February 17, 2014



Wow they said it hadn´t rained like at all since we´ve been here but guess what. Its sure raining now haha. Its been raining on and off since friday which makes it really hard to leave on bikes. Because you leave and on the dirt roads your white shirt just gets super dirty haha. But I love it. Just not when you have to clean it. haha.

What a week. We had a baptism. That was absolutely awesome. It was the coolest thing to see Julieta change from the first time I saw her to her baptism. She really has changed her actions to become what she truely is. A daughter of God. So sweet. Gotta love it. We had a lot of things that we did there that we were really working to make it a super spiritual baptism because we had some good investigators. It is so great to see how the ward is progressing. Really our ward mission leader. How imoprtant the ward mission leader is. So important. And he is learning so much. To watch him conduct the baptism was just amazing. Just another example of who the Lord calls the Lord qualifies. So amazing.

Wow then this week we finally got all the papers so that the Familia Gonzalas can get married. But the earliest date they could get was the 28 of March. So thats a ways away but they are doing all they can to do it. Its awesome. They really don´t have much money that they can do a lot with and this is going to cost a lot. But they know they need to do it. Its super awesome to watch them put God first and then to watch them recieve so many blessing after. That is the biggest thing that they have., They have a ton of faith. Its awesome to watch there example.

The Hermana Nuñez didn´t quite make it to church. We don´t know for sure why but she didn´t quite make it. We are guessing it was for the rain. So ya. She works a ton that we really just can´t teach her. Its super rough. But she loves church and she can really feel the spirit there. I love it.

Well the funeral was really the same. They sang I am a child of God and then they shared a scripture to help all of his friends that were there to know that he is in a better place. That was about the funeral. The family Aguirre is great. They really used it as a missionary oportunity. A chance to share the Gospel. I loved it.

Hmm I dont know where dad got the idea that we had a computer in the apartment but we don´t have one in the apartment. Just a phone haha. The rest we do is all paper work. So ya haha.

My birthday was amazing. Well mom had a wish for my birthday and well I kinda completed with it. We bought a lot of ice cream. O man I loved it. Then we went to this members house and they gave me a gift. A hat that i´ve always wanted. Its sweet. I have some pretty awesome pictures with it. I´ll for sure send some pictures this week.

O man this week was the last week of the transfer. Elder Guevara went to is house again since he was a mini misionary. But I got a new companion. Another companion from Peru. Hes pretty awesome. I´m super excited to work with him. We are going to see some miracles for sure. I´ve only known him for 3 hours but you can just feel it when you are going to do some good stuff.

This next week is going to be awesome. Elder Ballard is going to be here for a mission conference this saturday. Awe ya. It will be my first one with anybody special there. I can´t wait to just learn from him. He for sure is going to teach us some amazing things that is going to help us to be amazing misionaries here in Jesus Maria. Goodness I love being a missionary. I love learning more every day. Just being Humbled by the Lord. So great.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love. It really helps.

Love you forever,
Elder Dial

This is my birthday. Eating ice cream. The member that we went to that had cake. and we ate empenadas. They are amazing haha. I really like them. And then they made me a chocolate cake with bananas. Super good haha. I love food. But ya that was my birthday!





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