January 6, 2013


O man funny story of the week. So we were at this less actives house and he asked me what I wanted to do when I got back from my mission. I said well I´d like to go into construction. And he asked back un Modelo? Well I didn´t really hear him that well I just figured he said constuction back. So Of coarse I just noded my head and went on to say ya its something that I think I would like a lot. Luckly my companion heard him well and said. No I think he said construction. So ya that was pretty funny. Gotta love spanish. haha. O well what can you do. Him and his Girlfriend got a good kick out of it. O well its okay so did my and my companion. 


This week was full of miracles. I truely loved this week. There is a less active that I love to death. Well she is living with this guy. Well this week we  picked up her boyfriend as an investigator. They have a daughted that just turned eight. So we are really trying to work with them. They are super cool. Super humble. He doesn´t quite want his daughter to be baptized but Once he recieves an answer I think he will be a very strong member. One thing that really helps me is to see poeple as they can be. I see him being a great young mens leader. I can truely see him being an amazing young mens leader like the ones that I had. Really influence a ton of youth for the better. That is truely what helps me to see them as they can be. Think of a calling they could have and then think about all the great leaders I had. Its super fun. Such a blessing.


We also had this other less active. This is the Model less active haha. They are super cool. He is Gendarme. Its kinda like a police military. I don´t really know. You could probably look it up online and find out more information than I know. I just know they have a Gendarme Base here in Jesus Maria so there are a ton of Gendarme here. Its great though. Every one I have talked to really has a strong faith in Christ. ITs super fun to teach them. But ya we got to talk with him. He does have a girlfriend. But we just met him this last week. We got on the subject of church and he kinda nodded his head like he wanted us to invite his girlfriend to church. So we did. We didn´t quite get her to come. But she told us a story of one of her friends that she went with to a church activity when she was younger. So she kinda knows the chruch. You truely never know what a simple inviation will do. To see how she knows the chruch alreadyl. Just really prepared to recieve the Gospel right now. 


This week was just truely full of miracles. I loved it. New years was good. We had a lot of blessings. We got to watch fireworks. New years was definetly bigger. They don´t have anything that like the city does like in the states. But everybody buys the big ones and just shoots them off. We live in the center of Jesus Maria so they were being shot off all around us. It was super cool. Kinda like on the Jamboree but not quite as close. 


Hmm What else great happened this week. There were so many things.


Just starting a new year. Goals Goals Goals. haha. I have a ton of little ones. I really want to focus this year on service. Serving everybody. I remember a story dad always used to tell of a guy that would always show up late to the meetings. I don´t remember who he said it was or what meetings But he would always show up late. haha. Kinda like me. Except he had a better reason. He would always show up because he was helping somebody with a flat tire. He was helping an old lady across the street. Who knows haha. But The was dad put it really hit me. ´´Because he was out there living the Gospel while we were in a meeting trying to plan how we can live the gospel´´. Thats not an exact quote haha. But it was something to that effect. That experience has really been in my mind the last little bit and has made me want to live the Gospel before anything else. Even as missionaries I think we get so caught up in being finding people to teach that you forget to be Like Christ and live the gospel before you share it. So that is probably my biggest goal this year. To look for ways that I can be live Christ before anything Else.


Thank you for everything. You guys are the best. I hope you have a great week and can´t wait to hear from you next week. TTFN (Ta ta for now)

Love you guys!


Elder Dial


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