September 23, 2013

hahaha Heard about that one yesterday. Dad’s story was definitely better than the family that lives here told me. I got told the receiver was pushed out of bounds by the Defender then pulled back in then was on top of the receiver when it hit his shoulder haha. So Dads story was better haha. Ya we went over to this members house from Orem.  They have been living here for about a year. I walked into their house and we thought my room was decorated… Man there whole house was BYU stuff haha. It really made me laugh. They had a picture of Lavell Edwards Stadium above their TV. It was funny to listen to them talk about it. They were up till 2 watching it because of the two hour difference. So that was something I thought to be funny. Just like conference. Conference will be two hours later also. So priesthood session wont get over till 10 haha. So much fun. I can’t wait.


So This area is actually quite fun. The being able to drive makes a big difference. Super nice. Nice to get a break from the bikes for sure haha. But ya I miss driving. I never realized how much I truly did till I got to drive again.


But anyways this week was ton of finding. We really got to know the members last week. So this week we knocked a ton of doors. It was fun though. I love it. haha. I used to really hate it but our mission president gave us the challenge to really study that every day. To study on how to find every day and the Lord has blessed me. Blessed me to be able to really enjoy it. Its great. But the best way to do it is through the members for sure.


I absolutely love my new companion. He is just great. I learn so much from him. Its really fun because we get to teach in English and Spanish. And we’ve both been out the same amount of time so its fun when we teach in Spanish. We aren’t amazing but it helps us to teach simply. haha. Sometimes its hard to teach simply but if you can only speak in simple terms you can teach pretty simply which is what we can do in Spanish. Its great. Its good to because we Both really have a desire to be better. To learn more together and where we’ve been out the same amount of time we are about on the same page of work. ITs great. O goodness then the Moon. We were driving home and the moon was so big. We tried getting pictures but they really didn’t turn out well. But o well. I found out that my shutter speed could be really slow so I got a good picture of my companion.


Hmm so miracle of the week. So good. We have been working a lot with less actives. We had one that was going to a different ward because of something that happened. but we got him to come to church yesterday. He’s so great. He’s just a great guy.  So that was cool.


So God truly know’s what you need as a human being. We did a ton of work this week. And O how we wanted to see miracles on Saturday. But we didn’t. all of our appointments fell through. It was pretty rough. But the Lord really taught us patience. So at the end of the day we looked back and were pretty bumbed about the day not going to lie. But we were able to take a second look and see how much the Lord truly had blessed us with. Its amazing how you can either find the good or the bad depends on what you want. We had so many amazing people that God blessed us with. “What a Blessing”!!!!! haha.


So we finally set a baptismal date. So sweet. She is our only investigator right now. She is a 9 year old little girl. She is so smart. So smart. Her and her brother are so smart. But ya so we are blessed to be able to teach them. We had it set for the 5th of October. But we realized that we had general conference. So we had to move it. She’s awesome and her mom is a recent convert. So sweet.


O my so in church yesterday our branch president President Quispe From Peru told a story about a family. Such an amazing family. It really sounded familiar. It was the Lady my and my companions baptized in our last area. haha. Yara Acosta. Her husband was less active for years but with the love of a Family that continually went to church He came back. Its a really cool story I’ll have to share it all with you sometime. But ya. Its so cool to hear their story everywhere I go. I just love it. I get to think about how the Lord Blesses us wherever we go. I was just lucky enough to be the visa waiter that came at the right time to receive the honor to get to know that family. Goodness I’m so lucky.


Hmm well that’s about it. I love you all. Thanks for your love and support.

Until next week,

Elder Dial


Sept 16, 2013

Super hot day on Saturday and the best part is we got to ride all the ways to the bottom of the mission. haha. So cool to say. The bottom of our Area is the bottom of our mission. Such a blessing haha. We’re not sure how many miles it is for sure but I just got approved to drive today So I should know by next week haha. I love this new area. It is a lot smaller and the people here are a lot nicer. In Orlando we really didn’t get to contact many people super good. Here we get to contact people like crazy and they make time to talk to us. Its so great. My companion is awesome too. He really wants to work which is great. I really have come to love him. Elder Curtis is his name. He was born in Pocetello and the moved to Boise later in his life. you got us two Idaho boys here really just working our tails off haha. He’s great. We actually got to White wash this area this week. So that was pretty fun. What they are hoping for is that we get our visas this transfer and they are going to white wash this area and put sisters here because there are more sisters in the mission than they know what to do with haha. I’m pretty sure they are trying to get 2 sets of missionaries for every ward. One set of Elders and one set of sisters. The Branch is English with Translation. What they did about a halve a year ago in this stake is they dissolved all the Spanish wards. So there are only English wards but every one has translation. So its just as good as Spanish ward. Most of the Spanish people speak English too. its a nicer area down here so the people are a lot more inviting and don’t really live in the slums.


