September 29, 2013


What a great week. So far right now we have been doing a lot of knocking doors. So much fun. Maybe a little hot but so much fun. It amazing to see God’s hand in so many peoples lives. It would be even better if we could see the Gospel of Jesus Christ really work in their lives. Its such a blessing to be in this position to be built up.

So Nyla is awesome. We are still teaching her. There is a little problem that we have. Her Grandma doesn’t like the idea if her being baptized yet. Said she should wait till she’s at least 11. But she asked us what we thought. Well we as missionaries said Right now….. haha. well we wanted to tell her that but we took a different approach. We told her to Pray. We know that the Lord won’t let her wait. She needs that wonderful gift that God Gives us after Baptism. The Holy Ghost. But ya we told her to pray and she said she would. Its really fun teaching a 9 year old about the promptings of the spirit. She is so awesome.

Hmm So we had an awesome experience this week. We were biking all week this week. So we were biking all day. Knocking tons of doors and nobody was even wanting to listen to us. Just a whole bunch of Doors slammed on us. So that was a little rough. But we went back home for dinner and we were blessed to Pray before we left the house like always. My companion said an awesome prayer with so much faith. So not even 5 min after we left the house we ran into a guy biking down the street. He was so cool. So prepared. His friend had given him a book of Mormon and he had some questions. So we sad down and answered them for him. He was really interested. He’s so awesome.

Then the next day randomly we were biking to an appointment and my Companion turns to me and says. lets knock that door. I really feel we need to knock that door. So we kocked it and a lady came out and we asked her if we could teach her a little lesson and she said yes. So we taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation. God is great. We’re going back over there tonight. She is part of another chuch but we will Show her the truth and you can’t deny the truth when its given to you.

Goodness and Sonya. Sonya is awesome. We taught her the Plan this last time we taught her too. She loved it. She is very accepting. We can’t wait to teach her the Restoration and Have her pray about it. Because she is so accepting she will be humble enough to receive that answer that she needs at this time in her life. She’s just great.

Then there are some super great less active families. We got to eat dinner with this one. He’s a Junior in high school. But his parents had to go places so they told us to go eat with him that he really needs it in his life right now. He plays Baseball at the school. He plays varsity. Super good player. He’s got a few D1 teams looking to draft him. Its rough though because he plays on sundays. But he really has his heart in the right place. We asked him what his favorite part of school was and he said Orchestra class. He plays 1st chair Cello. So crazy. haha. Never would have guessed that about this big baseball kid. Hes truly just a great kid. So we’re hoping we can get him and his family back to church. So we’ll see.

Haha speaking of baseball. There’s a park here where all the Purto Ricans play baseball. They’ve got some good leagues going. Every time we bike by there I just want to go play. I wish I would have played some more. O well. It made me who I am today. I love it. I never knew how many Hispanics played baseball. It really surprised me. But Its great.

Man just a great week. Every week is great. The life as a missionary is great. Thanks for all of your love and support. Its such a blessing for me.

Well Back to work I go. Thanks for everything.

Elder Dial




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