Feb 3, 2014

Wow where to start. well i am sick for the first time on my misión haha. what a blessing no? i have a pretty bad cold. my nose is gonna be the death of me. i love it…. well kinda haha. But ya there was one day i woke up and just felt sick haha. my head weighed a ton and had a Little sick in my tummy haha. But it was all good. its amazing how when you have the desire to work you recieve blessings. We got out to work and I could just forget about everything except for my nose haha. but its all good. i love it. so it was pretty funny that mom asked about that this week haha. But ya God will bless you when you continually try to complete his will.

I got a new companion. crazy huh? haha super changes. My other companion left for his house tuesday and leaves for efy today. pretty fun. efy is super diferent here from what i understand but everybody loves it. but ya my new companion is another mini missionary. he is from cordoba capital. he lives like 15 min from the temple. how cool is that. i truely miss the temple so much. i just want to go again. haha. especially with what dad told me. ahhh… one day i´ll make it there haha. but ya tuesday we went to the misión house to change companions. the misión home has air condicioning. o man forgot how good that feels. haha. i walked out of the house and it was hot again. o man haha. but i love it.

ya then wednesday i had to be at the misión office again at 5 in the morning. super fun. we left at like 3. but ya we did that to do some papers so that we can be legal here in agrentina. because we technically aren´t ligal. but we are getting there. this week we should be finishing our papers. but ya we didn´t realy have much time to actually work. that is always rough. but we still saw some miracles.

We have the familia Gonzalas. they are awesome. bueno he is a member less active. she isn´t a member. but they are working to get married. they are lacking one paper to do it all. but they are working on that. they are truly awesome. they are like doing it all by themselves without our help. thats how you can know somebody is prepared for the góspel. We are going to baptize them si o si. haha.

Then we have a girl named Julieta. she is awesome. she is 20 years old. she is really good friends with a family here in the Ward. her only problem is that she drinks. but its not a big addiction. she just needs to have the desire to leave it. but ya shes pretty awesome. you can see a real change in her since she started to go to church. she just seems so lonely. but she is changing. really relying on the Lord!!! its so awesome to watch God change peoples lives!! i love being a missionary.

That is about all we have that we are stopping by regularly. i love it. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!

But ya my new companion his name is Elder Guevara. super chill. he is a member of 4 years. he was able to go to do baptisms and watch his sister be baptized for him mom. how could would that be??? i´m pretty jealous. but ya he has a super strong testimony. you can really feel the spirit when he testifies. he is going to make a great missionary. he is another mini missionary. i don´t know if i said that or not. but ya life is so great. we are seeing so many miracles. every day they are there.

Thank you for your love and suport in everything. you guys are the best. I love you a million.

con amor,
Elder Dial


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