February 10, 2014

O man how crazy of a week. I feel like we didn´t really have much time to work. We had a lot of things to do. But we still saw miracles. Every day we see miracles. well lets see where to start.

La familia Aguirre. They are members. They had a son that just got back from a mission like a month ago. Then they have another son that is about to leave on a mission. Just waiting on his call. They are so awesome. Well there was another son that had been sick. He had some sort of accident that had happened about 8 months ago. He had been in the hospital for those 8 months. Well it was really a sad time. From what I understand he was a little less active but he came back right before his accident. Well friday he passed away. That was pretty rough. We are teaching his girlfriend. She is super good friends with the family. We have been teaching her for about three weeks. It was really rough. But you could really see that the whole family knew the plan. In church on sunday they were all happy. Still making jokes and everything. They even envited us over to have lunch with them after church. Super awesome family. A true example of putting others first and being able to forget about yourself. We are going to have a baptism this week. Of this families friend. Her name is Julieta. She is awesome. In church on sunday she shared her testimony. She talked about how she has really been growing in faith and that this last week was really hard but she could feel the comfort that God gave her. Super powerful. I kept looking over at the two brothers during the Funeral. I just cried. They weren´t crying or anything. They were super strong. But I was just thinking about how hard that would be for them. Super hard. Glad its not my trial. But ya that is my big story for the week. The awesome family Aguirre.

Hmm wow so many miracles. We also have two more people we are really working with. The familia Gonzalas and La hermana Nuñez, Super cool. La Hermana Nuñez is so sweet. She is the friend of a member. Super cool no? I think about everybody I´ve ever taught in my mission and it has always been through a member. So ya super excited to teach her. She came to chruch like two weeks ago and you could really see that she could feel the spirit there. She works a ton se we are working with her to try to get a time to share with her., But ya She can feel that its true already. Super cool. Just gotta love it.

Then the familia Gonzalas. They are awesome. They are still waiting on a paper to be able to get married. But they are getting closer. They are super close actually. Super super close. Ready to be married. Its amazing to watch like dad said in his letter today, to watch people change their house to a home. With every part of the recepie haha.

My companion is great. You can really see his love for the gospel. He is going to be an amazing missionary. I look at him he is so much more prepared than I was. He´s awesome. I was studying this morning about strengths and i came across a part that talks about strengths and how we need to strengthen our stregths so that God can access them. It remineded me of dads letter he wrote me at the begining of my mission. Super awesome. I love it. So many things that are inspired.

O man the video. thanks a million. I haven´t quite got to listen to it with the sound but I downloaded it onto my flash drive so we will see if I can get it to work in the apartment. But seriously thank you. The best Birthday present ever haha. You are all great. I learn from you every day.

O man I have the best family. There was a less active member we went to visit this last week. Well she speaks pretty good english. I got to tell her about my family in english. It was pretty great. I love showing off my family. I have a little box that I put my scriptures in. Its pretty neat its something my companion made me in florida. But ya it has a picture of my family. So I always have it with me to show off my wonderful family. Gotta love it.

Thank you for everything. I hope you have a wonderfull week and celebrate Laceys Birthday extra for me. O and of coarse enjoy my cake haha. Don´t forget the Ice cream haha. Thats about the only thing I´m going to do today. We are going to the store and buying lots of ice cream haha. Gotta love the only day of the year that you can do what you want to muhahaha.

I love you all,
The birthday Elder.


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