Hmm but ya my new companion is just great. We get along so well. He is definetly a blessing. He really wants to work and really wants to do his best. He asks me so many times a day, “Elder what could I have done better there?” He really wants to be better. Its really and example for me. I have really learned a lot from him already. There is always something that we can improve on and through the help of others and God we can know what that is. Such a great guy. We are going to do some great things this transfer.


So we went over to this families house yesterday. They are from Samoa. He has family that lives in Daybreak. Do Riley or Colten Know a Jarves Brown, or a Ellema Brown. I might have butchered the spelling haha. They are members. It was really cool. Just great blessings coming every day. There are a ton of poeppl that we get to work with. I love it.


Well I’m running short on time. Crazy. Got lots of emails today haha. But yes I really truly do love this area. Its such blessing. 😀 Can’t wait to tell you more next week.

I love you all.


Okay I have time for one more thing. This week I have received some letters that have really made me be greatful for you all. haha. YOu guys have been praying for me to receive my visa which is funny. Cuz I’m not. Not that I don’t want to go just got so many other things to pray for. But ya just thank you for your prayers. It means a lot. But don’t worry about my visa. Its in the Lords hands and he knows whats best. Such a blessing. God knows us so well that he gives us things to grow. 😀 But anyways thanks a ton.



Elder Dial


September 9, 2013

What a blessing. I love Florida. I get to Be here for some more time. Its so great. I am being transfered though. You guys definetly know more that I do about transfers. I just know what I get in my revelation time. And God really doesn’t want to tell me much. I made a comparison with a ward member this week. Waiting for a visa is like the Second Coming. Nobody knows when its coming through except for God and God only haha. Its was pretty funny. But ya its awesome I am getting transfered. I’m going with Elder Curtis from Boise Idaho. Hes is actually a visa waiter too. Its so great. We’re both going to Cordoba… Maybe. haha. But ya we flew out together. I’m excited. The biggest thing I wanted was to get out of a trio. So its good it will just be me and him. We’re going to an area called Poinsiana. (probably butchered the spelling but next week I’ll be able to spell it). It will be great. It sounds like we go to church in a school. Awe ya. Its at the very bottom of our mission. Its a Branch. Awe ya :D.

Hmm ya so thats how that is. Well Aldo and Arline had a super good lesson with them. It was a family home evening where we talked about not procrastinating. So we then invited them to baptism the 15th. They said yes but it sounds like that isn’t quite going to work. We found out something about Aldo that is going to allow us to love him so much more to get him baptized. Such a blessing. They are awesome. But I’m getting transfered now. So it will be great for Elder Baugh who is staying.

Then Victor and Haydee. They are awesome. We had a lesson with them this week. Super good lesson. Victor love the manuel Principles of the Gospel. haha. In church he even said a prayer thanking God for it. It was great. But we need to get him reading the Book of Mormon more. But ya they know they need to be baptized and know its Gods church on the earth. So their Date is super solid. They will get Baptized for sure.

Hmm Norma and Ismiel. I got a picture with them thank goodness. They are awesome. She is just waiting for her passport to come through… Sounds familiar haha. But ya once it comes though they will be married and then Baptism the next week for her. She is so ready. :D.

Hmm Quote of the week!!! 😀 Its out of the ensign for the month.
“we Should focus on effort and progress rather than complete success. Confidence is not the certainty of success but rather the conclusion that failure does not determine our worth. We loose nothing by trying.”

So true that is. Confidence is an interesting thing. Some Days I feel like I have a ton of it and other days I feel like I have non. But either way I love it. Different trials every day. 😀 I love them because through them I get to be stronger 😀

Well anyways I love you all. Thanks for everything!

Love always,
Elder Dial







August 26, 2013

Man what a great week. I love being a missionary. Just watching people change their lives as they come closer to Jesus Christ. 


Crazy thought of the day…… Aldo and Arline are um….. 19 and 22 haha. And She is embarasado….. she’s pregnant. O fun fun fun. The life of a family. Its really slowed down the work though too. We went over once. We’re hoping to get them baptized in two weeks. But we’ll see. We got to see them once. But she’s been super sick so we haven’t been able to see them much. We got to give her a blessing though. Well at least help give her a blessing. Her uncle gave it. What a great guy. But the first day we went over there this week she was throwing up in bathroom for a good 5 min. I felt to bad for her. But its amazing how God blesses people. To see the change in both of them as they have been reading their scriptures and everything. They are both awesome people. God Is great.


