August 19,2013


Well this week was pretty great. We did some really super good bonding with the ward. It was sweet!! awe ya. haha. Saturday we had a Picnic. It started at 8 with some soccer. So much fun. I just love soccer. We played soccer for about 2 hours and then about an hour later since everybody is running on spanish time people started showing up haha. So we had a picnic. Then we had more people that wanted to play some more soccer so we played soccer. It was great. super fun. Then we had some birthday cake for a lady in our ward. Then the bishoprick decided that it was too hot outside. Because it was haha. So we went and played indoor soccer in the gym of the church. So much better. You can acutally breath when you run. So that was super fun. We had 3 investivators come. Norma, and Aldo and Arline. They all really got some good fellowship. It was the best. Its always good to just interact with the ward and become more unified as a whole. The bishoprick is just so funny too. They’re perfect for the ward and what they need at this time.

O my goodness on Friday there was another lady in our ward that had a birthday. It was actually the 1st councelor in the bishopricks wife. So we went over there for that and basically was a ward party. we really had some good bonding time there. The best part of the party was that they had a less active member from Argentina that I had never met before. So sweet. I got to sit down and talk to her. I fell in love with her accent. Just the way they talk. I’m gonna love Argentina when I get there. haha. So sweet. They are great. Super nice too. It will be great!!!

Hmm we also got Aldo and Arline to go on a temple tour with us. Which is just a guy that talks about why we have temples and everything. It was so good. They loved it. Luckly they are already married so once they bet baptized they only have to wait a year. They are super solid. They’re just great :D. It was funny. After they were taking pictures and they loved the flowers. They just kept taking pictures with them by the flowers. They are super awesome. Can’t wait to get them a little wet haha.

Norma And Ishmiel. THey are great too. Man how come everybody is so great haha. I just love them. We got to go over on thursday and they made us some food. He works a million hours a day at this resturant. He brought us some food from there. It was super good. We taught them the Plan of Salvations. It was sweet. They loved it. I don’t think Ishmiel had been taught it before because he totally soaked it up. Loved every second of it. So great.

If we stay on top of all of our gators we should be able to see 2 or 3. Maybe 4 Baptisms here by the end of the transfer. THat will be sweet. The Lord Is good. I just Didn’t know he was that good. We’re hoping to get Norma and Ismiel married next week. But we’ll see.

Haha so theres this guy in our ward that makes pinatas. Super good too. So we asked him if he could make one of our new president, president Berry to take to mission conference this wednesday. It will be sweet haha. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures. 😀

Well life is great. Well as good as you make it muhahaha. So laugh. Smile. Have fun. 😀

Love you all,
Con amor,
Elder Dial






July 29, 2013


So its been another transfer. I really thought I’d be going this week but i’m staying. Probably for another transfer or 6 weeks. That will be super fun. haha. The best part is that this transfer I got one new companion. Technically two. Okay interesting thing about my area is that we cover the whole stake. Basically. There is a spanish ward.. and a spanish branch. We are the ward. It used to be split in halve. But this transfer they are making it one big area. They are putting elder Slade my first companion here with me and another Elder named elder Baugh. That will be sweet. Elder Olsen says that Elder Baugh is one of his favorite companions that he’s had. So That will be awesome. and it will be good because we will have the chance to work with the whole ward. Before we could only work with halve the ward. It will be so good. I’m excited for it.


So its been a good week and a bad week. Remember Norma and Ishmiel. Well He wants to get married and baptized. and We’ll get him there. He’s so awesome. It will just be great to see them progress eventually. I think they are the reason the Lord has put me here. haha. But it will be good. They are both just awesome. He works a ton but he’s ready to change this time. Its gonna be great!! 


Then you got Minerva. She’s progressing. She is super smart. Sometimes we wonder because of her stroke if she has lost some of her memory but she hasn’t. She’s super smart. Shes progressing and had a date for the 11th of Augest but she didn’t come to church this Sunday because she has a Down Syndrom Kid and he didn’t want to go… So that was a little rough. But she’s super patient and she’ll get there.  But ya she’s awesome. She calls us “Utah” “Canada” and “Guatamala” haha. She’s just a funny lady. Reminds me a lot of Grandma Shutte also.


