July 22, 2013


O ya with a new mission president theres a new website if you want to check it out. floridaorlandomission.com. Pretty simple haha. 

O goodness I met my first Nicaraguan this week. So crazy. haha. I was so happy to meet her and now i can tell Justin that I met a Nicaraguan lady. She was a little quiet. Remember Hermana Cabrerra and how she has lunches every Tuesday. Well ya she had the Lady there so that was pretty sweet. 😀

O goodness and another Miracle. Dennis Cabrerra is just awesome. So last sunday she brought some of her friends to church with her. It was a couple. Well we had this lady sign up for dinner on tuesday that we didn’t know who it was. But anyways we called her set it up. At the last min she asked if we could eat over at Dennis’. So we went over there and it was the lady she brought to chuch. Totally solid. She’ll get baptized. Just not by us. haha. But still it was so sweet!!! 

O my goodness I forgot the biggest miracle of the week….. AAAAAAAHHHH…. So Yara. My baptism… Well her husband Pedro. Less active that came back. Well he got permission to baptize his kids. So Chance who is 12 and his daughter… Don’t remember her name but She’s 8. But we’re going to go teach them and get them ready. They’ll be baptized the 4 of augest so if I do get my visa this next week which is very possible then I won’t be here. But it will still be amazing! Such a miracle!!!!! 😀 Gotta love those miracles!!! 😀

O ya so we went over to this other less active member. Ingred Sandova From honduras. But she made us some super good food. Yum Yum. haha gotta love food. I’m sure loving it haha. maybe a little too much but o well haha. But anyways she refered us to her neighbor. His name is Cesar. Totally solid too. He’s 19. He told Ingred that he wants to be a missionary. I feel like that’s what most teens want when we meet them. Which is awesome! A mission would absolutely solidify their testimony! but ya he’s super sweet. 

O Ya we sold Elder Olsens bike this week. He’s going home on the 31st. So weird. Time is just flying. But ya he’s kinda freaking out. I would be scared too if I was going home. The mission is just awesome. He’s such a good missionary too. I’ve been blessed to be his companion. and Elder Meza is just laughing but he’s feeling the same. He’s only got 6 more weeks than elder Olsen.

Hmm then you got Juan……. Turns out he Lied to us and he did drink like 3 or 4 times. Kinda rough. but it was good because then you get to teach the atonement and keep pushing him on. We went by the other day and he wasn’t there but his son and his daughter in law were. Yessica and Marvin. We taught them and it was great. Marvin has the humility of Juan. Like father like son. But ya through Marvin we feel that Juan and everybody will come around and be baptized. It will be great! Just amazing!!! 😀

Hmm Just know I”m doing great. I’m truly loving the mission. Sounds like everything is going great at home. Love you all!! 😀


Elder Dial


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