November 4, 2013 (week 2)

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O man what a crazy week haha. I love it. Man where to start. I don´t even know. We had our first district meeting. Wow what a great district leader i have. His name is Elder Larson From Emmit Idaho. He is super cool. A great example for me. He gave us talk that really is going to change my mission. It talked about our true purpose as missionaries. It was super good. its from Dallin H. Oaks but I don´t know the title. But ya it really gave me the strength to push on. I really don´t know what it is but the culture here is different. I have so much fear to talk. I´d almost call it culture shock but really not quite haha. So that really hit me. That If I love the people nothing else Matters. And with the help of a Patricatical Blessing and the help of an awesome fathers blessing I have been blessed with haha. So ya. But ya I have been able to get rid of that fear and really just step up to the plate. Luckly my companion is really patient. Weekly planning was super good too. I really enjoyed that. To really get to know what we have. Because until now I have really just been a follower. We would be going to a place and I wouldn´t know if it was a member or an investigator. So that has been fun. But I am learning. He really helped me. He knows I´m struggling and he just helped me make goals and really built my confidence. So that has been good. O man so we had this family get baptized this week haha. Crazy huh. Not only that but I did one of them. The Veareal family. The mom Beatrice, Daughter Melonie, and Son Nojel. That was cool. They don´t have a dad. She was living with a guy but they separated so that she could be baptized. So that really was pretty cool. I didn´t even really know abou them until I got back from this exchange. I got to go to a different area with an elder from Honduras. Hes pretty cool. I love people from Honduras. They are super humble. That was such a blessing for my confidence with the language too. He is still pretty new to the mission so I took charge of the lessons. I can really do that. haha. It really helped me. So ya I´m grateful for that. Man I´m so greatful for everything here. Its such a blessing to be a missionary you all have no Idea. I´m so blessed every single day. So funny story. Elder Piaco my companion baptized Nohel the kid and when he came up out of the water he started screaming haha. Hes only 9 years old so that was funny. Its like he thought he was going to drown. Lost his footing or something so that gave him a scare haha. I baptized melonie. Shes awesome. They are really super humble.Really wanting to obey. Its super cool to watch the change in people. So been here 11 days and have 4 baptisms not to bad eh? haha. Not really from my efforts but God Really loves me haha. Hmm what else really happened this week. not much. We went to Cordoba from a Zone P day activity that took a lot of time but we played some soccer. Man I´m gonna play a lot of soccer here. Its gonna be great. God truely loves me! So Savanah Got baptized this week huh? what big news. haha. Glad Somebody told me. Congradualations Savannah. That is so cool. Got any pictures? haha. What a blessing. My little sister is baptized. Only one more to go……. haha. Well thanks for all your prayers. They are greatly apriciated. Thanks for everything. I love you all. Love, Elder Dial


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