March 17, 2014


The mission is such an amazing experience. I love it. So dad mentioned something that is very true. I have about 6 months in this area. I think in about 3 weeks I will be transfered but I´m not sure. It could be that I´ll stay. So far in my mission every transfer I have had some sort of change. So it will be good. I Pretty excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. I have really came to love the people here. Its fun to watch what the Lord has in store for you. What the people want for you. There are so many people that I am able to see that I can just see how God has changed their lives completely. I love it. I love seeing that God loves us enough to give us His son Jesus Christ. I know that His Atonement Is real. That we can all use it. I have seen it and continue to see it in my life and the lives of others.

There is a family that we were able to go visit this last week. The Family Gonzalas. They are amazing. They were less active. But just to watch them come back to chruch. She has cancer super bad and her Kidneys gave out on her. So she has these trials. But Just to watch her stay strong and not loose faith. I love it. But Ya we have some sick investigators.

We have another family Gonzalas. They are awesome. He is a member. He is super fat so he doesn ´t have close to go the church but his girlfriend isn´t a member so we are working with her. Satan is there strong. They have a marrage date and they are ready for it. But they are getting sick and lots of other things. Its super rough. But they aren´t loosing faith. She walked to chruch with one of her kids. She lives about 5 or 6 miles from the church. So that was amazing. Especially considering that it was in the rain. Thats sweet.

Then we have Christian. He is a reference from the Family Aguirre. They are sick…… Just that family. He is a little more stuborn. But its all good. He has some problems that We are trying to get so that God can help him. Its pretty fun. Pretty amazing. God loves us all!!

Then we have The family Nanini. They are aweomse. Super hard to find them. The mom is a member. But she has three kids that still arent members so we are really helping them to want to be baptized. One bore his testimony in church and it was super cool. It was definetetly what his mom needed to stay strong.

Those are the main people we are working with. They are awesome. But ya this morning I got to read a talk by Presidnet Eyring. THat was sweet. I love reading talks from apostoles. Its called Mountains to climb. It talked about how we really need to strenthen our foundation so that we can withstand whatever trial that we have. And how we can stregthen our foundation. That was sick. I loved it. But there were two parts that really stuck out to me. He talked about how when we have trials life goes slower. Everything goes slower. He says that is because we need to learn and grow more in those moments. That is when we can grow the most so God slows it down so that we can learn everything we need to. How cool is that?? I thought that was sweet. Then He talked about when his mom died. His mom had cancer for 10 years. He said that Presidnet Kimble spoke at his funeral and Basically said that some people think that we have trials and that it is because we did something wrong. Well that isn´t always the case. At times its becuase God is Pollishing us to be even better in His kingdom. That was such a cool thought. Then Presidnet Eyring went on to say ´´If somebody that good needed that much pollishing I better prepare myself for some super big Polishing.´´ haha. Not those exact words but pretty close to it haha. So we all need to do all that we can to have that strong foundation and not only will we be albe to do evercome the trials of life but even better we can do it happily. That is a promise from an Apostle of the Lord. So it is a promise from the Lord. I can testify of that.

Well I hope this one was a little bit longer haha. No just kidding. I love you. Your the best. I love you forever.

With love and faith and hope and happiness and Besos for everybody haha. THat is somehting they do here is they kiss people on the cheek. Even the guys with other guys. Its pretty weird. But ya kisses for everybody haha,
Elder Dial

A service project we were able to do for a member so they could have gas in their house and the house next to them.

A baptism of the other elders in the ward. Super cool to watch that family all become members.



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