Oct 28 (week 1 in Argentina, Jesus Maria)


So I made it to argentina alive. Barely haha. No just kidding i am perfectly fine. But it was a verly long flight especially in a suit haha. Man where to start. Well We left Florida wednesday. We flew out of Orlando to Miami. That was nice and short. But we didn´t get there till 10 min before our next flight and of coarse the next flight was on time haha. So I didn´t quite have time to call. But the next call isnt to far away haha. Then we got to Buenos Aires and we waited for a lot more misionaries for all the missionaries here. There were about 100 that came for all the missions here in Argentina. From there we went and had our first Agrentine meal. So good!!! haha. We had a little meeting and then we went to a smaller airport and the flew us out to Cordoba. It was about an hour flight. Super nice haha. Then we met the assistants to the president and rode in a bus to the mission Home. It was super cool. The mission home is right next to the temple and the temple is still under constuction. The mission presidend did say that we would all have part it the dedication in some way or another so that will be awesome. The mission president is awesome. Truthfully I don´t even know his name. How bad of me. haha but on thing he kept saying that is his slogan is Work hard, Be obedient, with the pure love of Christ. that is how we will see miracles. That night we slept in a hotel just around the block from the mission home. That was sweet. That was my last warm shower so it was super good haha.

So I´m only hear on a travel visa. So if I don´t get my visa in the 90 days that the travel visa is for then I have to go back to the US haha. What a blessing. haha. So we´ll all just pray super hard!

So where to start. I have a companion from Peru. El no espeaka Ingles haha. thats about how he would have said it. Its so funny. I really love him. He´s short but really funny and really patient with me and me Broken spanish. His name is Elder Paico. Super good missionary.

Then The area. Its called Jesus Maria. Its North of Cordoba. Its about an hour and a halve bus ride from Cordoba. So that was fun. My companion slept but I couldn´t haha. It was so cool watching out the window and seeing the difference in Culture and everything. I thought it was cool.

But ya still trying to figure everything out. I finally took a good look at the map this morning and kinda figured it out and everything. It was great.

O ya haha. So we had a baptism yesterday. Thats always nice on your third day in a forign country haha. His name is Jorge Nuñez. Super cool guy. He was a part member. His wife is a member and now him. The church is so small here. Just enough room for one ward. Which is all we have here in Jesus Maria. Its two missionary areas. O ya I almost forgot. I have the Only bike area that there is in all of this mission. So thats fun. We live with the other elders. They are cool. There is one that has been on his mission for only 7 weeks now. His Name is elder Hannay. Guess what he went to Bingham. Such a cool kid. He just graduated this year but we talk about bingham a lot. Its fun. Hes a super good kid. Super smart. His spanish is about the same as mine. Its crazy what only living with pure hispanics will do to help you learn spanish faster. haha. He is awesome though.

Ya the language is super hard. I find myself needing the advise I gave mom last week. haha. Its amazing how easy it is to forget what you know and just think about yourself. I want to get down about the language that I don´t know it. But The advise I gave mom is exactly what I needed. And if I didn´t give it to her I wouldn´t have had it. Its so cool to see the lords hand in everything. If I wouldn´t have written that to her I wouldn´t of had it in my mind in those exact words. Those words were turely inspired and now I can use them to base my life off of. So thank you mom for that! =D. A great blessing. God Knows us each individually. He knows what we are going to need in our lives as each specific moment. I love it.

Well the truth is I´m alive and well. And Have lots of pictures to send. Thanks for everything. Hopefully I answered all the questions you guys had. There were quite a few (mom haha). So if I didn´t be patient and ask them again next week. That would be great haha. I love you all. Thanks for all of your prayers. I can really feel them. In the shower today…. In the cold shower today I thought about that. How You are all praying for me. It just made me smile. You guys are the best. I love you all so much!

Thanks for everything.
Love always,
Elder Dial.

P.S. Don´t forget to smile so the everybody will wonder what you are up to hehe.

O one more thing. I found out yesterday at an Asada (where you just eat all different kinds of meat) I found out I really like Cow Heart. Just and interesting fact haha. Its so good!!! Hopefully we work hard enought that i Don´t get Fat haha. I love you all. Thank you!!!


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