling weeds :D. We also went over to the Perez again. Such an awesome family. they would do anything for us. But they got offended so they don’t go to church. They are moving to sandy soon. They’re hoping to get a fresh start there! haha. So that will be good.

Saturday we had some good stuff too. Futbol! awe ya. That was good. Then We had a dinner with a member of the bishoprick. So sad where they live… They seem like they do pretty good for themselves. Inside their house it was super nice. But the apartment area around it… I wouldn’t leave my family there if I had one. So scary. So that was interesting. Its amazing what people do to live here. What people Sacrifice….


Ruth (Rute… But we found out that her real name is Ruth…. haha.) Well we went over there and she was having problems with why we didn’t worship and pray the the virgin Merry. That that was rough. She was so ready for baptism but something changed.. Its hard to say what but it changed. I think she will be baptized eventually be right now she’s just not ready. Its amazing what reading and not reading really does to your testimony.


Juan…. So amazing!! We met with him finally. He didn’t drink… haha. He was just gone fishing with his friend all weekend and he didn’t drink. His friend offered him some and he said no… So awesome. He’s a stud. But He didn’t come to church yesterday. That was a little rough. But we’ll get him there! He’s ready for it!


Hmm Minurba…. Kinda rough. She’s been moving all week. Well not her but some family that lives with her moved. So ya. We couldn’t quite get by to see her. But she wants it. So hopefully this week!  


Well the work is progressing and I’m loving it! Its a little slow but its good. The mission in all is such a blessing. Such a good Mountain to climb. To get to see the next one. I’m so blessed to have the ability to climb higher every day. Thank you for your letters and your words of encouragement!


Push on and do your best! 


That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not that the nature of the thing is changed, but our power to do it is increased!

~Heber J Grant.


Don’t forget to smile So people will wonder what you have been up to ;D haha. (thanks for that one mom. Helped my day a ton! hehe)


From your Smiling favorite elder,

Elder DialImageImage



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