January 13, 2014


All of the members keep talking about the states. How its breaking records there with how cold it is haha. I always tell them I don´t know my family hasn´t said anything. They keep saying its breaking records here with how hot it is too. Pretty crazy. But I love it. I love being hot. haha. Its such a blessing. I remember when Justin got home and he froze to death everywhere he went. Well I´m sure that will be me. haha. In the morning its getting down to 70 degrees haha. I almost freeze to death haha. But then I start to do my exercises and its all good haha. Its just a change. It will be wierd do finally have a winter again haha.

O man where to start with this week. Hmm well this week was a little crazy. Transfers. What a blessing haha. I´m staying with my companion here in Jesus Maria. What a great day haha. Its my first time having the same companion in the same area two transfers in a row. My first time without a change. So that will be great. It will probably only be one or two weeks though. He is going to go home a little early for his health. The docotor called him and told him that with his health if he goes home now will need about two years to recover. So he decided that that would be the best choice for him right now. And the president Agreed. Its amazing how much he has suffered. A blessing that he´s still here. I have learned so much from him in the time we have had together. It has been great for sure. Hes a great guy. But ya we´ll see what happens this week. Hopefully I can stay with him for a little longer. 
Hm This week. So many miracles. We had the blessing of having a bunch of people come to church this week that weren´t members. There were two that were really great. Both youth of 18 and 21 years. They are super cool. But part members. Saturday we had some plans. But we wen´t to every plan that we had and nobody was home. Nobody. It was acually pretty frustrating. But it was a blessing. Really makes you humble yourself before the Lord. But ya just everybody we were going to invite to come to church one last time weren´t home. So that was hard. But Like I said it makes you humble yourself. That Night I just asked the Lord. Please help somebody come to church. Help the members, help anybody have desires to come to church. It was such a blessing to see people walk in with members. To see one walk in by himself. The Lord Answers Prayers. I have a testimony of that. O how I do. We were able to get their adress and this week we are going to stop by and visit with them. O how the Lord Loves us. 
Hmm so I would say that Jesus Maria is more like a St George. Its so crazy. But once a year they have a big Rodeo. haha. A HUGE Rodeo. There are so many people here. Like the Little city tripled in size this week. haha. Its pretty funny to just we all the crazy cowboys walking to the rodeo grounds. But ya its like every night for 10 nights straight. Then they have like a big place to go buy stuff. Still haven´t quite made my way there. But I hear its just crazy. Super crazy. But ya all the ward members tell us about it. It seems pretty fun. Eat a lot of meat. haha.
Well that was about the week. A great blessing. Blessings everywhere. Thank you for your love and support. You guys are the best. Keep working hard. Pushing on. Enjoying life. Thats what its for. I Love you!!!!!!!!
Until next week.
Elder Dial

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