Oct 28 (week 1 in Argentina, Jesus Maria)


So I made it to argentina alive. Barely haha. No just kidding i am perfectly fine. But it was a verly long flight especially in a suit haha. Man where to start. Well We left Florida wednesday. We flew out of Orlando to Miami. That was nice and short. But we didn´t get there till 10 min before our next flight and of coarse the next flight was on time haha. So I didn´t quite have time to call. But the next call isnt to far away haha. Then we got to Buenos Aires and we waited for a lot more misionaries for all the missionaries here. There were about 100 that came for all the missions here in Argentina. From there we went and had our first Agrentine meal. So good!!! haha. We had a little meeting and then we went to a smaller airport and the flew us out to Cordoba. It was about an hour flight. Super nice haha. Then we met the assistants to the president and rode in a bus to the mission Home. It was super cool. The mission home is right next to the temple and the temple is still under constuction. The mission presidend did say that we would all have part it the dedication in some way or another so that will be awesome. The mission president is awesome. Truthfully I don´t even know his name. How bad of me. haha but on thing he kept saying that is his slogan is Work hard, Be obedient, with the pure love of Christ. that is how we will see miracles. That night we slept in a hotel just around the block from the mission home. That was sweet. That was my last warm shower so it was super good haha.

So I´m only hear on a travel visa. So if I don´t get my visa in the 90 days that the travel visa is for then I have to go back to the US haha. What a blessing. haha. So we´ll all just pray super hard!

So where to start. I have a companion from Peru. El no espeaka Ingles haha. thats about how he would have said it. Its so funny. I really love him. He´s short but really funny and really patient with me and me Broken spanish. His name is Elder Paico. Super good missionary.

Then The area. Its called Jesus Maria. Its North of Cordoba. Its about an hour and a halve bus ride from Cordoba. So that was fun. My companion slept but I couldn´t haha. It was so cool watching out the window and seeing the difference in Culture and everything. I thought it was cool.

But ya still trying to figure everything out. I finally took a good look at the map this morning and kinda figured it out and everything. It was great.

O ya haha. So we had a baptism yesterday. Thats always nice on your third day in a forign country haha. His name is Jorge Nuñez. Super cool guy. He was a part member. His wife is a member and now him. The church is so small here. Just enough room for one ward. Which is all we have here in Jesus Maria. Its two missionary areas. O ya I almost forgot. I have the Only bike area that there is in all of this mission. So thats fun. We live with the other elders. They are cool. There is one that has been on his mission for only 7 weeks now. His Name is elder Hannay. Guess what he went to Bingham. Such a cool kid. He just graduated this year but we talk about bingham a lot. Its fun. Hes a super good kid. Super smart. His spanish is about the same as mine. Its crazy what only living with pure hispanics will do to help you learn spanish faster. haha. He is awesome though.

Ya the language is super hard. I find myself needing the advise I gave mom last week. haha. Its amazing how easy it is to forget what you know and just think about yourself. I want to get down about the language that I don´t know it. But The advise I gave mom is exactly what I needed. And if I didn´t give it to her I wouldn´t have had it. Its so cool to see the lords hand in everything. If I wouldn´t have written that to her I wouldn´t of had it in my mind in those exact words. Those words were turely inspired and now I can use them to base my life off of. So thank you mom for that! =D. A great blessing. God Knows us each individually. He knows what we are going to need in our lives as each specific moment. I love it.

Well the truth is I´m alive and well. And Have lots of pictures to send. Thanks for everything. Hopefully I answered all the questions you guys had. There were quite a few (mom haha). So if I didn´t be patient and ask them again next week. That would be great haha. I love you all. Thanks for all of your prayers. I can really feel them. In the shower today…. In the cold shower today I thought about that. How You are all praying for me. It just made me smile. You guys are the best. I love you all so much!

Thanks for everything.
Love always,
Elder Dial.

P.S. Don´t forget to smile so the everybody will wonder what you are up to hehe.

O one more thing. I found out yesterday at an Asada (where you just eat all different kinds of meat) I found out I really like Cow Heart. Just and interesting fact haha. Its so good!!! Hopefully we work hard enought that i Don´t get Fat haha. I love you all. Thank you!!!


October 21, 2013 HE’S FINALLY LEAVING!!


