January 27, 2013


O man I love change to a certain point. Its super good. But its also super bad. This week were so many changes. I was with my companion companion for 3 out of the seven days this week. There were a lot of exchanges with other missionaries and everything. Super rough. But super good too. I loved it. Trials truely are to make you better. Make you stronger. haha. But Elder Ramos is super cool. Super ready. This wednesday he is leaving though. I don´t know exactly what is going to happen haha. He is leaving for a week to go to efy. that will be fun for him. I´m super excited for him. But it will be different. I don´t really know if i´m getting a different minnie missionary or if I´m going to get a new companion. It will be fun. But I love it haha. But ya Elder Ramos is awesome. Really just ready to work. He got a cold this week. O man what a blessing. Haha. I love being cold haha. Friday I had to have a jacket on all day. How cool is that? It was mainly because it had rained and I didn´t want to stain the back of my shirt with mud. But ya it was like 60 degrees. Goodness I love the cold. Its gonna be rough when it gets warm again. But I´m gonna love it just as much. haha but ya he got a cold and he doesn´t feel good at all but he is still ready to go. Ready to get out and work all day long. Its super cool.

But ya that was a lot of what happened this week. Okay the temple. a lot of you asked about the temple haha. What a blessing the temple. Um as of right now the news i have heared is its going to be finished january of next year. So it still has some time. But From what president has said we should be able to be a part of it in some way or another haha. So what will be cool. I haven´t been back to see it yet. But we are going on wednesday to do some paperwork and everything so that I can be here legally haha. So what will be fun. We´ll get to see the temple then. Super excited.

The mission presidnet. Yes he is super young. He is from here in agrentina. He has a kid thats about 4 years old more or less. He is awesome. Really a patient guy. Really loving and really understands people. He is just a super good guy. I don´t think there is any mission president that isn´t a good guy. So ya haha. He has a phrase that when you ask him for help he tells you ´´you fix it´´. Its super funny because he says it in english. haha. Super great guy.

Hmm but ya we have some super cool investigators. The Lord is blessing us with Miracles. Its amazing when you can see the Lord´s hand in his work. Not only in his work but in his tools. Thats one thing I have tried to focus on this week. Being tool in the Lords hand. I have a letter from dad that goes and talkes about all of the strengths I have and how I need to let those strengths show so that the Lord can access them. Super cool. But ya We still have the Familia Gonzalas. They are awesome. They don´t have much but are so willing to give. We had a member stop by for them for church. Only the mom went. The rest couldn´t for some reason. But ya she loved church. Now we just need to get them married is all. That is a little more complicated than I thought. So We are working on that. But they are great. Then we have some super cool other people that we have only talked to once that we really need to stop by again. But lots of people that I believe will progress to baptism.

But ya this week was truely amazing. Super hard but super amazing. Its amzing how God will bless you through all of these trials. And how he lifts you up to overcome these challenges.

Thank you for everything you do for me. All of your prayers. all of your support and love. It helps me every day. I love being able to show everybody pictures of my familia. To brag about how cool we are haha. No but really thank you. I love you all.
Until next week,
Elder Dial



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