March 3, 2014

Wow what a blessing that we all have to be alive and well alive haha. It sounds like everybody is being blessed with miracles. I love hearning about all the trials that we have in life. There are really two things that in my eyes make for big trials. Money and Health. But I always like to look at those trials that we can have. We can either let them drag us down to endless misery and wo or we can let them make us stronger. Its like the parable of the Curent bush. Super good talk. If you want to know what im talking about youll have to type that in on I think it was in april conference last year. I think haha. But ya we just have so many tirals every day that we are so blessed. We have two ways to react. Good or bad. With faith or without faith. I love to watch the example of so many people in my life that have really pushed on through those experiences.

That is probably the biggest thing I have learn in my life. Something that my patriartical blessing says. We have two choices to choose from. We can be happy or we can be miserable. I choose to be happy. There is a talk By john Bytheway that talks about a guy that Got shot in his store. Well he was in super bad shape but he kept telling himself, Im going to live. Well he got to the hospital and the doctors just didnt have a good look on their face. Like they didnt think he was going to live. Well one of the doctors asked if he and any allergies before he went under. He said yes. Well at that point all the doctors stopped to listen. And with all his stregth he said To Bullets haha. Then he went on to tell the doctors Hey Ive decided that I want to live so operate on me like im going to live. And to this day he is living.

We really have that choice in life i love it. Its definetly hard. But Its a habbit. Its a habbit we need to make. Just like a bad habbit we need to break its hard to change. Its hard to repent. But once we have repented it makes it so much easier to continually choose the right.

I was studying in Our search for happieness and Elder Ballard shares a quote about his conversion. That every big choice he has made in his life has been based on one experience when he truly felt his saviors love. How when we can feel our saviours love so strong that we never forget it it is so much easier to make those choices correctly.

I can testify that God loves each and every one of us. That we are all here to be happy because this is the plan that God has for us. Let us not forget that love. To strive to live worthy of this love always. Goodness I love you all.

Man so many great things happening this week. We had a stake conference. haha. It really just made me thing a lot about the other end of things with my amazing dad. How much preparation really goes into a stake conference. I love it. There is so much preparation that we need to have too. To be able to recieve revelation also. I love it. It was all about missionary work. I love it. Before i didnt because I never did missionary work. Buit now I do. The mission is amazing. I love you all. I hope you are all happy. because I am so happy for each and every one of you. You are definetly the light of my life. My family is something I get to use to talk to people. I talk about my family to everybody taht I can. They always love the pictures. So ya haha.Thanks for everything.

With so much love,
From the Happiest missionary in the world,
Elder Dial Awwwwe ya (In argentina you say ya more like Sha. Its super funny. So Awwwwe Sha haha)


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