January 27, 2013


O man I love change to a certain point. Its super good. But its also super bad. This week were so many changes. I was with my companion companion for 3 out of the seven days this week. There were a lot of exchanges with other missionaries and everything. Super rough. But super good too. I loved it. Trials truely are to make you better. Make you stronger. haha. But Elder Ramos is super cool. Super ready. This wednesday he is leaving though. I don´t know exactly what is going to happen haha. He is leaving for a week to go to efy. that will be fun for him. I´m super excited for him. But it will be different. I don´t really know if i´m getting a different minnie missionary or if I´m going to get a new companion. It will be fun. But I love it haha. But ya Elder Ramos is awesome. Really just ready to work. He got a cold this week. O man what a blessing. Haha. I love being cold haha. Friday I had to have a jacket on all day. How cool is that? It was mainly because it had rained and I didn´t want to stain the back of my shirt with mud. But ya it was like 60 degrees. Goodness I love the cold. Its gonna be rough when it gets warm again. But I´m gonna love it just as much. haha but ya he got a cold and he doesn´t feel good at all but he is still ready to go. Ready to get out and work all day long. Its super cool.

But ya that was a lot of what happened this week. Okay the temple. a lot of you asked about the temple haha. What a blessing the temple. Um as of right now the news i have heared is its going to be finished january of next year. So it still has some time. But From what president has said we should be able to be a part of it in some way or another haha. So what will be cool. I haven´t been back to see it yet. But we are going on wednesday to do some paperwork and everything so that I can be here legally haha. So what will be fun. We´ll get to see the temple then. Super excited.

The mission presidnet. Yes he is super young. He is from here in agrentina. He has a kid thats about 4 years old more or less. He is awesome. Really a patient guy. Really loving and really understands people. He is just a super good guy. I don´t think there is any mission president that isn´t a good guy. So ya haha. He has a phrase that when you ask him for help he tells you ´´you fix it´´. Its super funny because he says it in english. haha. Super great guy.

Hmm but ya we have some super cool investigators. The Lord is blessing us with Miracles. Its amazing when you can see the Lord´s hand in his work. Not only in his work but in his tools. Thats one thing I have tried to focus on this week. Being tool in the Lords hand. I have a letter from dad that goes and talkes about all of the strengths I have and how I need to let those strengths show so that the Lord can access them. Super cool. But ya We still have the Familia Gonzalas. They are awesome. They don´t have much but are so willing to give. We had a member stop by for them for church. Only the mom went. The rest couldn´t for some reason. But ya she loved church. Now we just need to get them married is all. That is a little more complicated than I thought. So We are working on that. But they are great. Then we have some super cool other people that we have only talked to once that we really need to stop by again. But lots of people that I believe will progress to baptism.

But ya this week was truely amazing. Super hard but super amazing. Its amzing how God will bless you through all of these trials. And how he lifts you up to overcome these challenges.

Thank you for everything you do for me. All of your prayers. all of your support and love. It helps me every day. I love being able to show everybody pictures of my familia. To brag about how cool we are haha. No but really thank you. I love you all.
Until next week,
Elder Dial



January 20, 2014

O wow what a week. haha. So many things changing ever day. Thursday we got a call from president. Well that was pretty crazy haha. He told us that Elder Hernandez was going home friday. It was about 6 o´clock when we recieved the call. So we had to hurry home. Then we had to go to that family that washes our clothes and hurry back home. What I had understood is that we were going to go to Cordoba That night. But luckly it changed. The zone leaders were there in Jesus Maria because we were all planing a big zone activity in Jesus Maria for today on our P day. So we had to hurry super fast to visit Some leaders. Luckly we changed companions because The Zone leaders didn´t know where they lived. Wow it was fun. That was a crazy night. From there we went to the terminal where all the buses leave. Well crazy enough Elder Hernandez my companion was there with all his stuff. I was lucky to get to say goodbye to him. Haha everything went super fast that night. So I was in a trio again for one night. The next day I got a new companion. He is what they call a miny missionary. Super cool. They get the youth from the mission and they put them with an elder until they get a new companion. I have a kid named Lucas Ramos. He is super cool. Super super cool. He´s 17 years old. Hes from a place called La Rioja…. Haha Northwest of here in Jesus Maria. Super fun.

