April 7, 2014


Okay so what a blessing. I got transfered this morning. I am no longer in Jesus Maria. Thats pretty fun huh? Right now I am in a new ward with a new companion with new investigators With a new knowledge from conference, With a new attitude, With a new apartment, with a new smile….. well not really haha. But just about everything is new. Im pretty excited. I have my first Gringo Companion. He is from St. George. Hes a boss. Hes a district leader so Im going to learn a ton and a halve from him. It will be amazing. Im here in the capital of cordoba. Its called Arguello. And guess what. Well remember the long lost brother of Brother Guevara?? Well Im in his ward haha. Pretty fun. My mini missionary is in this ward. That will be pretty sweet. Im super blessed. But ya from what my companion has told me this ward is pretty sweet. I like the new apartment. They have a washing machine. Super nice. I dont have to wash my clothes by hand for the next couple transfers. haha. But ya this transfer is going to be sweet.

Hmm so thats the changes. Man conference was amazing. We watched it in spanish. So it was a little hard to understand some things but I think I got most of it. Or at least I hope I did. Man its super hard to decide which was my favorite. They were all super good. Probably Elder Bednar. Ive really came to like him here on the mission. Hes super awesome. Just the analogy of everything. The so many messages that you can take out of those trials that we have. The Thing I thought was interesting is that you have to put the right amout of wood in a truck in order for it to be able to get out. you put to much and you wont get out. God always knows how much to put in your truck. And if he puts to much in he will take it out so that we can move forward. But either way we should always try our best to keep moving forward. Just so many amazing things you can learn from that one talk. But ya conference was amazing. So many things I am going to apply to my life and truely push on the best I can. I love changing. And its so much easier to change when you have changes happening. Like transfers here in the mission. So I now have a lot of planning to do to make sure I complete all these things I want to apply in my life. I Love it.

This last week was actually pretty hard. It was hard to leave my area before. It was crazy to see how much I had really come to love the people there. The members, The investigators. Just everybody. The family Gonzalas for sure. They didnt get married so we didnt get to baptize them. Then you could just really watch satan take his toll on this family. Just so many trials. The sister was really struggling with it too. She was loosing her faith. But It was so good to be able to know that I could testify to her and tell her that if she continues to listen and learn she will grow in her faith and be stronger than before. She will feel Gods love.

We also had a pretty amazing lesson with another invistigator Christian that has a problem with the word of wisdom that President Uctdorfs talk in preistood was amazing for him. Luckly he was there to here that talk. Really hit him hard. He has so many people that love him. Love is what makes the world go round.

Just a blessing to be a missionary. I love being a missionary. Just truely being a missionary is a blessing. So many things you can change and make better. Then see blessings just poor out upon you. I know that the atonement is real. That God blesses his disciples. That just like Elder Holland taught its not always easy to be a disciple but it is worth it for sure. I love you all and thank you for your love and support.

With lots of love,
Elder Dial


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