Its official. i’m leaving haha. I got my trunky papers on friday. haha. Trunky papers are travel plans haha. Its kinda like your getting ready to put all your stuff in the trunk to go home. haha. Some missionary slang. But ya I offically fly out on wednesday at 6:20 pm I fly a whole hour and 10 min to Miami haha. Super long. Then I get my short flight. Its about 8 hours and 50 min haha. That one goes all the way to Argentina. Its an overnight flight. So i’ll fly into Buenos Aires. After that i don’t really know what they are doing with us. Looks like we’ll see haha. But ya my flight from Miami to Argentina leaves at 8:30 PM. So ya thats my trunky papers haha. ITs happening. I’m super excited. Its just like a super long transfer. I’m so excited to just get out and see how different the mission truely is. It will be cool. i’m excited to get to talk in spanish a lot more. ITs hard here in the states. SO I’m praying I get a Native companion to really help me with my spanish. That will be sweet!!! 😀 But ya we’ll see what happens. I’ve ran into a couple people in the ward here that served their missions in Argentina. SO that will be sweet. 😀


Hmm so what really happened this week. it was a crazy week really. Elder Slade is getting a brand new missionary tomorrow. So we’ve been getting everything ready for that. He’s pretty excited. We have seen so many great miracles. We had an awesome Lesson with our progressing investigator Yraida. She is so cool. She is going to get baptized in 2 weeks because they have stake conference this weekend. SO what will be cool. We taught her about tithing. Well we thought we needed to teach her about tithing but we quickly found out that she had already paid her tithing once haha. it was so funny.


Then I got to go on an exchange with an elder From Japan. Elder Nakaski. Hes so cool. His dad is acutally a 70. But ya it was cool to go with him. He’s still learning english. He was a huge example for me to watch him as he just went out and talked to people without fear. I have too much fear as I talk to them in spanish. I just need to realize that i’m not fluent and i’m going to make mistakes. But I’m just a prideful human that doesn’t like making mistakes. haha. O well. I’m really doing my best to work on that. Its so much fun to know you can continually work on it and get better and better! 😀


On wednesday we got to go to this lady’s house and do service. It was so much fun to get out and do some really work. I love working haha. Its was fun she had a ridding lawn mower that we got to use. I forgot how much i miss that farm really doing some hard work haha. The mission isn’t really hard work. well its a different kind of hard work. But ya so that was super fun. I enjoyed it!


Hmm then we had a great day at church yesterday. We had an investigator come. Juan Moreno. He is so cool. He loved church. He actually is a single dad with two kids. After church we saw them taking pictures on his phone. He absolutely loved it. Its such a blessing. He really is a great guy. and he wants to be baptized so they will difintely get him baptized here in the next couple weeks. He so sweet!


Wow what a blessing it has been so serve here in Florida. Well I love you all. Thanks for everything you do! You are all so amazing. Such great examples. Keep pushing on. Trials are here to make us stronger. We all have our own trials but if we focus on what matters most then we can always push through. Especially with the scriptures. Remember to read them daily. Its a blessing. I love you all!! 😀


Hasta la proxima semana,

Elder Dial


October 14, 2013

IMG_0708 IMG_0688 IMG_0625 IMG_0623

Goodness everything is a blessing. I love blessings haha. Well Biggest news first. Last wendesday I had an interview with my mission president. What he told me is “tell your family not to send you any more mail here.” So please hold off your many desires to write me 10 letters a week. hahahahahahaha. I’m funny huh? Okay but ya he said they can’t forward them to other missions so if you do they will just send it back to where it came from. So ya. And then from what dad said its sounds like they resent them all. He did say something else about leaving within the next two or three weeks. So ya haha. We’ll see. Maybe i’ll have more information for you next week. We’ll see. haha.

Okay well what else happened this week. So many good things. What a blessing of a week haha. Well it all started out with the interviews with president. Then we had a super amazing lesson with this super humble guy. His name is Juan. He had been taught before but just didn’t quite make it to baptism. But we went over and taught him and we read some scritures with him and then asked him a question about what he needs to do to become closer to christ. He said “Well I think I need to be Baptized” thats always a blessing haha. He’s a super humble guy. Hes a single dad of two kids. He really works all day. Then he comes home. He works construction. Then he walks to pick up his kids from school. They usually get home about 7 o’clock for how long they have to walk. He really is awesome. He’s from mexico. He’s doing his best for sure. BUt ya we saw him and told him if he wants to  be baptized he has to keep the comandments and he said he’ll do his best. So we’ll see how that all turns out.

Then we have Yraida. I odn’t know if I said anything about her last week. I don’t remember. But she’s awesome. She was a little hesitant before to accept a baptismal date because she didn’t think she could quit smoking. But this last week we went over there and she was like Elders I want to be baptized. I think i’m ready. I want to be baptized the 20th of October. haha so cool That was the day we were going to try to set with her. She seems pretty excited. But then sunday she said that she smokes again saturday so we had to sit her down and tell her hey you can’t smoke at all from now on out. and we moved her baptism back a week. So the 27th will be her Baptism. I’m pretty excited for her.

