December 9, 2013

Its amazing how much a change can really get you super pumped to work. We went out to work monday night and got talking me and my new companion. And we got talking about the different ways we like to do missionary work. He got talking about how he loves to work through the members. My last companion just wanted to work work work. Well that was all fine and dandy but In preach my gospel it talks about how you need to use the members. I love wroking with members. So that is definetly something that made me happy. Its amaing how god just does stuff in your life that you can just be so greteful for. I just feel so much more confortable with elder Hernandez. Elder Paico was definetly different. It was hard. But man God is blessing me like crazy. We are really still in the finding stage. I talked of some gators that we had this last week. Well they ended up not turning into anything. That was rough. So elder Hernandez came into the area with basically nothing. Nothing going. So that was definetly rough on him. but we are working hard. Elder Hernandez is awesome. He spend 8 months of his mission as an office elder. Working as the elder that did all the stuff for the housing.

O man this week funny story. So wednesday morning we woke up and got a call haha. Weird call for sure. It was the zone leaders and they said we couldn´t leave our apartments because the police in Codoba was on strike. I guess from what i´ve heard is that the police was on strike and wouldn´t leave the building. So everybody went crazy and started stealing and everything. Its really pretty sad. I just kept thinking the world is coming to an end. We ended up being able to leave because it wasn´t effecting Jesus Maria. But man its sad when there aren´t consequences people will do anything. The worst part is that it has a Gospel learning to it. If the poeple don´t know the consequence of their sin they are going to do it. So as a missionary my Job is to warn them. So I´m here in agrentina warning them of the consequences. Helping them see that they need to repent. and that when they do they will recieve so many blessings. God is great.

This week I feel like I just took a big Jump in the language too. That i can really speak it a lot better. I don´t know what it was but i really just have lots more confidence. God is great. Thank you for your prayers. Im sure that is where its at too. All of your prayers are really working. So thank you for everything.

Well not much more happened this week. Just saw some great miracles. One thing he is really good at is killing people with love. You can just see how peoples attitudes change when he talks with people. At first they don´t want anything but then they can feel the love God has for them. Its great. Its a great example for me.

One more story. Well in our area there is a rode that is lined with trees on both sides. Its really super pretty. I love it. But we went on this rode for a ton of time. There streets that are numbered on this rode. I believe there are like 120 rodes. Well we went to the 80th one. I don´t know how long that is but it was long. haha. We got to this statue too. I have pictures. Its pretty cool. They call it El statuaje del Imigrante. I think… Thats what I heard from them haha. The statue of the Imagrant. Its sweet.

Well thanks for everything. You are the best. I love you all! TTFN:)

Elder Dial


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