But ya everything is great. We are able to work super hard. I still have my trials but its great. I love it. I just love being a missionary. Its amazing how the lord qualifies who he calls. I don´t know what changed. Really just my confidence im sure. I lack in that a lot but I feel like I can talk with everybody now. Well the people I know that is. But the Lord is really blessing me. But not only me. I look at Elder Ramos and he is so much more prepared for his mission than I was. We were with a less active on saturday. Well he has some pretty crazy Ideas haha. But he said something super inspired. Super super inspired that really hit the less active. It was so cool to see the change that it put in the Less active. It just goes to show yet again that the Lord Qualifies who he calls. Always.

Ya I´m really excited for this transfer though. We have met some super cool people. We had a new person come to church this week. It is the boyfriend of a less active. It was pretty cool because he came solo. By himself. His girlfriend ddidn´t come. But I guess he came with his two daughters. But he is super cool. the only bad part is is that he leaves for buenos Aires tonight. So thats always a blessing haha. But ya We´ve planted the seed. I think he will search out the missionaries there. His really cool.

We also found two more yesterday after church. So sweet. One that used to be an investigator that I feel is super prepared to listen to the gospel now. She remembers a lot. She really has a lot of faith. She was basically begging us to come back. Just helped her to remember the feelings of the spirit that we can feel in the church. Super cool. So many blessings. Then we ran into the son of a member. Well the whole family. The son is a less active. Super less active. And for that he doesn´t remember much of what we teach. Super cool. Him and his wife just talked about how they have listened to so many other missionaries of different religions. How non of them felt right. How non of their doctorine made sense. How cool it is to be able to promise them that they have found it. But not only that but they could pray and ask God for themselves if this is it. We have some super solid investigators. It will be great.

But ya like I was talking about earlier we have 30 missionaries here right now in Jesus Maria. We are playing games really just having fun. I love zone activities. This morning I was super stressed. Because at 6 o´clock we are all leaving to work here. So we had to make 15 different plans and have a map so they wouldn´t get lost. Super stressful. But to be able to use the gift of prayer is such a blessing. To ask for help and then to recieve it. God is such a blessing in every single one of our lives. He helps us every day. I love being able to ask God every morning for a chance to serve people. I love serving people. Thats one thing that my companion said to me when he got here. He asked if we did any service. He really just wants to serve people. So we are really going to look for chances to serve people.

Wow I wish I could express all of the blessings I have recieved this week. But I can´t quite do it haha. So many miracles. I am really just doing my best to help Mini Elder Ramos have the best experience he can. One of our zone leaders served in his ward and talked about how he has kind of gone back and forth with his desire to serve a mission. So this is kind of the Make it or break it. But God is blessing us. Helping me. I love being a missionary. It has always been my dream. Always always. And all i can say is im living my dream. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Love always,
Elder Dial

Funny Joke of the day. Its one that a member told us the other day.

So one day there were these to missionaries out in the middle of Africa. They were just walking through the desert to their next apointment. Of coarse with the luck of the missionaries they see a lion in the distance just running as fast as it can at them. Of coarse the one companion takes off running to the closest tree and climbs it. The other elder freezes up and doesn´t know what to do. So of coarse the first thing he thinks to do is to start praying. ´´Heavenly Father please bless me that this lion wont eat me. O please o please.´´ All the sudden it goes silent. He doesn´t hear the lion comming any more. So he opens his eyes and he see´s the lion on his knees down praying ´´Heavenly father please bless this food that I am about to eat…..´´ haha.

I thought it was pretty funny. but ya mom wanted something funny so there you go mom. haha. I love you!!!

