November 18, 2013


Well this week was truely crazy. tons of things to do. Well Monday as you know we went to Cordoba. We have gone to Cordoba every week on P day but this week was different. We went in the afternoon. We went Bowling haha. What a blast. I didn´t do so hot but I definetly had fun. Thats what counts haha. After that we did a special exchange where everybody went on an exchange in the zone. So lucky me I got to stay in my area. Its always a self esteem boost when I get that opportunity. To reasure me that I´m learning. I really only have like 4 weeks hear and I´ve learned so much. So that was super good. One thing i have decided is that everybody here is super good at contacting people. That would be one of my downfalls. But I´m learning. I got to be with Elder Madrid From Honduras. I love the poeple from Honduras. They are so great. He is Going home in 2 weeks. Hes such a good missionary. Really good at contacting people. He really got me to think and shared some things with me that I´m going to apply in my misssionary work.

Well that was monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we had a Zone conference. That was super good. Learned a ton of things there. But Also Thursday we had a mission conference. Its amazing how different everything is here. The work is different but its the same. But the mission conference was great. I got to see Elder Varner and Elder Richardson. Elder Richardson asked how Our stake president was doing. haha. Hes such a good kid. I love president and his wife. His wife shared something that really has changed me. She said
In order to be the Lords Servant you need to think like him´´. 
Wow how true that is. I find myself getting caught up in so many things that I forget to really just be like the savior. Just do what the savior would do. So that is something I get to work on. Such a blessing. I love it. But ya Friday we went to cordoba again to do some papers. Got all the way there and found out that it was elder Hannay that was suppose to go and not me. So that was pretty funny. A good waist of 3 hours. But it was great. 
Saturday we had an activity with the priestood in the ward. Got to play some soccer. that was great too. The ward here in Jesus Maria is so good. Such good people. 
Today we got to go to Cordoba again. We played some soccer with the zone and had a lunch. it was good. I love it here. A little hot but I can deal with that haha. I love missionary work.!!!

November 11, 2013

What a great week. So many great things happening each and every day haha. So many things to improve and so many things to do but I have been blessed with so much. I love it. Well Agrentina is a rainy place haha. It has rained the last like 3 days but its been great. and now the sun is out and we call all go out to play haha. Its so crazy to think that i´ve been here for almost 3 weeks. Such a blessing haha. God is great. We had our district meeting which was really great. We talked alot about how we need to work with members. This is something that we were working on alot in Florida. Then luckly that day we had interviews with president and the assistants. The assistants asked us a question that really got us thinking. ´´Would the ward baptize if they didn´t have missionaries?´´ What a good question. We had to answer no. So now we are truely changing our focus. That night we had a meeting with our newly called ward mission leader. He actually went out and knocked doors with us last sunday so he really had been thinking a lot. We all decided that we were going to work on truely working with the ward. We were able to really talk and since he is new he is really working on being great. And since we are the missionaries we really get to try and train him. He is really a great guy. So i´m excited for that.
Haha this week we did a practice about teaching with the other elders that live in our house. It was crazy. Me and elder Hannay the other elder from utah taught them. Well I thought we were practiceing one thing and after they totally corrected us on a different thing that was really rough. Lets just say with me I don´t take correction easily and hispanics don´t give it very constructivly haha. I´ll just leave that at that. Well I was having all this pride. haha thats what i figured out that it is. So i had all this pride and The lord Humbled me. I read this talk from president uchdorf that really hit me. haha. He said in this talk
´´We don´t discover Humility by thinking less of ourselves. We discover Humility by thinking less about ourselves.´´
So that really got me thinking. I need to be more humble. There is a difference in humility and Low confidence. Everybody always says I´m super humble. That its a strength i have. But I figured it out. I´m not humble just have low confidence haha. No just kidding. But ya I was able to think about this alot this week. And through some goals I think I will be able to improve myself bit by bit. one step at a time.
Hmm So Our Gators. Right now we are really working with two people. We are more in the finding stage. But we have a lady Named Liliana Roblero. She is super ready. She has had many trials in her life. Wich has led her to where she is now. We taught her about baptism and invited her to a date and she said yes. So now we just need to get her to come to church because she said shed come but she didn´t. Thats she spanish culture I guess haha. But ya we are really going to work on that.

Then we have a guy named Mario Goodlane. He´s super cool. He has a big addiction to smoking. So we are really working with that. The thing is he has the faith to quit just hasn´t quite gotten a big enough desire. So we are going to teach him. He´s great though. Really smart. Knows a lot of the bible. He is the x Boyfriend of Beatreace which is the lady we baptized last week. So that will be good. They might even get back together after. He´s still thinking about it. So we´ll see.

Well everything is good here. You guys are great. Thanks for everything. I love you all. Thanks for your shinning examples to me. Stay strong! The Lord is there for every one of us. I love you!!!!!

Pray always for (haha),
Elder Dial

November 4, 2013 (week 2)

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O man what a crazy week haha. I love it. Man where to start. I don´t even know. We had our first district meeting. Wow what a great district leader i have. His name is Elder Larson From Emmit Idaho. He is super cool. A great example for me. He gave us talk that really is going to change my mission. It talked about our true purpose as missionaries. It was super good. its from Dallin H. Oaks but I don´t know the title. But ya it really gave me the strength to push on. I really don´t know what it is but the culture here is different. I have so much fear to talk. I´d almost call it culture shock but really not quite haha. So that really hit me. That If I love the people nothing else Matters. And with the help of a Patricatical Blessing and the help of an awesome fathers blessing I have been blessed with haha. So ya. But ya I have been able to get rid of that fear and really just step up to the plate. Luckly my companion is really patient. Weekly planning was super good too. I really enjoyed that. To really get to know what we have. Because until now I have really just been a follower. We would be going to a place and I wouldn´t know if it was a member or an investigator. So that has been fun. But I am learning. He really helped me. He knows I´m struggling and he just helped me make goals and really built my confidence. So that has been good. O man so we had this family get baptized this week haha. Crazy huh. Not only that but I did one of them. The Veareal family. The mom Beatrice, Daughter Melonie, and Son Nojel. That was cool. They don´t have a dad. She was living with a guy but they separated so that she could be baptized. So that really was pretty cool. I didn´t even really know abou them until I got back from this exchange. I got to go to a different area with an elder from Honduras. Hes pretty cool. I love people from Honduras. They are super humble. That was such a blessing for my confidence with the language too. He is still pretty new to the mission so I took charge of the lessons. I can really do that. haha. It really helped me. So ya I´m grateful for that. Man I´m so greatful for everything here. Its such a blessing to be a missionary you all have no Idea. I´m so blessed every single day. So funny story. Elder Piaco my companion baptized Nohel the kid and when he came up out of the water he started screaming haha. Hes only 9 years old so that was funny. Its like he thought he was going to drown. Lost his footing or something so that gave him a scare haha. I baptized melonie. Shes awesome. They are really super humble.Really wanting to obey. Its super cool to watch the change in people. So been here 11 days and have 4 baptisms not to bad eh? haha. Not really from my efforts but God Really loves me haha. Hmm what else really happened this week. not much. We went to Cordoba from a Zone P day activity that took a lot of time but we played some soccer. Man I´m gonna play a lot of soccer here. Its gonna be great. God truely loves me! So Savanah Got baptized this week huh? what big news. haha. Glad Somebody told me. Congradualations Savannah. That is so cool. Got any pictures? haha. What a blessing. My little sister is baptized. Only one more to go……. haha. Well thanks for all your prayers. They are greatly apriciated. Thanks for everything. I love you all. Love, Elder Dial