March 31, 2014


Everybody told me about their homework. I love it haha. Thats probably my favorite thing that you write me is about your spiritual experiences. I love them.


But yes this week was a little rough with the homework i gave myself. I dunno what happened. Life you got super busy. But thats no excuse. But something that did happen is we had a meeting that some missionaries talked about that same thing. We did a little game where you had to eat a candy, then you had to open preach my gospel to a page, then you had to recite the first vision. Just like you do as a missionary. You eat. You study, then you teach. Then after we all sat back down and they asked us, ´´Who thought about Chrst during that exercise?´´. Ouch. Nobody could say they did. Its super rough. But man I can see it in some missionaries that they truely can remember christ during the day. They really have the spirit. Thats why when you see the people that are relaxed and just patient they really feel it. There are so many examples that I have in my life that can do that. Sometimes you just got to take a step back. One step at a time. So ya thats how it went for me. We just ran out of time and I took a ton of time just worrying about the people we needed to visit. Not thinking about how Christ would do it. So I to have the same results that you have. An epic fail with the commitment in sacrament meeting to do better this week haha. I am so thankful for repentance. Such a blessing.


Hmm so this week lke I said was pretty crazy. We were running around all week. The family Gonzalas didn´t quite get married this last week. Her paper are out of date so she has to pay to get everything updated again. Its super fun. But ya they have to wait another month before they can get baptized now. You can really see the Lords hand in this grand work but you can also see the hand of Satan. Its such a blessing haha. But ya they are so awesome. We had a service project at a memebers house and one of their kids came to the house to buy something and just started to help us. Its super cool to see how the family just serves people. It reminds me a lot of the Smith family. They are always doing something to serve others. I always liked going with Kyson becuase when he saw somebody in need he went and helped them. Thats something you learn as a kid. something that not many people have. So that was super cool to see in the kids. Just an amazing family. I love it. 


Then we have another sister that she works every day. But not sundays haha. but ya we just can´t find time to teach her. so thats rough sometimes but what can you do. But she loves going to church. Really we just need to baptize her haha. Thats how awesome she is.  There are some really big miracles here in the ward of Jesus Maria. I love it. It´ll be hard to leave.


One of the families that I have really grown to love is the family Gonzalas. But this is a different Gonzalas. Its a member family of two. a mom and a daughter. but the mom has cancer. Well her kindneys went out on her. but she just has so much love and such a testimony that everything will be okay. When the doctors are giving her 2 months to live she just keeps her head up. Shes so awesome. I hope to be like her one day.


So ya thats about my stories for the week. i love you all so much. i challenge us yet again to seek to focus our lives on christ so that we can be worthy of his love. When we can do that everything will be okay. It reminds me of the first time I hear somebody quote ´´All is well, all is well´´ in spanish. it was in florida when still didn´t understand much. but a sister said that in her talk and it hit me pretty hard because it was the only thing i really understood haha. ´´O esta, todo bien.´´ and everything is well. Alls well In zion (argentina)


Love always,

Elder Dial



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