January 13, 2014


All of the members keep talking about the states. How its breaking records there with how cold it is haha. I always tell them I don´t know my family hasn´t said anything. They keep saying its breaking records here with how hot it is too. Pretty crazy. But I love it. I love being hot. haha. Its such a blessing. I remember when Justin got home and he froze to death everywhere he went. Well I´m sure that will be me. haha. In the morning its getting down to 70 degrees haha. I almost freeze to death haha. But then I start to do my exercises and its all good haha. Its just a change. It will be wierd do finally have a winter again haha.

O man where to start with this week. Hmm well this week was a little crazy. Transfers. What a blessing haha. I´m staying with my companion here in Jesus Maria. What a great day haha. Its my first time having the same companion in the same area two transfers in a row. My first time without a change. So that will be great. It will probably only be one or two weeks though. He is going to go home a little early for his health. The docotor called him and told him that with his health if he goes home now will need about two years to recover. So he decided that that would be the best choice for him right now. And the president Agreed. Its amazing how much he has suffered. A blessing that he´s still here. I have learned so much from him in the time we have had together. It has been great for sure. Hes a great guy. But ya we´ll see what happens this week. Hopefully I can stay with him for a little longer. 
Hm This week. So many miracles. We had the blessing of having a bunch of people come to church this week that weren´t members. There were two that were really great. Both youth of 18 and 21 years. They are super cool. But part members. Saturday we had some plans. But we wen´t to every plan that we had and nobody was home. Nobody. It was acually pretty frustrating. But it was a blessing. Really makes you humble yourself before the Lord. But ya just everybody we were going to invite to come to church one last time weren´t home. So that was hard. But Like I said it makes you humble yourself. That Night I just asked the Lord. Please help somebody come to church. Help the members, help anybody have desires to come to church. It was such a blessing to see people walk in with members. To see one walk in by himself. The Lord Answers Prayers. I have a testimony of that. O how I do. We were able to get their adress and this week we are going to stop by and visit with them. O how the Lord Loves us. 
Hmm so I would say that Jesus Maria is more like a St George. Its so crazy. But once a year they have a big Rodeo. haha. A HUGE Rodeo. There are so many people here. Like the Little city tripled in size this week. haha. Its pretty funny to just we all the crazy cowboys walking to the rodeo grounds. But ya its like every night for 10 nights straight. Then they have like a big place to go buy stuff. Still haven´t quite made my way there. But I hear its just crazy. Super crazy. But ya all the ward members tell us about it. It seems pretty fun. Eat a lot of meat. haha.
Well that was about the week. A great blessing. Blessings everywhere. Thank you for your love and support. You guys are the best. Keep working hard. Pushing on. Enjoying life. Thats what its for. I Love you!!!!!!!!
Until next week.
Elder Dial

January 6, 2013


O man funny story of the week. So we were at this less actives house and he asked me what I wanted to do when I got back from my mission. I said well I´d like to go into construction. And he asked back un Modelo? Well I didn´t really hear him that well I just figured he said constuction back. So Of coarse I just noded my head and went on to say ya its something that I think I would like a lot. Luckly my companion heard him well and said. No I think he said construction. So ya that was pretty funny. Gotta love spanish. haha. O well what can you do. Him and his Girlfriend got a good kick out of it. O well its okay so did my and my companion. 


This week was full of miracles. I truely loved this week. There is a less active that I love to death. Well she is living with this guy. Well this week we  picked up her boyfriend as an investigator. They have a daughted that just turned eight. So we are really trying to work with them. They are super cool. Super humble. He doesn´t quite want his daughter to be baptized but Once he recieves an answer I think he will be a very strong member. One thing that really helps me is to see poeple as they can be. I see him being a great young mens leader. I can truely see him being an amazing young mens leader like the ones that I had. Really influence a ton of youth for the better. That is truely what helps me to see them as they can be. Think of a calling they could have and then think about all the great leaders I had. Its super fun. Such a blessing.


