April 14, 2014

Sounds like miracles are happening everywhere. Not only in Arguello but also in South Jordan. And a couple in vegas haha. Sounds like God is a loving God. Something that dad said that I really liked is that when we work harder you recieve more miracles. More blessings. The things just really work out. But you just get tired super easily. The thing That I love about my new area is that we walk. That is a big trial for me. Not really a trial because In not alone like mom said. But Its diferent. Its more of a blessing haha. Im loosing weight I think haha. No but we are walking a full. Me and Elder Mellor are working a ful. He is super good missionary. We are always just moving to do our best. I love it.

We have some amazing people. We have a couple named Maxi And Noelia. They are awesome. Maxi was a less active member but now him and his wife want to get married and she wants to get baptized. They are so cool. I don´t know what it is but in this area we are really finding the people that have health challenges. That are mentally challenged. I love it. They are such a great example for me. Thats something that my patriartical blessing says. That these people will help me learn. I love them. Maxi and noelia have a son that is mentally challenged. Its awesome. They just push on. Really are learning. But ya they are awesome.

Then we have a family with 6 kids. Well a single mom that the husband died about 6 months ago. That is super awesome. I love teaching them. We were able to find them this week. So sweet.

Then there is a lady we found named Maria. She is so awesome. Its like an amazing thing you only hear about on the mission. She is so cool. She said we found her after she had prayed to find dirction in her life. I love it. Super amazing.

Super cool people we have. This mission is really just amazing. I love being a missionary. I love what mom said. A trial is something that we go Through alone. We are never alone until we Turn ourselves against god. I love it. That is soemthing I have really learned is to turn to god. To always do my best to rely on God. I love it. I love you all. Thank you for your great example. I love you.

Elder Dial


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