January 20, 2014

O wow what a week. haha. So many things changing ever day. Thursday we got a call from president. Well that was pretty crazy haha. He told us that Elder Hernandez was going home friday. It was about 6 o´clock when we recieved the call. So we had to hurry home. Then we had to go to that family that washes our clothes and hurry back home. What I had understood is that we were going to go to Cordoba That night. But luckly it changed. The zone leaders were there in Jesus Maria because we were all planing a big zone activity in Jesus Maria for today on our P day. So we had to hurry super fast to visit Some leaders. Luckly we changed companions because The Zone leaders didn´t know where they lived. Wow it was fun. That was a crazy night. From there we went to the terminal where all the buses leave. Well crazy enough Elder Hernandez my companion was there with all his stuff. I was lucky to get to say goodbye to him. Haha everything went super fast that night. So I was in a trio again for one night. The next day I got a new companion. He is what they call a miny missionary. Super cool. They get the youth from the mission and they put them with an elder until they get a new companion. I have a kid named Lucas Ramos. He is super cool. Super super cool. He´s 17 years old. Hes from a place called La Rioja…. Haha Northwest of here in Jesus Maria. Super fun.

But ya everything is great. We are able to work super hard. I still have my trials but its great. I love it. I just love being a missionary. Its amazing how the lord qualifies who he calls. I don´t know what changed. Really just my confidence im sure. I lack in that a lot but I feel like I can talk with everybody now. Well the people I know that is. But the Lord is really blessing me. But not only me. I look at Elder Ramos and he is so much more prepared for his mission than I was. We were with a less active on saturday. Well he has some pretty crazy Ideas haha. But he said something super inspired. Super super inspired that really hit the less active. It was so cool to see the change that it put in the Less active. It just goes to show yet again that the Lord Qualifies who he calls. Always.

Ya I´m really excited for this transfer though. We have met some super cool people. We had a new person come to church this week. It is the boyfriend of a less active. It was pretty cool because he came solo. By himself. His girlfriend ddidn´t come. But I guess he came with his two daughters. But he is super cool. the only bad part is is that he leaves for buenos Aires tonight. So thats always a blessing haha. But ya We´ve planted the seed. I think he will search out the missionaries there. His really cool.

We also found two more yesterday after church. So sweet. One that used to be an investigator that I feel is super prepared to listen to the gospel now. She remembers a lot. She really has a lot of faith. She was basically begging us to come back. Just helped her to remember the feelings of the spirit that we can feel in the church. Super cool. So many blessings. Then we ran into the son of a member. Well the whole family. The son is a less active. Super less active. And for that he doesn´t remember much of what we teach. Super cool. Him and his wife just talked about how they have listened to so many other missionaries of different religions. How non of them felt right. How non of their doctorine made sense. How cool it is to be able to promise them that they have found it. But not only that but they could pray and ask God for themselves if this is it. We have some super solid investigators. It will be great.

But ya like I was talking about earlier we have 30 missionaries here right now in Jesus Maria. We are playing games really just having fun. I love zone activities. This morning I was super stressed. Because at 6 o´clock we are all leaving to work here. So we had to make 15 different plans and have a map so they wouldn´t get lost. Super stressful. But to be able to use the gift of prayer is such a blessing. To ask for help and then to recieve it. God is such a blessing in every single one of our lives. He helps us every day. I love being able to ask God every morning for a chance to serve people. I love serving people. Thats one thing that my companion said to me when he got here. He asked if we did any service. He really just wants to serve people. So we are really going to look for chances to serve people.

Wow I wish I could express all of the blessings I have recieved this week. But I can´t quite do it haha. So many miracles. I am really just doing my best to help Mini Elder Ramos have the best experience he can. One of our zone leaders served in his ward and talked about how he has kind of gone back and forth with his desire to serve a mission. So this is kind of the Make it or break it. But God is blessing us. Helping me. I love being a missionary. It has always been my dream. Always always. And all i can say is im living my dream. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Love always,
Elder Dial

Funny Joke of the day. Its one that a member told us the other day.

So one day there were these to missionaries out in the middle of Africa. They were just walking through the desert to their next apointment. Of coarse with the luck of the missionaries they see a lion in the distance just running as fast as it can at them. Of coarse the one companion takes off running to the closest tree and climbs it. The other elder freezes up and doesn´t know what to do. So of coarse the first thing he thinks to do is to start praying. ´´Heavenly Father please bless me that this lion wont eat me. O please o please.´´ All the sudden it goes silent. He doesn´t hear the lion comming any more. So he opens his eyes and he see´s the lion on his knees down praying ´´Heavenly father please bless this food that I am about to eat…..´´ haha.

I thought it was pretty funny. but ya mom wanted something funny so there you go mom. haha. I love you!!!


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