We also had this other less active. This is the Model less active haha. They are super cool. He is Gendarme. Its kinda like a police military. I don´t really know. You could probably look it up online and find out more information than I know. I just know they have a Gendarme Base here in Jesus Maria so there are a ton of Gendarme here. Its great though. Every one I have talked to really has a strong faith in Christ. ITs super fun to teach them. But ya we got to talk with him. He does have a girlfriend. But we just met him this last week. We got on the subject of church and he kinda nodded his head like he wanted us to invite his girlfriend to church. So we did. We didn´t quite get her to come. But she told us a story of one of her friends that she went with to a church activity when she was younger. So she kinda knows the chruch. You truely never know what a simple inviation will do. To see how she knows the chruch alreadyl. Just really prepared to recieve the Gospel right now. 


This week was just truely full of miracles. I loved it. New years was good. We had a lot of blessings. We got to watch fireworks. New years was definetly bigger. They don´t have anything that like the city does like in the states. But everybody buys the big ones and just shoots them off. We live in the center of Jesus Maria so they were being shot off all around us. It was super cool. Kinda like on the Jamboree but not quite as close. 


Hmm What else great happened this week. There were so many things.


Just starting a new year. Goals Goals Goals. haha. I have a ton of little ones. I really want to focus this year on service. Serving everybody. I remember a story dad always used to tell of a guy that would always show up late to the meetings. I don´t remember who he said it was or what meetings But he would always show up late. haha. Kinda like me. Except he had a better reason. He would always show up because he was helping somebody with a flat tire. He was helping an old lady across the street. Who knows haha. But The was dad put it really hit me. ´´Because he was out there living the Gospel while we were in a meeting trying to plan how we can live the gospel´´. Thats not an exact quote haha. But it was something to that effect. That experience has really been in my mind the last little bit and has made me want to live the Gospel before anything else. Even as missionaries I think we get so caught up in being finding people to teach that you forget to be Like Christ and live the gospel before you share it. So that is probably my biggest goal this year. To look for ways that I can be live Christ before anything Else.


Thank you for everything. You guys are the best. I hope you have a great week and can´t wait to hear from you next week. TTFN (Ta ta for now)

Love you guys!


Elder Dial

December 30, 2013

IMG_0972 IMG_0995 IMG_1002 IMG_0962

Sister Lucher finally away. What a blessing. Everything can either be a blessing or a curse. I mean everything. I found a scripture today that even backed me up`. Titus 1:15. The peacful will always see things as peaceful and the wicked as wicked. So cool. I think about Brother Lucher. What a great guy he truely is. He is my Hero. Being able to go home teaching with him was one of the greatest blessings of my life. Being able to listen to his stories. Being able to see how he has every excuse in the world to not fulfill his calling but he still did it. Then to see how happy he was all the time. I have reflected a lot on the quote of my mission. Never once heard him say a bad thing about any situation or person. That is Brother Lucher. Never Once did I hear him complain. The only thing he truely cared about was his wife. He had the Love of the Savior. What a blessing his example is for all of us.

O man so christmas was great. Thank you everybody for you kind words and your smiling faces. Smiles are always good. I think about my family whenever I am down. Those happy smiling faces is what keeps me going. Gives me that desire that everybody we talk to can feel the same happiness that we have.

Well this week was pretty slow. With christmas and everything. My companion also was pretty sick. He almost went home because of his sickness. You´ll never guess what his sickness is…. haha Headaches from stress. Well I´m basically an expert in that haha. No But I´m just doing my best to help him not stress. So we´ll see. Hes such a good missionary. Its amazing how every experience you´ve had in your life can really prepare you for another time in your life.

Well I finally opened my Orange sticks. Guess what…. The weren´t in one big blob. I can eat them. They are super good too haha. I love chocolate. That still hasn´t changed.

Hmm but ya that was my week. Just really doing my best to do the best I can. So grateful for the new year and the chance to make goals every year. To better myself every year. Especially in the mission where you truely change the most. I left my planner with all my goals in the apartment. But next week I will share them all with you. As I hope you will share yours with me too. I love you all. Talk to you next week.

O ya for my birthday I want a copy of the ensign from last conference. I still haven´t got one and I want to read it super bad haha. Im so selfish haha.

Until next week.
Elder Dial.