September 9, 2013

What a blessing. I love Florida. I get to Be here for some more time. Its so great. I am being transfered though. You guys definetly know more that I do about transfers. I just know what I get in my revelation time. And God really doesn’t want to tell me much. I made a comparison with a ward member this week. Waiting for a visa is like the Second Coming. Nobody knows when its coming through except for God and God only haha. Its was pretty funny. But ya its awesome I am getting transfered. I’m going with Elder Curtis from Boise Idaho. Hes is actually a visa waiter too. Its so great. We’re both going to Cordoba… Maybe. haha. But ya we flew out together. I’m excited. The biggest thing I wanted was to get out of a trio. So its good it will just be me and him. We’re going to an area called Poinsiana. (probably butchered the spelling but next week I’ll be able to spell it). It will be great. It sounds like we go to church in a school. Awe ya. Its at the very bottom of our mission. Its a Branch. Awe ya :D.

Hmm ya so thats how that is. Well Aldo and Arline had a super good lesson with them. It was a family home evening where we talked about not procrastinating. So we then invited them to baptism the 15th. They said yes but it sounds like that isn’t quite going to work. We found out something about Aldo that is going to allow us to love him so much more to get him baptized. Such a blessing. They are awesome. But I’m getting transfered now. So it will be great for Elder Baugh who is staying.

Then Victor and Haydee. They are awesome. We had a lesson with them this week. Super good lesson. Victor love the manuel Principles of the Gospel. haha. In church he even said a prayer thanking God for it. It was great. But we need to get him reading the Book of Mormon more. But ya they know they need to be baptized and know its Gods church on the earth. So their Date is super solid. They will get Baptized for sure.

Hmm Norma and Ismiel. I got a picture with them thank goodness. They are awesome. She is just waiting for her passport to come through… Sounds familiar haha. But ya once it comes though they will be married and then Baptism the next week for her. She is so ready. :D.

Hmm Quote of the week!!! 😀 Its out of the ensign for the month.
“we Should focus on effort and progress rather than complete success. Confidence is not the certainty of success but rather the conclusion that failure does not determine our worth. We loose nothing by trying.”

So true that is. Confidence is an interesting thing. Some Days I feel like I have a ton of it and other days I feel like I have non. But either way I love it. Different trials every day. 😀 I love them because through them I get to be stronger 😀

Well anyways I love you all. Thanks for everything!

Love always,
Elder Dial








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