August 26, 2013

Man what a great week. I love being a missionary. Just watching people change their lives as they come closer to Jesus Christ. 


Crazy thought of the day…… Aldo and Arline are um….. 19 and 22 haha. And She is embarasado….. she’s pregnant. O fun fun fun. The life of a family. Its really slowed down the work though too. We went over once. We’re hoping to get them baptized in two weeks. But we’ll see. We got to see them once. But she’s been super sick so we haven’t been able to see them much. We got to give her a blessing though. Well at least help give her a blessing. Her uncle gave it. What a great guy. But the first day we went over there this week she was throwing up in bathroom for a good 5 min. I felt to bad for her. But its amazing how God blesses people. To see the change in both of them as they have been reading their scriptures and everything. They are both awesome people. God Is great.


Hmm Norma and Ishmiel. Ishmiel got work off yesterday for the first time. He came to church. So great. He loved it. They are just great. We have our ward mission leader going to take them to get their marriage licence hopefully today. How sweet would that be. Then He has like 2 hours off on thursday that we’re hoping to do the wedding then. THat would be sweet. Then we could get the baptized next saturday. How sweet would be?? Right before I leave. 


Then we had a sweet lesson with Victor and Haydee. They are so awesome. They have been reading every day which is the biggest step. They came to church yesterday and loved it. Which it isn’t much of a surprise because we do have the true church. haha. So its great haha. Its amazing how amazing our ward truly is. How good they are at at missionary work. How much better they have gotten since I’ve been here. Its a blessing and a halve. haha. His biggest worry was that people usually talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. But we walk the walk haha. Its great.


We got to eat dinner with the bishops family yesterday. It was super nice to get to really talk and meet bishop. I have never been there before so it was good to really make that relationship with him. I’ll be sure to do my best to meet the bishop first off. Because he truly does hold the keys to missionary work. Bishops are great. I love them.


Hmm we had an amazing mission conference this week too. Its amazing the difference between President Hall and President Berry. They are both great but different. But definetly what the Mission needs right now. So many good quotes. haha. My favorite one was from sister Berry:


Things work our best for those who make the best out of them.


How true that is. If you want your life to be great then make everything great. If you want it to be terrible then think that everything is terrible haha. Simple as that haha. Everything can either be a blessing or a curse haha. I like to think as them as blessings. haha.


Well Blessings for everyone. Hope your enjoying them haha.


Until next week,

Elder DialImageImageImageImage


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