November 25, 2013



Holy cow I forgot it was thanksgiving. haha. What a blessing. Thank you so much for all of your letters. They really helped. They always do. You are all so great. Hmm so many milagros this week. Milagros is a miracle. haha. Just in spanish. and when I say Milagros I mean milagros. There is a little girl here. She is the daughter of a less active lady that really we have reactivated but her daughters name is Milagros. Pretty cool huh? She reminds me a lot of all my little siblings. I have a scripture case that elder slade made for me that has a picture of my wonderful family that I get to show everybody. I think she has a crush on Quincy. Because every time we go over there she wants to see the picture haha. No but so many great things happening here. 


I got to have the awesome chance to break my bike this week haha. That was fun. I took some pictures so you can play guess whats missing on the bike. haha. But then we got to borrow a bike from a member. Its pretty great haha. It has a baby seat. Its so perfect. It reminds me of all those rides with Lacey in the baby seat of moms bike. Its so much fun. So that was the blessing of the week. 

We also got to actually do some good work this week. I´ve really come to love my companion. He´s great. A super good missionary. Its amazing how God knows what you need. We are still working on some things but for reals we are  strengthening that relationship every day. Its great. We had some great chances to really do some teaching. The thing that really sticks out this week is the chance I had to share my testimony. It was great. I love  sharing my testimony. I love sharing what I know to help others learn and progress. One thing that was said in elders quorum this sunday is when you share your knowledge your knowledge increases. But you have to take that step of faith. YOu have to show God that you are grateful for that knowledge that you have. Such a blessing. 

Hmm so Savannah did a project on Argentina. YOu should have looked up Argintine cowboys. They dress super funny. Its really cool actually. Have big huge hats and everything. The fruit drink was just fruits in tang. haha. But it was good haha. It wasn´t anything special. But it was good. O ya. Maté. Everybody drinks it here. BUt we aren´t allowed to as missionaries. So no haven´t quite tried it. And can´t say I really have the desire. It doesn´t really look that appetizing. haha So thats a blessing that we can´t drink it haha.

Investigators. Still looking. Everybody we´ve had hasn´t really been progressing so far. So we are still looking. Have a lot of potentials that we really just need to follow up on. Just haven´t quite had the time. So hopefully we´ll have some progress next week. 


One last quote I really liked. 

Amazing things come from normal people that work extraordinarily hard.

President Hinckley. 

So lets go work hard and we can do amazing things. Thanks for everything. You are all great.

Love always,

Elder Dial


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