February, 24 2013


How wierd is that? I had no Idea that those Yankies could play soccer haha. A kid in the ward showed me a roster. That was pretty funny. They call us Yankies. Well at least us that are from the states. They call anybody that has white skin Gringos. and there are quite a few gringos that live here. A lot of people that have immagrated from Europe. So ya haha. But Us that are from the US are Yankies haha. Super funny. So that is the random story from the week.


Wow what an amazing week. I really like my new companion Elder Villar. He´s awesome. We can really teach with good Unity. Its been a while since i`ve had a companion that we could really just trade off and teach to the needs of the poeple. Its really great. I love being a missionary. Man I just can´t say that enough. We saw some pretty amazing miracles. There is a family that went to church this week. The familia Nanini. Well The mom was baptized in Salta and then moved here to Jesus Maria. But ya she got offended like her first week here like 10 years ago. But with my last companion we were able to really work with her and now she is active. Really awesome. She has three kids and we were able to get them all to chruch. They are pretty great. I always remember going to a different chruch when we went to Grandma´s ward and all that. How awkward it was. And to think how much more awkward it would be if you had never been to chruch before. If you really didn´t have a testimony. That is the crazy part haha. But they seemed to like it. They seemed to like the friendships they could find there. That is always a miracle. But ya they are awesome.


O man then we are working with the Family Aguirre again with one of there other friends. This is the family that lost their son like two weeks ago. Well we are working with another of this kids friends. So amazing. He really has a knowledge. With Julieta it was more like help her to have faith. She didn´t really have a strong religious background. But Christian the new friend really has a strong background. Really has a good knowledge of the bible. The life of Christ. Its pretty crazy. It will for sure be diferent but It will be good to. Im pretty excited. I love just teaching.


Teaching. O man that is one thing that Elder Rasband said this last Saturday. It was an amazing conference. I loved it so much. But ya Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard both talked. Its super cool to watch how an Apostle Teaches. Elder Rasband went around talking about how we need to do everything with the members. How we can really gain their trust and what we need to do to make us better. He really helped us to understand how we can work better with the members. Elder Ballard didn´t do that quite as much. He really just went through the The restoration, The Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how they all work together. He taught all three of the lessons in 15 Min. Its so cool. But just as he was teaching you could just feel the spìrit. and when you can feel the spirit you are recieveing revelation. I remember when I was in the MTC there was a talk that he said don´t write what I say word for word in your notes. Write what you feel in your heart. What the spirit is telling you. And as elder Ballard was talking you could just recieve the revelation you needed. It was AMAZING!!!!


But ya nothing to crazy happened this week. Just a lot of Biking around. A lot of Rain. Which is bad on the Bikes because it just kicks up mud onto your nice white shirt haha. But its all good you just need more time to clean your shirt haha. But ya seriously this week was amazing. Just so many miracles that you can see in the work. So many amazing things that happen every day.


I love you all so much. Thank you for your example. For your love. For everything. Especially your prayers. I love you!


Con Mucho amor,

Elder Dial


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