October 21, 2013 HE’S FINALLY LEAVING!!


Its official. i’m leaving haha. I got my trunky papers on friday. haha. Trunky papers are travel plans haha. Its kinda like your getting ready to put all your stuff in the trunk to go home. haha. Some missionary slang. But ya I offically fly out on wednesday at 6:20 pm I fly a whole hour and 10 min to Miami haha. Super long. Then I get my short flight. Its about 8 hours and 50 min haha. That one goes all the way to Argentina. Its an overnight flight. So i’ll fly into Buenos Aires. After that i don’t really know what they are doing with us. Looks like we’ll see haha. But ya my flight from Miami to Argentina leaves at 8:30 PM. So ya thats my trunky papers haha. ITs happening. I’m super excited. Its just like a super long transfer. I’m so excited to just get out and see how different the mission truely is. It will be cool. i’m excited to get to talk in spanish a lot more. ITs hard here in the states. SO I’m praying I get a Native companion to really help me with my spanish. That will be sweet!!! 😀 But ya we’ll see what happens. I’ve ran into a couple people in the ward here that served their missions in Argentina. SO that will be sweet. 😀


Hmm so what really happened this week. it was a crazy week really. Elder Slade is getting a brand new missionary tomorrow. So we’ve been getting everything ready for that. He’s pretty excited. We have seen so many great miracles. We had an awesome Lesson with our progressing investigator Yraida. She is so cool. She is going to get baptized in 2 weeks because they have stake conference this weekend. SO what will be cool. We taught her about tithing. Well we thought we needed to teach her about tithing but we quickly found out that she had already paid her tithing once haha. it was so funny.


Then I got to go on an exchange with an elder From Japan. Elder Nakaski. Hes so cool. His dad is acutally a 70. But ya it was cool to go with him. He’s still learning english. He was a huge example for me to watch him as he just went out and talked to people without fear. I have too much fear as I talk to them in spanish. I just need to realize that i’m not fluent and i’m going to make mistakes. But I’m just a prideful human that doesn’t like making mistakes. haha. O well. I’m really doing my best to work on that. Its so much fun to know you can continually work on it and get better and better! 😀


On wednesday we got to go to this lady’s house and do service. It was so much fun to get out and do some really work. I love working haha. Its was fun she had a ridding lawn mower that we got to use. I forgot how much i miss that farm really doing some hard work haha. The mission isn’t really hard work. well its a different kind of hard work. But ya so that was super fun. I enjoyed it!


Hmm then we had a great day at church yesterday. We had an investigator come. Juan Moreno. He is so cool. He loved church. He actually is a single dad with two kids. After church we saw them taking pictures on his phone. He absolutely loved it. Its such a blessing. He really is a great guy. and he wants to be baptized so they will difintely get him baptized here in the next couple weeks. He so sweet!


Wow what a blessing it has been so serve here in Florida. Well I love you all. Thanks for everything you do! You are all so amazing. Such great examples. Keep pushing on. Trials are here to make us stronger. We all have our own trials but if we focus on what matters most then we can always push through. Especially with the scriptures. Remember to read them daily. Its a blessing. I love you all!! 😀


Hasta la proxima semana,

Elder Dial



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