Sept 16, 2013

Super hot day on Saturday and the best part is we got to ride all the ways to the bottom of the mission. haha. So cool to say. The bottom of our Area is the bottom of our mission. Such a blessing haha. We’re not sure how many miles it is for sure but I just got approved to drive today So I should know by next week haha. I love this new area. It is a lot smaller and the people here are a lot nicer. In Orlando we really didn’t get to contact many people super good. Here we get to contact people like crazy and they make time to talk to us. Its so great. My companion is awesome too. He really wants to work which is great. I really have come to love him. Elder Curtis is his name. He was born in Pocetello and the moved to Boise later in his life. you got us two Idaho boys here really just working our tails off haha. He’s great. We actually got to White wash this area this week. So that was pretty fun. What they are hoping for is that we get our visas this transfer and they are going to white wash this area and put sisters here because there are more sisters in the mission than they know what to do with haha. I’m pretty sure they are trying to get 2 sets of missionaries for every ward. One set of Elders and one set of sisters. The Branch is English with Translation. What they did about a halve a year ago in this stake is they dissolved all the Spanish wards. So there are only English wards but every one has translation. So its just as good as Spanish ward. Most of the Spanish people speak English too. its a nicer area down here so the people are a lot more inviting and don’t really live in the slums.


Hmm but ya my new companion is just great. We get along so well. He is definetly a blessing. He really wants to work and really wants to do his best. He asks me so many times a day, “Elder what could I have done better there?” He really wants to be better. Its really and example for me. I have really learned a lot from him already. There is always something that we can improve on and through the help of others and God we can know what that is. Such a great guy. We are going to do some great things this transfer.


So we went over to this families house yesterday. They are from Samoa. He has family that lives in Daybreak. Do Riley or Colten Know a Jarves Brown, or a Ellema Brown. I might have butchered the spelling haha. They are members. It was really cool. Just great blessings coming every day. There are a ton of poeppl that we get to work with. I love it.


Well I’m running short on time. Crazy. Got lots of emails today haha. But yes I really truly do love this area. Its such blessing. 😀 Can’t wait to tell you more next week.

I love you all.


Okay I have time for one more thing. This week I have received some letters that have really made me be greatful for you all. haha. YOu guys have been praying for me to receive my visa which is funny. Cuz I’m not. Not that I don’t want to go just got so many other things to pray for. But ya just thank you for your prayers. It means a lot. But don’t worry about my visa. Its in the Lords hands and he knows whats best. Such a blessing. God knows us so well that he gives us things to grow. 😀 But anyways thanks a ton.



Elder Dial



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