Hmm Norma and Ishmiel. Ishmiel got work off yesterday for the first time. He came to church. So great. He loved it. They are just great. We have our ward mission leader going to take them to get their marriage licence hopefully today. How sweet would that be. Then He has like 2 hours off on thursday that we’re hoping to do the wedding then. THat would be sweet. Then we could get the baptized next saturday. How sweet would be?? Right before I leave. 


Then we had a sweet lesson with Victor and Haydee. They are so awesome. They have been reading every day which is the biggest step. They came to church yesterday and loved it. Which it isn’t much of a surprise because we do have the true church. haha. So its great haha. Its amazing how amazing our ward truly is. How good they are at at missionary work. How much better they have gotten since I’ve been here. Its a blessing and a halve. haha. His biggest worry was that people usually talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. But we walk the walk haha. Its great.


We got to eat dinner with the bishops family yesterday. It was super nice to get to really talk and meet bishop. I have never been there before so it was good to really make that relationship with him. I’ll be sure to do my best to meet the bishop first off. Because he truly does hold the keys to missionary work. Bishops are great. I love them.


Hmm we had an amazing mission conference this week too. Its amazing the difference between President Hall and President Berry. They are both great but different. But definetly what the Mission needs right now. So many good quotes. haha. My favorite one was from sister Berry:


Things work our best for those who make the best out of them.


How true that is. If you want your life to be great then make everything great. If you want it to be terrible then think that everything is terrible haha. Simple as that haha. Everything can either be a blessing or a curse haha. I like to think as them as blessings. haha.


Well Blessings for everyone. Hope your enjoying them haha.


Until next week,

Elder DialImageImageImageImage

September 2, 2013

Hmm where to start with such a wonderful week.  I feel like we got a lot of good stuff done. Just not really much to talk about with it haha. We visited a ton of less actives. Got some good stuff done that way. Did temple service, district meeting, Just a great week. haha the best part is that saturday before fast sunday we went to a place called stake and shake. haha. we had coupons for a buy one get one free shake. haha. So we all got two shakes. Were so fat haha. It was funny walking out of the store with 6 shakes. But it was totally worth it. Goodness Ice cream is so good haha.


Hmm we were blessed with 6 investigators at chuch. So great. Norma didn’t quite make it. The members that usually bring her didn’t come. But that we still got six was such a blessing. I love when investigators come to chuch. Its so awesome to watch them feel the spirit. Its so easy as a missionary to forget how much power the spirit truly has. Really as members of the chuch. The spirit has so much power we just need to realize it. Ask for it to be with us every day. 


Victor and Haydee came to church. We had a pretty awesome lesson with them this week. We took some members with us. They were perfect fellowship. Her name is Sister Cruz. She reminds me so much of Grandma Farnsworth. Just so loving. Really knows how to help and serve others. Love really does go a long way. I love loving people! Anyways we set a baptismal date with them. The 22nd of September. hmm I hope i’m here but at the same time I Hope i’m not. its mixed emotions. Because the transfer ends this week. This next sunday the transfer ends. So If I do get sent to argentina I’ll probably get a call friday about it. And I’m guessing president will probably call you. I dunno. haha. Maybe he’ll make you wait till monday when I can send you an email. But ya If I do go it will be this week. 😀 Or wait for 6 more weeks 😀 What a blessing either way 😀


Hmm Aldo and Arline. They are so awesome. Arline came to church last week and she just went off about how she loved it. She learned so much. And the best part is that they said they know its true. And they want baptism but they just need more time to learn more. So we’re gonna go over there today and show them that they don’t need more time. That they are just procrastinating. I can’t wait haha. 


Norma and Ishmiel. Gotta love them. They went to the place to get their marriage licence but her passport was expired so it didn’t work as a form of identity. So she went on saturday to get it renewed but we haven’t had a chance to talk to her since. So we’re going to see them tonight also. ask them how it went 😀 She said that when she’s gone before its taken a day. and other times when she’s gone its taken a couple months. So we’ll see. I hope they got it renewed. But we’ll see :D.


We had dinner this week with a member that works in the temple as security and at the airport for tsa. He is such an awesome guy. He served his mission here then came back and married a lady from here. But he had some companions from Shelly Idaho. That was cool. Know anybody from Shelly that served their mission in Orlando?? 😀


Well it really was a great week. Hmm so like I said this week I may get my visa so maybe hold off on any letters. Because i might be gone before they get here. But who knows. Maybe not. 😀 I love the suspense haha.


O yes almost forgot a quote for the week.


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that we can change our circumstances by changing our attitudes of mind.”

-William James


How true that is. Your circumstances are truly made by your mind. If you want to be happy then be happy.  So like mom said. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured. Make sure you are finding stuff to make you happy. Because if your not happy your doing something wrong haha. 😀


Thanks for your prayers and your letters :D. Hope everything is going great and you are in my prayers.



Elder Dial ;D