December 16, 2013


Wow what a great week. It was different. We really worked our tails off. We did a ton of work. Elder Hernandez is so awesome. I just love working with him. He really actually has pretty good english. Its funny. Here everybody wants to learn english. Everybody is studying english. So I have helped a couple people with their homework. Its really pretty fun. Not saying I´m perfect at english or spanish. But Hey I can get by speaking both. Just don´t ask me any grammar for the two. haha. English was always my worst subject. 

O man so I was reading in an esign this week. Guess who I saw. The Weinburgers…. haha I remember somebody telling me they had their picture in an ensign but I never saw it. Thats so cool. Or maybe I saw it and asked about it but I just forgot about it haha. I don´t know could be both haha.  

Anyways but this week. Well one thing that I love is when we are out knocking doors and we knock into a friend or somebody that knows the members. It happened twice this week. One was super prepared to. So we are going to see with him how that goes. You never know who is truely prepared of your friends. I wish I could invite the members to do more. But I truely feel that I can´t truely invite the members to do something I never did. Well I truely can but I can´t really speak from personal experience. I think that is something that all the elders that aren´t from utah have the advantage. They all have friends they all have had chances to share the gospel. If your from utah you don´t have as many oportunities. But you still have those oportunities. I just never took them. But ya. Everybody has their own experiences that you can really become better from. That you learn from.

Esperanza. Well that means hope I´ve been studying a lot about hope this week. Hope is so amazing. Its amazing how when you truely hope for something everything changes. Really if you don´t have hope you don´t have a purpose. I have a quote from President hincley that talks about succes. Its 4 things you need. One is study scriptures daily. I don´t remember the other two but The last one is Live your life with purpose. So ya. Make sure you have a purpose in everything that you do.

Hmm cool stories this week. We ran into two families this week. They are less acitve. Well kinda. Both less active but one has a daughter that we want to work with. She is super cool. She has a family and everything. This mission really has their focus on baptizing families. So we are working to find some good families. Gotta love families. But ya so many great miracles this week. We just have a lot of people to follow up on. To teach more. What a great blessing.

Well don´t get trunky for chirstmas. haha. I love you all. Have a great blessed week this week. Don´t forget the true meaning of christmas. O in fact there is a mormon message about christmas. With a little girl. I think its called the true meaning of chirstmas. I invite you to watch it for family hope evening tomorrow. The little girl reminds me of my All grown up sister Lacey. 

Great well I love you! Until next week when I have more information about the call. Sorry its so last min. Really not my fault. Thanks for your love and support. 


Elder Dial


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