September 2, 2013

Hmm where to start with such a wonderful week.  I feel like we got a lot of good stuff done. Just not really much to talk about with it haha. We visited a ton of less actives. Got some good stuff done that way. Did temple service, district meeting, Just a great week. haha the best part is that saturday before fast sunday we went to a place called stake and shake. haha. we had coupons for a buy one get one free shake. haha. So we all got two shakes. Were so fat haha. It was funny walking out of the store with 6 shakes. But it was totally worth it. Goodness Ice cream is so good haha.


Hmm we were blessed with 6 investigators at chuch. So great. Norma didn’t quite make it. The members that usually bring her didn’t come. But that we still got six was such a blessing. I love when investigators come to chuch. Its so awesome to watch them feel the spirit. Its so easy as a missionary to forget how much power the spirit truly has. Really as members of the chuch. The spirit has so much power we just need to realize it. Ask for it to be with us every day. 


Victor and Haydee came to church. We had a pretty awesome lesson with them this week. We took some members with us. They were perfect fellowship. Her name is Sister Cruz. She reminds me so much of Grandma Farnsworth. Just so loving. Really knows how to help and serve others. Love really does go a long way. I love loving people! Anyways we set a baptismal date with them. The 22nd of September. hmm I hope i’m here but at the same time I Hope i’m not. its mixed emotions. Because the transfer ends this week. This next sunday the transfer ends. So If I do get sent to argentina I’ll probably get a call friday about it. And I’m guessing president will probably call you. I dunno. haha. Maybe he’ll make you wait till monday when I can send you an email. But ya If I do go it will be this week. 😀 Or wait for 6 more weeks 😀 What a blessing either way 😀


Hmm Aldo and Arline. They are so awesome. Arline came to church last week and she just went off about how she loved it. She learned so much. And the best part is that they said they know its true. And they want baptism but they just need more time to learn more. So we’re gonna go over there today and show them that they don’t need more time. That they are just procrastinating. I can’t wait haha. 


Norma and Ishmiel. Gotta love them. They went to the place to get their marriage licence but her passport was expired so it didn’t work as a form of identity. So she went on saturday to get it renewed but we haven’t had a chance to talk to her since. So we’re going to see them tonight also. ask them how it went 😀 She said that when she’s gone before its taken a day. and other times when she’s gone its taken a couple months. So we’ll see. I hope they got it renewed. But we’ll see :D.


We had dinner this week with a member that works in the temple as security and at the airport for tsa. He is such an awesome guy. He served his mission here then came back and married a lady from here. But he had some companions from Shelly Idaho. That was cool. Know anybody from Shelly that served their mission in Orlando?? 😀


Well it really was a great week. Hmm so like I said this week I may get my visa so maybe hold off on any letters. Because i might be gone before they get here. But who knows. Maybe not. 😀 I love the suspense haha.


O yes almost forgot a quote for the week.


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that we can change our circumstances by changing our attitudes of mind.”

-William James


How true that is. Your circumstances are truly made by your mind. If you want to be happy then be happy.  So like mom said. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured. Make sure you are finding stuff to make you happy. Because if your not happy your doing something wrong haha. 😀


Thanks for your prayers and your letters :D. Hope everything is going great and you are in my prayers.



Elder Dial ;D



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