So we have taught lots of lessons with Chance Acosta. But its kinda rough. Friday we were talking to Hermano Acosta and his X wife took back her aproval to baptize the kids. She sounds like she’s just a crazy lady. But ya that was super rough. But we were getting ready to leave one time and one of the girls were playing on netfix on the Ipad. Guess whats on netfix that I saw. “Daniel Tigers Neighborhood”. Haha I sang the whole song for them. Its amazing how well I remembered it. Gotta love it. I was laughing about that all day. So were my companions but I didn’t care. haha. I love it. Lacey Is just awesome haha.


Okay heres the spiritual experience for the week. Friday….. Friday we went through the temple. Elder Olsen had a family of 6 that he baptized go through the temple and get sealed. I am so lucky. The family was awesome. and I wasn’t even supose to get to go to the temple while I was here. The temple just has a spirit about it that is just great. So many blessings inside there. Elder Olsen got to be a Whitness at the sealing. Goodness. So spiritual. That is why we do missionary work is to bless the lives of others. Just to see how happy they are. Such a blessing. I’m so lucky to be a missionary! 😀 SO lucky!!!


Well that was my week in an email. haha. Hope you liked it!



Elder Dial


August 6, 2013


Okay due to recent confusion in my last letter haha, I’m going to have to write some more details about transfers. So I got two new companions. Our ward covers the whole stake so it used to be two areas but now it just happens to be one. So I personally stayed in my apartment and got two new companions. Kinda….. haha. I got one new one and Elder Slade came back to my side. He was on the other side for a transfer but now we have him back. But anyways send the mail to the mission office and it will get to me. 😀 I got the letter from you mom. Thanks a ton!


Okay my two new companions. I’ll start with Elder Slade. He’s super cool. From Arizona. He’s the district leader. He really tries his hardest at everything. Its great. Just gotta love him. He wresled in high school. hes super cool. He was my first companion so I’m super excited to have him back.


Elder Baugh. he is from California. Super chill. Before his mission he was a professional magician. Kinda… haha. He did like company parties and birthday partys where he would walk around and do card tricks for people. Hes so cool. He’s trying to teach me some things that look pretty sweet with cards. So maybe i can still do them when I get home. haha. Probably not haha. But we’ll see. Hes super cool. Really good with people. Its Just such a blessing.


Hmm now onto the week. Super sweet week. We got these two new gators. They were a member referal from a guy. His Niece and her husband just moved here 10 days ago today. haha. We taught them twice last week. Their names are Aldo and Arline. Aldo came and played soccer with us. then they both came to church on sunday. We had 5 gators and chuch. It was so awesome. haha. But ya they will get baptized here. We’re going to set a date with them tomorrow. 😀 O goodness and Arline….. She had a dream of the tree of life. It was so crazy as she explained it to us. haha. So crazy. Only to Hispanics does that happen. 😀


O goodness. Norma and Ishmiel. So awesome. So Norma signed up for a dinner with us on our meal calendar. So sweet. We went over there and Ishmiel got work off enough to come eat with us. That was such a big step because before he wouldn’t even ask for work off. He ususally just has mondays off. But he got a couple hours off to come eat with us. Hes so solid. We’re hoping to go over with a memeber of the bishoprick this week to make plans for a marraige?? I think yes haha. That would be so awesome!!!!!!


So we had this miracle lesson with Zulay. She is so amazing. We haven’t been able to see her for like 3 weeks. But we showed up randomly and she answered and let us in. We taught her the inportance of going to chuch and guess what. She came to church the next day. But thats not the best. We all knew she’d be baptized. She just wanted to know more. Well she has a gospel Principles book. She read 80 pages of it by herself. She’s a learning machine. We answered a couple of her questions that day then the best part. We invited her to Baptism on September 3rd. She said yes. That is the first time that She has accpeted a baptismal invite.  It was such a miracle. She’s so amazing. This transfer will be awesome. 😀


So ya basically an amazing week. haha. 


Until next week,

Elder Dial