November 18, 2013


Well this week was truely crazy. tons of things to do. Well Monday as you know we went to Cordoba. We have gone to Cordoba every week on P day but this week was different. We went in the afternoon. We went Bowling haha. What a blast. I didn´t do so hot but I definetly had fun. Thats what counts haha. After that we did a special exchange where everybody went on an exchange in the zone. So lucky me I got to stay in my area. Its always a self esteem boost when I get that opportunity. To reasure me that I´m learning. I really only have like 4 weeks hear and I´ve learned so much. So that was super good. One thing i have decided is that everybody here is super good at contacting people. That would be one of my downfalls. But I´m learning. I got to be with Elder Madrid From Honduras. I love the poeple from Honduras. They are so great. He is Going home in 2 weeks. Hes such a good missionary. Really good at contacting people. He really got me to think and shared some things with me that I´m going to apply in my misssionary work.

Well that was monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we had a Zone conference. That was super good. Learned a ton of things there. But Also Thursday we had a mission conference. Its amazing how different everything is here. The work is different but its the same. But the mission conference was great. I got to see Elder Varner and Elder Richardson. Elder Richardson asked how Our stake president was doing. haha. Hes such a good kid. I love president and his wife. His wife shared something that really has changed me. She said
In order to be the Lords Servant you need to think like him´´. 
Wow how true that is. I find myself getting caught up in so many things that I forget to really just be like the savior. Just do what the savior would do. So that is something I get to work on. Such a blessing. I love it. But ya Friday we went to cordoba again to do some papers. Got all the way there and found out that it was elder Hannay that was suppose to go and not me. So that was pretty funny. A good waist of 3 hours. But it was great. 
Saturday we had an activity with the priestood in the ward. Got to play some soccer. that was great too. The ward here in Jesus Maria is so good. Such good people. 
Today we got to go to Cordoba again. We played some soccer with the zone and had a lunch. it was good. I love it here. A little hot but I can deal with that haha. I love missionary work.!!!

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