October 14, 2013

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Goodness everything is a blessing. I love blessings haha. Well Biggest news first. Last wendesday I had an interview with my mission president. What he told me is “tell your family not to send you any more mail here.” So please hold off your many desires to write me 10 letters a week. hahahahahahaha. I’m funny huh? Okay but ya he said they can’t forward them to other missions so if you do they will just send it back to where it came from. So ya. And then from what dad said its sounds like they resent them all. He did say something else about leaving within the next two or three weeks. So ya haha. We’ll see. Maybe i’ll have more information for you next week. We’ll see. haha.

Okay well what else happened this week. So many good things. What a blessing of a week haha. Well it all started out with the interviews with president. Then we had a super amazing lesson with this super humble guy. His name is Juan. He had been taught before but just didn’t quite make it to baptism. But we went over and taught him and we read some scritures with him and then asked him a question about what he needs to do to become closer to christ. He said “Well I think I need to be Baptized” thats always a blessing haha. He’s a super humble guy. Hes a single dad of two kids. He really works all day. Then he comes home. He works construction. Then he walks to pick up his kids from school. They usually get home about 7 o’clock for how long they have to walk. He really is awesome. He’s from mexico. He’s doing his best for sure. BUt ya we saw him and told him if he wants to  be baptized he has to keep the comandments and he said he’ll do his best. So we’ll see how that all turns out.

Then we have Yraida. I odn’t know if I said anything about her last week. I don’t remember. But she’s awesome. She was a little hesitant before to accept a baptismal date because she didn’t think she could quit smoking. But this last week we went over there and she was like Elders I want to be baptized. I think i’m ready. I want to be baptized the 20th of October. haha so cool That was the day we were going to try to set with her. She seems pretty excited. But then sunday she said that she smokes again saturday so we had to sit her down and tell her hey you can’t smoke at all from now on out. and we moved her baptism back a week. So the 27th will be her Baptism. I’m pretty excited for her.

Then church. Church is always awesome. It’s cool to see how the meetings work and how different bishops do different things. Bishop Mancuso is an awesome Bishop. Really does some good work. I’ve really come to like him a lot. It might have to do with the fact that he’s a cabinetmaker for a living. I dunno. But we really have hit it off well. He likes me for some reason which is always a blessing. But he really just understands how the gospel is suppose to work. He went off yesterday in PEC about how If the missionary work in the ward isn’t fuctioning then the whole ward wont function. He compared missionary work to the Heart. Its the heart of the ward and we need to keep it pumping. How true that is. He’s a smart guys. He’s got some good advise for everything. Really just a wise man. He said something else that really struck me too. He said don’t be afraid to express your opinion. That it helps people to see more points of view. How true that is. I really struggle sometimes with expressing my opinion. But that is one of my goals this week. To really express my opinion in what I think with different things. :D. That difinetly one of my weakness’ is that i’m too reserved. So we’ll see how that goes 😀

Anyways just a great week. I’m so blessed. I do have my camera this week too so I can send some super chill pictures. 😀

Anyways thank you for all of your prayers. They help so much. You never know how much they help. I love you all,

Love always,

Elder Dial


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