September 23, 2013

hahaha Heard about that one yesterday. Dad’s story was definitely better than the family that lives here told me. I got told the receiver was pushed out of bounds by the Defender then pulled back in then was on top of the receiver when it hit his shoulder haha. So Dads story was better haha. Ya we went over to this members house from Orem.  They have been living here for about a year. I walked into their house and we thought my room was decorated… Man there whole house was BYU stuff haha. It really made me laugh. They had a picture of Lavell Edwards Stadium above their TV. It was funny to listen to them talk about it. They were up till 2 watching it because of the two hour difference. So that was something I thought to be funny. Just like conference. Conference will be two hours later also. So priesthood session wont get over till 10 haha. So much fun. I can’t wait.


So This area is actually quite fun. The being able to drive makes a big difference. Super nice. Nice to get a break from the bikes for sure haha. But ya I miss driving. I never realized how much I truly did till I got to drive again.


But anyways this week was ton of finding. We really got to know the members last week. So this week we knocked a ton of doors. It was fun though. I love it. haha. I used to really hate it but our mission president gave us the challenge to really study that every day. To study on how to find every day and the Lord has blessed me. Blessed me to be able to really enjoy it. Its great. But the best way to do it is through the members for sure.


I absolutely love my new companion. He is just great. I learn so much from him. Its really fun because we get to teach in English and Spanish. And we’ve both been out the same amount of time so its fun when we teach in Spanish. We aren’t amazing but it helps us to teach simply. haha. Sometimes its hard to teach simply but if you can only speak in simple terms you can teach pretty simply which is what we can do in Spanish. Its great. Its good to because we Both really have a desire to be better. To learn more together and where we’ve been out the same amount of time we are about on the same page of work. ITs great. O goodness then the Moon. We were driving home and the moon was so big. We tried getting pictures but they really didn’t turn out well. But o well. I found out that my shutter speed could be really slow so I got a good picture of my companion.


Hmm so miracle of the week. So good. We have been working a lot with less actives. We had one that was going to a different ward because of something that happened. but we got him to come to church yesterday. He’s so great. He’s just a great guy.  So that was cool.


So God truly know’s what you need as a human being. We did a ton of work this week. And O how we wanted to see miracles on Saturday. But we didn’t. all of our appointments fell through. It was pretty rough. But the Lord really taught us patience. So at the end of the day we looked back and were pretty bumbed about the day not going to lie. But we were able to take a second look and see how much the Lord truly had blessed us with. Its amazing how you can either find the good or the bad depends on what you want. We had so many amazing people that God blessed us with. “What a Blessing”!!!!! haha.


So we finally set a baptismal date. So sweet. She is our only investigator right now. She is a 9 year old little girl. She is so smart. So smart. Her and her brother are so smart. But ya so we are blessed to be able to teach them. We had it set for the 5th of October. But we realized that we had general conference. So we had to move it. She’s awesome and her mom is a recent convert. So sweet.


O my so in church yesterday our branch president President Quispe From Peru told a story about a family. Such an amazing family. It really sounded familiar. It was the Lady my and my companions baptized in our last area. haha. Yara Acosta. Her husband was less active for years but with the love of a Family that continually went to church He came back. Its a really cool story I’ll have to share it all with you sometime. But ya. Its so cool to hear their story everywhere I go. I just love it. I get to think about how the Lord Blesses us wherever we go. I was just lucky enough to be the visa waiter that came at the right time to receive the honor to get to know that family. Goodness I’m so lucky.


Hmm well that’s about it. I love you all. Thanks for your love and support.

Until next week,

Elder Dial


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