Then church. Church is always awesome. It’s cool to see how the meetings work and how different bishops do different things. Bishop Mancuso is an awesome Bishop. Really does some good work. I’ve really come to like him a lot. It might have to do with the fact that he’s a cabinetmaker for a living. I dunno. But we really have hit it off well. He likes me for some reason which is always a blessing. But he really just understands how the gospel is suppose to work. He went off yesterday in PEC about how If the missionary work in the ward isn’t fuctioning then the whole ward wont function. He compared missionary work to the Heart. Its the heart of the ward and we need to keep it pumping. How true that is. He’s a smart guys. He’s got some good advise for everything. Really just a wise man. He said something else that really struck me too. He said don’t be afraid to express your opinion. That it helps people to see more points of view. How true that is. I really struggle sometimes with expressing my opinion. But that is one of my goals this week. To really express my opinion in what I think with different things. :D. That difinetly one of my weakness’ is that i’m too reserved. So we’ll see how that goes 😀

Anyways just a great week. I’m so blessed. I do have my camera this week too so I can send some super chill pictures. 😀

Anyways thank you for all of your prayers. They help so much. You never know how much they help. I love you all,

Love always,

Elder Dial

October 7, 2013

haha. So Emergency exchange. What a blessing. I got exchanged to a new area. One I’ve never been. Its in downtown Orlando. Its called the Valencia ward. Its a totally spanish ward. So great. But yes I am with elder Slade again. This is our third time being put back together. So we are gong to try and figure out what the Lord wants us to learn this time haha. What a blessing. I got a call From President Berry Tuesday Morning at 9 O’clock saying I was being transfered and that I needed all of my stuff put together and be to the mission office at 4. So that was fun. I basically packed all day Tuesday. So we went to the mission office at 4. You’ll never guess what happened there. So there is this new couple….. haha. They are the Gordons. But theres a catch. They just got married like 6 monthes ago. Sister Gordons Madien Name is Pratt….. Like Ms. Pratt from Bingham. An english teacher haha. It was One of Natalie’s teachers. So that was super crazy. I knew I recognized her but I just didn’t know how. and when she said she used to teach I remembered. Okay so actually I figured that out like 3 weeks ago. I just forgot to mention it. But thats not the crazy part. The crazy part is that I said I had Mrs. Voorhies who she knew very well. This is the teacher that said I would go Navajo Speaking haha. But ya so tuesday she said that she wrote her and that Mrs. Voorhies remembered me and wished me the best :D. What a blessing. So that was truely a blessing.

Then another crazy thing happened as we went to leave. Sister Gordon got an email concerning the Visa waiters. She printed out a paper that said we all needed to go get our fingerprints re-done. and elder Curtis said that his parents called the visa office and they said that they were re-submitting all of the visas. So we had to go and get our fingerprints re-done at a police station. So we did that. So we’ll see what happens from that. What a blessing. 😀

So dad whats the address. Don’t know exactly the adress. Its off of Semoran Blvd. and Aloma drive. The apartment complex is called bishop park. Besides that I don’t know haha. Good luck!

so we got to the area tuesday and basically unpacked then went shopping. The wednesday we had a dinner with the bishop. what great guy. He’s from Argentina…. Well kinda. He lived in Argentina the first 10 years of his life. Then comlumbia then Here. He served his mission in Arizona. So he’s awesome. Super solid guy. Bishop Mancuso is his name. He is really an awesome guy. He likes me which is always good. That will help the work a ton to have the bishop on our side.

Then we had a lesson with our only investigator. So basically Elder Slade has only been here for 3 weeks. So lucky for us it is basically like white washing this area. its such a blessing. haha. It was hard to leave all the hard work we had put in in my last area but Now I get to start back up with some hard work here witch is such a blessing. Nyla will this get baptized wich will be great. And Elder Curtis stayed in Poinsiana with the other two elders that we lived with and he is in a threesome with them. Its definetly different being with Elder Slade and just elder Slade. But its good.

So who liked conference!!!!?? I did. So Good. Every talk was just great. I did get to watch it in english wich was a blessing for sure. haha. I loved every talk. Your going to kick me but I forgot my notes… and my camera so i’ll send pictures next week. But I do have some interesting thoughts that I really liked.

