December 30, 2013

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Sister Lucher finally away. What a blessing. Everything can either be a blessing or a curse. I mean everything. I found a scripture today that even backed me up`. Titus 1:15. The peacful will always see things as peaceful and the wicked as wicked. So cool. I think about Brother Lucher. What a great guy he truely is. He is my Hero. Being able to go home teaching with him was one of the greatest blessings of my life. Being able to listen to his stories. Being able to see how he has every excuse in the world to not fulfill his calling but he still did it. Then to see how happy he was all the time. I have reflected a lot on the quote of my mission. Never once heard him say a bad thing about any situation or person. That is Brother Lucher. Never Once did I hear him complain. The only thing he truely cared about was his wife. He had the Love of the Savior. What a blessing his example is for all of us.

O man so christmas was great. Thank you everybody for you kind words and your smiling faces. Smiles are always good. I think about my family whenever I am down. Those happy smiling faces is what keeps me going. Gives me that desire that everybody we talk to can feel the same happiness that we have.

Well this week was pretty slow. With christmas and everything. My companion also was pretty sick. He almost went home because of his sickness. You´ll never guess what his sickness is…. haha Headaches from stress. Well I´m basically an expert in that haha. No But I´m just doing my best to help him not stress. So we´ll see. Hes such a good missionary. Its amazing how every experience you´ve had in your life can really prepare you for another time in your life.

Well I finally opened my Orange sticks. Guess what…. The weren´t in one big blob. I can eat them. They are super good too haha. I love chocolate. That still hasn´t changed.

Hmm but ya that was my week. Just really doing my best to do the best I can. So grateful for the new year and the chance to make goals every year. To better myself every year. Especially in the mission where you truely change the most. I left my planner with all my goals in the apartment. But next week I will share them all with you. As I hope you will share yours with me too. I love you all. Talk to you next week.

O ya for my birthday I want a copy of the ensign from last conference. I still haven´t got one and I want to read it super bad haha. Im so selfish haha.

Until next week.
Elder Dial.



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