March 24, 2014


What a blessing of a week. We were able to have interviews with president this week and it was pretty great. one thing that he did ask me is how is my relationship with my father in heaven. Really when i first came on the misión i was able to see some missionaries that really were robots. they just went out and did what they were suppose to. but lost the feeling. the spirit of what they were doing. This question really made me think. how is my relationship with my father in heaven. this question, how you answer this question makes the difference in what kind of person you are. even in life you just go through the motions just going here and there. doing the same thing day in and day out. But when you really have that relationship with your father in heaven you change everything you do. everything has a different purpose. Something that mom said that i really liked is that we all start over every week. yesterday we had a class about the sacrament. it was super good. we talked about how during those 15 min you really need to think about His sacrafice. your covenents and how you can better yourself the next week. also in enterviews we were able to talk to the assistants. they talked about real planning. how anybody can set goals. but you really need to put plans to those goals. plans that will help you so you can´t fail in those goals. it was pretty sweet. and all that depends on how much you love your father in heaven. how much you really want to serve him.

So ya thats the spiritual thought for the week. sounds like life is a blessing there at home. changes every day. i love changes. things that are good and things that are blessings haha. yesterday we talked with a recent convert of 7 months. she is awesome. but she told us about how she was having thoughts of just leaving the church. o man that was super rough. Just saying that she was tired. I thought a lot about the current bush. She has so many trials but the Lord is truely polishing her. she has so much potential to be a blessing for so many people. She just isn´t seeing those blessing from the people she is serving. That was a super cool experience.

but ya this week we were able to meet some super cool people. a family of 8. But they don´t all live there. but you can just really tell the difference when kids are born into a family where the parents are married and when they aren´t. the blessing in the proclomation to the world is so true. two parrents that are married is one of the most important parts of the family. that is why it has been fun to watch the familia Gonzalas as they have prepared for their wedding. they are having trials with money but the lord will prepare a way. we just need to find it. but they have really just became better as parents. and will continually get better. it will be sweet.

Thank you so much for always writing me. always helping me to remember the blessings i have lived. they awesome things i have lived and learned. wow its almost a year. good old hump day. i didn´t even realice that it would be a year. you guys áre all trunky haha. but truthfully thank you. Always helping me to be stronger. i will be forever greatful for your love and support. you make the miracles happen in missionary work. and member there in the Ward and also here in my work through your prayers. you make it posible. so thank you.

I wish for you all to have an amzing week this week. to strive to strengthen that relationship you have with our heavenly father this week. then next week to tell me how it went. that is the part most important. no not really but i would like to hear how it goes. and i´ll tell you my efforts. i love you all.

De su misionero que va a cumplir un año,
Elder Dial

We had a fhe with a family where we used the ctr rings. pretty sweet. that is the family gonzalas.



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