I loved Elder Hales talk right at the beginning. Where he said “The greatest blessing from conference comes after the conference is over.” How true that is. Conference doesn’t profet us anything if we don’t truely apply what we learn. Its true in every aspect of life. We have trials to make us stronger and if we aren’t using those trials to make us stronger. If we don’t learn from them then why have them? The greatest blessing comes in applying what you learn. How true that is. I remember the MIssion conference I went to with dad before I left. In the Lion King where Rafiki hits Simba on the head and then goes to hit him again and Simba dodges it. He learned and it profeted him. If he didn’t learn he would eventually have a very sore head haha. How true that is with every one of us. If we don’t learn and aply then why learn in the first place?

Then I loved Elder Perry’s talk in priestood seccion. He talked about how the 13 articles of faith are the basic doctorines that make the chruch run. That everything can be led back to those 13 things. How simple we can then teach if we remember to use those things in studying and everything. Super good one. I am really going to aply that to my studies. :D.

Then the guy that talked yesterday in the afternoon session from the Sunday school presidency. I don’t remember his name. BUt he said something that really hit me. Well two things that really hit me. Even the teacher is the student, and “You can know when you are speaking by the Holy Ghost because you will learn something from what you say.” The Holy Ghost is the Ultimate teacher and you can’t learn unless you have it. How true that is. :D.

Well those are a couple of my thoughts. Thanks for everything. You guys are great! You guys are so amazing. I can’t wait to hear how amazing your week goes this week.

God is great, Now lets go find out how great he Truely is!!

Elder Dial

September 29, 2013


What a great week. So far right now we have been doing a lot of knocking doors. So much fun. Maybe a little hot but so much fun. It amazing to see God’s hand in so many peoples lives. It would be even better if we could see the Gospel of Jesus Christ really work in their lives. Its such a blessing to be in this position to be built up.

So Nyla is awesome. We are still teaching her. There is a little problem that we have. Her Grandma doesn’t like the idea if her being baptized yet. Said she should wait till she’s at least 11. But she asked us what we thought. Well we as missionaries said Right now….. haha. well we wanted to tell her that but we took a different approach. We told her to Pray. We know that the Lord won’t let her wait. She needs that wonderful gift that God Gives us after Baptism. The Holy Ghost. But ya we told her to pray and she said she would. Its really fun teaching a 9 year old about the promptings of the spirit. She is so awesome.

Hmm So we had an awesome experience this week. We were biking all week this week. So we were biking all day. Knocking tons of doors and nobody was even wanting to listen to us. Just a whole bunch of Doors slammed on us. So that was a little rough. But we went back home for dinner and we were blessed to Pray before we left the house like always. My companion said an awesome prayer with so much faith. So not even 5 min after we left the house we ran into a guy biking down the street. He was so cool. So prepared. His friend had given him a book of Mormon and he had some questions. So we sad down and answered them for him. He was really interested. He’s so awesome.

Then the next day randomly we were biking to an appointment and my Companion turns to me and says. lets knock that door. I really feel we need to knock that door. So we kocked it and a lady came out and we asked her if we could teach her a little lesson and she said yes. So we taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation. God is great. We’re going back over there tonight. She is part of another chuch but we will Show her the truth and you can’t deny the truth when its given to you.

Goodness and Sonya. Sonya is awesome. We taught her the Plan this last time we taught her too. She loved it. She is very accepting. We can’t wait to teach her the Restoration and Have her pray about it. Because she is so accepting she will be humble enough to receive that answer that she needs at this time in her life. She’s just great.

Then there are some super great less active families. We got to eat dinner with this one. He’s a Junior in high school. But his parents had to go places so they told us to go eat with him that he really needs it in his life right now. He plays Baseball at the school. He plays varsity. Super good player. He’s got a few D1 teams looking to draft him. Its rough though because he plays on sundays. But he really has his heart in the right place. We asked him what his favorite part of school was and he said Orchestra class. He plays 1st chair Cello. So crazy. haha. Never would have guessed that about this big baseball kid. Hes truly just a great kid. So we’re hoping we can get him and his family back to church. So we’ll see.

Haha speaking of baseball. There’s a park here where all the Purto Ricans play baseball. They’ve got some good leagues going. Every time we bike by there I just want to go play. I wish I would have played some more. O well. It made me who I am today. I love it. I never knew how many Hispanics played baseball. It really surprised me. But Its great.

Man just a great week. Every week is great. The life as a missionary is great. Thanks for all of your love and support. Its such a blessing for me.

Well Back to work I go. Thanks for everything.

Elder Dial